Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nice Vibrato

Ashley is performing in Les Miserable this fall. She has a small part, but it has given her the opportunity to hear the wonderful music as practice progresses. She has enjoyed it so much that she can now sing along. 

These pictures are from her singing Castle on a Cloud in the church talent show. Her vibrato is surprising beautiful for a girl of 11, or even much older. I was impressed that she picked it up so well without voice lessons.

While some of us are still growing and learning, more of us have quit and have blinded ourselves  so that we are allowing our nation to be subverted by socialists who have no concept of debt.  While we are busy trying to put healthcare under government control, that same government has let the Post Office default on a $5.6  billion payment for the healthcare of its future retirees. 

Now, I hope you can laugh at this.  

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