Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hello Fall

Fall came late to Ohio this year. This picture was taken on October 15 and  one can only see small patches of autumn colors.  I love this picture of Ron taken at a church staff picnic. He was so relaxed and had a natural smile. I wish our picture for the church directory looked this good.

Am saying no more tonight, because  I am so tired, I would likely make a major mistake.

Good night all and keep praying that God works out the election to the benefit of Christians.

Remember, we need you who are Christian to vote.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Colors

For a number of reasons, I've not been out much to see the fall colors this year and I do love them. It is my favorite time of the year.  

So, Sunday after lunch, I asked Ron to take me for a drive through a local park here at the lakes. I had been there earlier, before leaves had started to tun and imagined it would be quite beautiful by now. He obliged and off we went. It was just a short trip, so it wasn't long before I was disappointed. Oh there were some very pretty  sites there, like the one here, but I was expecting lovely colors all along the road. But for some reason, I think maybe the dense trees had been protected from the harsh cold. Most of way down that road, almost everything was green...even Maple trees.  But there was enough to make me very glad we were there. 

This is a big night here in Ohio. Our Indians baseball team is in the play-offs and they are on a winning streak. Even I, not especially a sports fan, am cheering them on to their  win.

You should have seen the  cool cake a friend brought here tonight to share with friends. It looked and smelled  scrumptious. Terrible time to be on a diet. But I was able to avoid it.

Please continue to pray for the vote.

Pastor Shares Concerning Trump

A pastor, Dalton Douglas, shares some powerful thoughts concerning Donald Trump:  "I've heard too many say lately that we, the American people have no choice in this November election!
Do you really think that God would leave us with no  choice?
Come on people! Where's your faith? He has heard our cries!
In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep
this in mind,
Donald Trump did not steal your money.
Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.
Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.
Donald Trump is not starting a race war.
Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.
Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.
Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.
Donald Trump did not betray Israel.
Donald Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Donald Trump did not give our military secrets to China.
Donald Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia.
Donald Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans.
Donald Trump did not cripple our economy.
Donald Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars.
Donald Trump did not ruin our credit, twice.
Donald Trump did not double African American unemployment.
Donald Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.
Donald Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute and imprison Americans.
Donald Trump did not set free all of terrorists in Guantanamo bay.
Donal Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason hundreds of times.
Yet Trump is being ripped apart in the news, nonstop. Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not.
The media is the Democratic Party; save our culture. Stop listening to them!
Please share! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Oliver Sees a Big Bear

It is a good thing I wasn't there in Colorado that day. I would not have been able to resist this fellow's smile. It was just way to obvious that he thought that  bear was the best thing he had ever seen.

Please continue to pray for the election and for those who have suffered greatly since we were 'given' the government healthcare problem and those who have dealt with hate because of all the devision being stirred up here in the states.

Dear Father, please teach us to love again. Amen

Sunday, October 23, 2016

AKAICON Nashville

We love our granddaughter and son-in-law; but I just can't understand this ANIME stuff... It is way too counter-culture for least its counter to my nature. I walk in the light and stay away from the dark as much as possible. I guess I'm just too old to appreciate it.

I do however, enjoy seeing Ashley dress up like ANIME characters ...not all the costumes are as  modest as hers are,  but the ones she wears are modest.

We are blessed by our children and grandchildren.

This evening ur daughter Kim came to see us from North Carolina. She said it has been unseasonably hot, in the 90's, there recently and when she got here it was about 48 degrees. Yes, she brought warm clothing. She grew up here, but has been in the south so long that cold is cold!

Don't be out in the cold on voting day. If you haven't voted already, please go to the polls and vote your conscience...remembering that even though King David was  called a man after God's  own heart, he made sinful decisions when he saw Bathsheba. No one is perfect. Some of the greatest of us have sins that can be found by those who really try.

But then there are those among us who practice sin day after day. Of which would God approve? Again, I tell you...God called David a man after his own heart.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Daughter with Friend's Kitty

Since I'm heading to bed now, I'll leave you with the chance to enjoy this little kitty without a lot of rhetoric from me.

I would like to let you know that a large group of us went to the movies tonight to see an EXCELLENT movie, called I'm Not Ashamed. I can't remember enjoying a movie as much as I did this one. First it was a true story, so that I knew how it there was no suspense, which I really like. I'm usually trying to figure out the end from the very first scene. Even without that challenge, I loved the movie.   It was about the Columbine shooting in the 90's, but more than that it was especially about one of the students there.  So it didn't play so much into the dark side of the movie, but the  interesting journal of one of the girls.

Friday, October 21, 2016

It Isn't Valentine's Day, But...

Although it had been six months since Valentine Day, the hearts won out for this layout.  Longer story short...Mason went to Chick-fil-A and  got a large piece of chicken shaped like a heart. It impressed he and his mom enough that they got this picture.  

I started working on this post early tonight, since I've been falling apart on the job late at night. Well, after getting started, I got a notice from Words with Friends on FaceBook.  I am not exaggerating. My friend just kept playing over and over. We must have played each of 6 games 4 times, maybe 5. Now here I am exhausted again. I am trying to cut down on games, since they strain my brain this late at night...and at my age, I don't need that.

I am not neglecting my friend and her need to keep her mind active...she said that, not me. But I am neglecting those who read my blog...and you are important to me. I love you all...yes, even if I don't know you. It is commanded by the Lord to love our fellowman as we love ourselves.

Please keep up the prayers. And join the nationwide movement of Christians committed to fighting for faith this election. It is up to us to protect our children and grandchildren.