Monday, February 11, 2019

Tippy Toe Dancer

It is so much fun to see Julia in this Christmas gift. She knew what to do with the tutu right away.  She certainly wears it well. Looks like she is anxious to start ballet lessons. And thankfully, she has a grandmother who can probably work that out. (Not me, by the way.)

Julia puts on this tutu and voila (walla)  she is a tippy toe  dancer.  So sweet. Julia is our little star.

And  on a different subject, our presidents a big star in my eyes. He gave another wonderful speech tonight in Texas. There were thousands of  people there to cheer him on. I love the way he is working at putting God back at the head of this country. Things had been getting worse and worse  after taking God out of our schools, our government, our hearts etc. It is encouraging to see Him getting some respect and honor again.

Thank God for the freedom to worship him as we please.
I pray that He wins more and more hearts in the years to come.

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