Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just LIke Old Friends

If this picture piques your interest, you might want to read the journaling. It has been a journey for these two this summer. One 14 the other a puppy, they have learned to love each other.

Our congressmen are fighting like cats and dogs right now over our national budget.  I hope and pray that they will listen to the people and not increase the debt limit. We would be truly incompetent to continue running up bills for our grandchildren to pay.  I pray we will become financially responsible.

And please pray that all will be civil. We have been told that the Grand Canyon park has been closed by officials from the government, even though local businesses have agreed to pay the costs of it remaining open. It is just a power play by those who want to punish the people and make it look like the House is trying to hurt our citizens.   It is the president and his staff that decide where to cut back.  While they are barring entrance to our parks, we are still supporting illegal aliens with checks. It doesn't make any sense at all.

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