Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cyber Monday

The term Black Friday has been used for years. I am quite familiar with it even though  I  don't get out and take part in it. 

New to my ears, if not to the world, is the term Cyber Monday. I guess once a person does the black Friday thing and the sales following that and they don't find what they really want, they can go online the following Monday and shop til they drop... their phone...or crash their computers or overload their credit cards.

Now that is something this man of mine can like. He certainly does like to order things online. We do get plenty of packages delivered to him. He  feels like it is easier to  do that than to get in the car and go to the store. 

I  abhor shopping least most of the time. It could be because I rarely buy anything but food and clothing these days. There are seven  grocery stores within 5 miles of me.  One is right down the street. It is so easy to buy food, probably to our detriment.  And clothing, in my mind, has to fit and that is often impossible  without trying it on.

Obviously there are plenty of people who enjoy the convenience and ease of shopping online! Thus we have Cyber Monday.

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