Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Youngest Granddaughter

Julia is really coming out now. She is trying everything, thanks to her mom, who is exceptionally good at keeping all the kids active and learning. Her mom is a great example for stay at home mothers.

Here they are at Farm School where they go regularly. Julia, as you can see, is trying out a saddle. I'm sure she will be on a horse as soon as possible. She is a very serious learner.  This week, she decided to climb on... no I can't tell you about this. You must see it for yourself.

I was hoping to show you the video, but it didn't work. All I have here is a picture, but it does help you see how hard this climb would be for a little girl of 19 months. She climbed and pulled herself to the very top of this jungle gym or climber. I was certainly impressed.

Do we keep striving to learn and do more? Some times it is disheartening to see those who have pretty much given up and just sit around and watch TV for example.  Sometimes we just want to blame others when we don't have what we want, instead of getting out and doing things for ourselves.

I'm praying for all to be encouraged to do their best.  

Do you know of any specific way we can help in that encouragement? If so, perhaps we CAN make America great again.

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