Saturday, August 19, 2017

I Need a Publisher

My friends are so considerate. I was the only one without sunglasses, so the rest of the 'girls'
took theirs off for this picture.

The day with the girlfriends on the 21st of last month left me with good memories. However, this evening Ron treated me to some special fun because I had such a terrible morning.

Some of you know I've published over 60 books with a company called My Publisher. I was very pleased with the quality, but they sold their business to Shutterfly. I have been struggling with that site for a couple of days and have gotten almost nowhere. I am used to a quality product made in a simple way and dealing with those who could answer questions knowledgeably right away. 

I completely design the whole page on my own computer using Photoshop Elements. All I need to do is drop each page on a page in the book. I need to know exactly the size of the pages. That information was very difficult to fine out, couldn't reach anyone there who could answer. My husband found it by searching the web. However, when I adjusted one of the over 100 pages I had ready to go,
they were not the right size. Even though they measured right and looked right on the templates Ron  found (supposedly for their site) they did not fit. No matter how many times we adjusted that size, it would NOT fit on the page in their book online!  

My husband loves to say that making these books is my life and it is close to being true. Therefore, I'm very sad and frustrated with it all.  I can't find another company that has anything like what I had before. I even considered going back to painting; but  I can't do that quickly enough to leave a family history.

 I did find a place called Mixbook and when I tried to get into their program to work  on my book, they said that I already had used their company but my password wasn't right. since I knew I hadn't used them before I tried the only response I could find there, which was to say I had forgotten my password. They posted that they would send me an email with it, but they did not. I guess they have someone else with the same name. FRUSTRATION.

Ron felt sorry for me and arranged a  good evening with friends. We ate at a place we like, but hadn't been to in quite a while called, The Boulevard. I had a steak shish kabob with large pieces of the most wonderful onions...then we all went out in our pontoon boat for a restful ride around the lakes.

Tomorrow is another day...week actually, and since it is Sunday, I plan to rest. But I'll be back to my pursuit on Monday. I'm now praying God will lead me in the right direction and I will find answers to my questions and the help that I need.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Serious Packing

When it was  time for Ashley and her family to head to Indiana for the Rubik's Cube competition and her anime 'gathering', the packing began. From four years of packing her car for dorm life, her mom, Chelle had become an expert...her skill came in handy this day as it has many times in their lives as a family of 5.

Our great room was the gathering place for everything that had to be put into their car. Just to look at the piles, one would guess they would need a moving van! But with skill they were able to get everything well as the kids. Amazing!!! 

Here is Ashley with her wigs for the anime characters she would portray in a couple of days. There was a red wig for Shippo, a blond wig for Little Medusa, and a blue cap with horns for Nepeta from Homestruck. 

Although to me it just seems a lot  like Halloween, I'm glad Ashley enjoys herself during these adventures. She is particularly good at art and drawing the characters and she enjoys seeing them come alive.

I am glad to know that they are now home and that they are in an area where  they should get a great view of the eclipse coming up on Monday. They have their glasses ready. I'm thrilled they have that opportunity. Ron and I don't even have the glasses, and I don't plan to buy them at this point. I think I'll just stay in the house and watch on TV...hopefully that will be possible.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Last Thursday I missed a very important lunch date with some of my high school class members. It had been scheduled for three months.  I had looked forward to it and took it hard that I had forgotten.

Today I was struggling with a big problem. I have another book ready for publishing, but My Publisher had been sold and I have been told that the company that bought it is a lot different. I don't know whether to stick with them or go with another company. I am having trouble contacting one of the companies and not sure about the answers from the other one. Well, anyway, while I was working on that problem, Connie called me and asked me if I were having lunch with them (her and Karen) today. It so happened that at least a month ago, we had set aside today for that get together. Yes, this was the second Thursday in a row that I had messed up...and I had been so careful setting the dates. 

