Wednesday, November 21, 2018

More Fun in the Leaves

What can be more fun this time of year than playing in the fallen leaves? Sharing a pile of them!

Oliver jumped into the leaves and close behind came his big brother Caleb. They  enjoy the leaves and I enjoy the colors and the photos of my sweet and funny grandsons...It's the perfect combination.

Hopefully we know the real story of Thanksgiving, not just the watered down, faith absent story they've been telling us for decades now. The pilgrims were people who were fleeing their countries in search of a place where they could be free to worship as they thought they should, not like they were being commanded by their country. It was a very difficult trip of nearly 3 months across the sea. They started out with about 40 of them among the other passengers going for adventures sake, I suppose.  Half of the those freedom seekers died that year of illness, starvation, whatever. By the next year they had found friends in the Indians and they learned from each other. In November of that year in celebration of  one year in their new home, they had a feast with the Indians and worshipped the God of heaven for  giving them what they needed. It was a true Thanksgiving.

Praying that you all have a very special Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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