Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leah and Friends

I'm going way back to summer with this one. Leah kept busy with friends.

It has been a while since she got her degree. And now that fall and more serious days are here, she is back in school, working on her master's.  I wish her well.

 It isn't easy for youth these days. Many must continue to depend on parents for their livelihood at a time when they need to feel independence and the freedom to do their own make their own ways.

 Our people are being 'bled to death'. We've over unionized our workers and driven jobs right out of our country. Then we have to send money out of our country to obtain things we had made ourselves. Naturally they cost more, if for no other reason than transportation.  But of course there are many more factors. People are out of work and being taxed at very high rates. Inflation has set in and we are at the mercy of those who really don't like what we stand for...liberty.

Arising in this nation are those who have had enough. They are thinking like revolutionaries. God save us all.

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