Connie  had gotten there early, but both were at Brix in Green and were waiting to order. At that point I was already 15 minutes late, so I decided to go as I was. I was dressed, thank God, because I'm not always when I'm working hard at the computer. I even had on earrings...but NO make up, so I did take a couple of minutes to throw some on my face and then rushed over. It took me 20 minutes...yes, I saw a policeman and slowed for a minute. 

Sorry I made them wait, but glad I took time off for the visit, which we realized afterwards was a whole  year after our last meeting. Karen and I see each other occasionally when our schedules are similar, but Connie, an old friend from Curves no longer works out with us.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Possible TV Comedy

I'm just about to publish a new book. It is amazing that I have made so many layouts this year which have not found their way onto this blog. I do end up making more than one a day, and I've somehow missed many days of blogging this year.  It just seems like some days are over before I have a chance to think...thus, no blog spot that day. Not that my blogs generally show any sign of thought... 

Back to my point that many of my layouts that end up in books, never make it here on Rightly 

Swinging back to July and our time with the triplets, here is one of those layouts. 

According to the Urban dictionary, the triplets could be considered  a trip... meaning  they are funny, amusing, and abnormal in a positive way.  They have a way about them that can keep us laughing. I've often said they should do a TV comedy show. I came to find out that they had actually considered pursuing that, but decided against it.

It was great having them here  in July and we  wish there were some way they could get here from TN more often than they do. We are very  thankful when they do come visit.

As an added thought,  the kids can also sing well. It could be a musical comedy. I say that to bring up an email from Max Lucado sent out yesterday. He told about how Beethoven spent hours playing a broken harpsichord in his  old age. He did that because he had become deaf. He couldn't hear it at all, but in his memory, he could hear it just the way it had been when he was young. His memory was still good.

That thought led me to think about something I've pondered quite a bit, since I really like to sing, but just don't have what it takes to really make it sound good. Mostly, I sing when I'm alone. I sing to God, since he is always here with me. And you know what? I know he loves to hear me because he can hear it the way it should sound.

So go ahead and sing out to him. Praise his name.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Love Trumps Hate

Julia looks so cute in her new tartan skirt. Here she is with her mommy at The Choice City Butcher and Deli in Fort Collins.

I'm not sure what happened last night to take my attention off the blog, perhaps I fell asleep at the wheel, but I had started to post this layout, but never finished. I remembered earlier today, but have been too busy to do anything about it. So, now this will be posted tonight instead. I promise I will stay awake long  enough to hit the 'publish' button.

It turned out to be a quite frightening weekend. Police officers were pulled aside...not allowed to do their jobs, while extremists on opposite sides beat anyone who got in their way.

While watching the news tonight, I wasn't sure these things were happening here in the United States. It looked like war torn countries where people are starving.

Why have we allowed this? Why have we stood back and allowed our students to be indoctrinated? Were we too interested in acquiring things? What is our excuse? Sadly, we will all pay the price.

The only way I keep going is knowing that God wins in the end. He allows us choice and we make very poor ones, causing suffering.  But again... GOD WINS IN THE END. If we are on His side, we also will win.

Love trumps hate and Good trumps evil.

Friday, August 11, 2017

3 Generations

It's been nice having out oldest son Tim here with our grandson, Brandon this past week. They don't visit often and the time went by quickly. They did get in quite a bit of time boating, which was very relaxing for Tim, who is a hard working salesman.  They are now back in Florida and we are getting
on with our regular schedule. It was a nice break.

May the good Lord bless and keep them until we meet again.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Little Beauty

Julia is our youngest grand child. At one, she is a physical wonder to me. She doesn't let anything hold her back. Of course, she has two busy older brothers as examples for her.  She emulates them, but is still a very feminine beauty.   Of course gramma thinks she is very special.

I'm thinking that I'm at a loss for words. Doesn't happen often enough. But then I glanced up from the computer and right before my eyes is what I want to say.   Written on my wall in beautiful script is this message:  'The greatest gift I ever received came from family." Couldn't have said it better.

God bless everyone of you.