Thursday, December 14, 2017


It's a busy schedule now with Christmas approaching quickly. Thankful to have Mark with us. He arrived  in Cleveland about 4:30 PM. Ron picked him up there, then drove by Angie's and brought home a pizza. Mark has had a very long trip, since the snow interfered along the way, but thank the 
Lord, he is here now.
Kim and April drove in today,  so we are very blessed to have 1/2 of our kids home.  

Praying for all those who are traveling over the holidays and for those who have sad memories that
affect them even worse this time of year.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Winner

This evening, Ron came in to show me his latest score at internet solitaire. We have had a rivalry going for some time. He is generally no where close to the scores I make. But this time, he had a big score, at least compared to what he usually does. So we snapped a shot of his screen to prove he had a score of 9122. At that time, I thought he had beaten my all time high...But, then I checked back and on August 16 of this year, I had scored a 9783. I don't have it in me to tell him...but it is still a big accomplishment!  That is, until we compare our scores with some of the high ones listed. The only thing I can figure is that those are made by computers instead of people...well that is my excuse anyway.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Photos on Gingerbread Houses

On the fourth of December, Chelle was shooting photos for their church Christmas party where many were making really cool gingerbread houses.  Ashley was helping her. But here, she was striking a pose. It's pretty cute, I'd say. Of course, I'm the Gramma, so would you expect anything less from me? 

While they were taking pictures, someone mistook Chelle's gingerbread house for their own and took it. Chelle was disappointed. She really enjoys any artistic endeavor.

Well today, she made another one at home.

Tonight we had our life group dinner and meeting here. We also were in the middle of a snowstorm. There isn't a lot of snow, about 3 inches, but it all started during  the rush hours and, since it was the first snow of the season, many were acting as if they didn't know how to drive on a snowy  road.
I know it is like that any time it snows in the south; but really, if a person doesn't learn the tricks to driving in it in OH, they might as well immediately migrate south, for they are a danger to everyone, especially themselves. Anyway, the result is, it took some three times as long to get here and some normally drive 30 minutes to make it at that time of day.  It was about an equally long trip home afterwards.  So we had a late dinner and cut short our conversation. Hoping things are much better next week. We could use warmer as well. The temperature was in the low teens and we were told it felt like 4.   OK,  I'm ready for spring...Just kidding I love winter, just don't want to be out it in much.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Birthday Picture with Santa

It was a busy birthday for Oliver and his family. It was a fun filled day. On top of all the normal activities of birthdays, like opening presents and having birthday candles, the family added some Christmas. 

Not everyone gets to have his picture on Santa's lap on his birthday. Oliver did! 

This one layout shows a few shots from an evening of checking out the lights and visiting with Santa.
It was fun to see Oliver have such a nice birthday yesterday.  I'll post more birthday pictures later.  

Sunday, December 10, 2017

ORU Celebrate the Season

The Christmas season has gotten off to a good start. ORU had dinner together Friday night at Brio,  then drove to Paulette's for a fantastic dessert of cheesecake with toppings and popcorn coated in white chocolate. I can't think how it could have been better. All the ORU members North were in attendance.  After everyone was treated to home baked pumpkin bread by Jane and cute little flower shaped coin purses from Phyllis, we talked and talked and talked and talked some more. We have   been friends for many years and some of us are showing our age, well at least  I am.  But I was not the first to yawn. That first yawn was contagious, however.  We haven't stayed up all night talking for several years least I haven't.

It was a great night. Whoppee! Merry Christmas to you all. 

Hoping all of you have good friends in your life. If you don't, get busy and make some. It isn't too hard, if you can find people with whom you would like to be friends. 

To make a friend, you should be a friend. It works. Give it a try. 

If that confuses you. I'm sorry. If you want to ask questions, go ahead. I will ask the  rest of the girls for the answers... because in this group, someone always knows the answer. All joined together, we become an expert in anything. At least we like to think we are.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Water Colors

Beth is a very good mother. This day, the younger two who are not yet in school are painting with water colors. They have the supplies they need: paints, brushes, art paper, and a good place to work.

I like the pictures taken from overhead. They lend themselves to an artistic layout.

I got off track today and ended up cleaning a closet, or at least a portion of it, instead of decorating more for Christmas. Hoping that tomorrow, I can get more done along those lines.

Please continue to pray for the fire fighters in California.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Advent Calendar

I really wanted to do an Advent Calendar this year, but I am too slow, and have much too much going on to actually get things done on time.  I do have the one for December 1 to post tonight.

Notice the Thanksgiving wreath on the mantel. Perhaps tomorrow, I will do more decorating, but in
the meantime, I'm enjoying the blend of the two holidays.