Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Harvesting Memories, ORU Spectacular

Back in October  I posted a layout of ORU 'girls'  together in  Ohio for several days. Our Texas cohorts had come to enjoy some fall days with us. We had a wonderful let your hair down time together..

Tonight  I'm posting one page from October 12 and one from October 15. Eventually, I may have layouts to represent all the activities for that week.  

These are two of several pictures that were taken at Pine Tree Barn. Jill was the first to arrive from Texas. We didn't waste any time, those of us who could take off and  go to Wooster for lunch jumped at the chance.

The bottom layout is just silly. We had to show our youth by doing something silly at my house with only one husband Ron, the camera man. Not everyone my age for sure can throw her leg up on the kitchen counter. I'm saying that, though I've never actually seen anyone else  do it besides me when I challenged my teenage granddaughter at Christmas. Oh yes, she could do it as well.

I really have to confess that not all these ladies are as old as I am. I am the oldest with the youngest one here at least 15 years younger.

I feel I must explain the comment about Texas girls. All of us in the  bottom picture either live there at present or used to live there (one was born and raised there) or in my case have Texas roots. My dad was a Texan before he married my mother.

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