Sunday, December 30, 2018

Family Photos

These  pictures have been secret for over 4 months.  August second while Beth's sister, Sarah was in Colorado, they  had their families together for a  photoshoot. It was to surprise their mother with these great pictures. Of course while keeping the secret, I was kept in the dark as well. So, I was also
surprised and thrilled to get these and about 40 more pictures now.  I sat down right away and 'scrapbooked' them, since I was about ready to publish another book.

Now today, as  I was getting everything together for this next publication, I realized I had not finished 
'scrapping' the photos taken in October when all of ORU was together here in Ohio. So this evening, I've been working on those pages. I have been sitting way too much. At this time, I'm more than ready to dive into bed, but that had to wait until I can complete this, since I've missed two days in a row already.

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