Saturday, May 5, 2018

International Scrapbook Day

Every year  I look forward to National Scrapbook Day. It is a day to set aside other pursuits and live it up with your computer and hopefully with some scrapbook friends as well. However, it never seems to work out that way here. If I were an island, I would pour myself into it all day; but I am not.
There are always other things to do as well. At least I can say, I am not lonely.

I did manage to do a couple of pages today and start a few more.

The one above tells of my pleasure of getting a new desktop computer in April, with a picture of it on  your bottom right. I have already donned it with many post it notes of shortcuts, etc. Although the screen looks small, it is not.

One of the interesting parts of our day included  dinner with friends and a free show.  We witnessed a man being arrested across the street from the restaurant. Although we hadn't noticed him inside, we were told he had been there and for some reason left in a huff and sat on a bench across the street, staring at us through the window.  We were not in a bad part of town, so we were not afraid. But obviously we had missed something because the police were called.

The fellow was a large guy. He was wearing socks, but no shoes. He looked strong. The policeman was small in comparison. But it went well. Even though the man was struggling after being handcuffed, and the taser gun was drawn, it didn't have to be used. The policeman called for reinforcement and then an ambulance. We had ring side seats there at the window.

I wish I could quit thinking about the poor man. Obviously, from what we heard, he was not thinking straight, perhaps he was on drugs or mentally ill. It is sad to see people behave in such strange  ways.
Hopefully, he will get the care he needs, even if it means staying in jail a while.

I'll be praying for him and his family...if he has one.

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