Friday, October 4, 2013

Worth 12,000 Words

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this layout is worth 12,000.  Gladly, I am off the hook now to fill this blog with any explanation. You will, however, need to click on the layout to enlarge it in order to come up with your 12,000 balloon meet words. Some words you will need to use are: John, Beth, Caleb, camera and balloons.

More complicated things are going on in our nation this week. The promised Obamacare is now welcoming you to sign up for your marvelous new insurance.  Many are finding it not only complicated and time consuming to sign up, but extremely disappointing in that it generally gives one less coverage at a super high cost. Those who have had insurance are finding the new plan costs twice as much as what they did have and covers much less. Those who did not have insurance...and these are the people the plan was supposed to be a godsend for...cannot afford it at all. It would be impossible for them to pay such outlandish costs.  

You might want to search the internet yourself for more information. There are LOTS of truly disappointed people out there. Sadly they already voted for this president. It is too late for them to do much of anything...until the next election. And I imagine that one will not be a free election like we are used to here in the states. They are already trying to legalize hoards of people, hoping they will vote for the party who promises to give the have nots everything the haves now own.

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