Friday, March 16, 2018

Environmental Learning

Caleb was on spring break this week. It is over for now, but he enjoyed it while he could. These pictures were some of the ones taken while they were exploring the grounds of this center.

It is beautiful now, in my eye anyway. It will be interesting to see how things change as spring arrives and things come alive. It actually looks like a lot of this is fallen timber and it will keep its look. I wish I could think of some adjectives to describe the reasons it is beautiful to me, but as usual, I'm doing this right before bed and I'm almost brain dead. 

We were able to FaceTime these sweeties this evening. As you read in yesterday's post, it is Julia's birthday  today, March 16.  Of course by the time you read this it will no longer be her birthday.  But it will be back next year at this time.  As my father used to say to me when I was chattering away, "You are just talking to hear your head rattle." Tonight it is true.

Good night all. Please pray for this nation, that our freedom of and not from religion will be saved from those who are trying so hard to take it away from us. God Bless America!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Birthday Girl

First of all. The date of this post should say March 16, 2018. I hit post 1/2 minute early. So sorry about that...

I don't know that I've ever seen a little one so eager for her birthday. She has been excited for months. They celebrated her brother Oliver's birthday in December, her daddy's in January and then her other brother, Caleb's in February. Now it is time for JULIA.  This time, you will hear her say MINE!
This is the little one year old who has hiked with the boys and kept up just fine. She was a real trooper on their trip to Bulgaria and then to Ohio for Christmas. She had to make sure that everyone knew that the photo over the fireplace was MINE! in hers!  It was a picture of her catching up to the boys on a hike.  Below is one of my favorite pictures of her (and there are many) so far. It was taken in Bulgaria in September of last year.

Here  she is at our house at Christmas with her very own Christmas stocking:

And here she is with the picture of her and her brothers above the mantle.

This is for YOU, JULIA! It is your birthday today.





Saturday, March 10, 2018

The World of Imagination

I know this is a stretch, but it tickled me when I saw that little 'rainbow' shoot right out there at me in my kitchen. Of course I had my phone and grabbed some shots. Later I found this song by Nat  King Cole. It was just right  for making a layout.

If it is too small to read there, here it is:

Nat King Cole sang it:
At the end of a rainbow, 
You´ll find a pot of gold 
At the end of a story, 
You´ll find it´s all been told.

The end of the rainbow found me,
but there was no pot of gold.
Just me and my phone camera.

And I'm still trying to come up with the end of the story. It must have something to do with getting the Christmas decorations down and put away for another year.
'By the way...I did that the same week. 

It isn't still up! Even though one year we did leave it up until July when our triplet grandchildren, who could never be here at Christmas, were coming for their birthday.  After they were gone, I thought, why take it down now? It was just another 5 months until Christmas. Yes, it was up all year! It sure felt good to put it away that December!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Ready to Go

This picture of Ava was taken in January. It warmed up since then,  but we' are back to cold weather again recently as well. Ava is a beautiful girl and these bright colors look very good on her.

If you like all the hearts, so do I. I guess that is the closest  I got to Valentine's Day this year. We did have a little party at Curves. At least they did. I was not feeling well for a couple of days and missed it.

Hopefully things will be more stable next year and it will feel a little more like Valentines come February  2019. Until then, make the most of every day, every hour, every minute. Once they are gone, that is it. They won't be back.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


I am copying here the text on this page, "John truly misses his ‘big’brother, Mark. They had gotten close since John’s works sends him to CA fairly often. They have enjoyed the time together.  It hasn’t been long since Mark enjoyed a little vacation with John and his family in Colorado. Now John is the caretaker of ‘Marks’ jeep, his Toyota Land Cruiser, which he loved. Keeping it in the family.        2018/2/18"

While John is enjoying driving around his neighborhood, the children are having fun as well. 

Mark and John loved to meet up whenever John had to be to CA on business. Sometimes John would spend time in Long Beach.  Other times, Mark would drive to whatever place John was working in various locations in CA and stay with him at the hotel. That seemed to be a special treat.

Some day we will all meet up with him up in heaven and have a big reunion.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

He Did It

I have a to admit that this hurts my brain just to think of it. Solving a Rubik's Cube is hard enough, so hard that I don't even try any more. I can't imagine, picking up a thoroughly mixed up cube, solving it, memorizing the moves, then solving it blind-folded.  Well God made everyone different. No two alike...unless identical twins are exactly alike and I know they at least have different finger prints.

Aussie has the right kind of brain! As it says above,  'It is really hard and not many people can do it, even in competitions.'

Thankfully, he is not limited to cube solving. He's very good at many things...and what he can't do, there are two more of the triplets who can fill in the blanks with their own talents. It is a busy household.

Please stay in touch with what your children are learning and doing in school and seeing on TV. You might be surprised to know that school can be a dangerous place to be in these times, not only from the mentally deranged, but also from brainwashing.

May God bless you all with the stamina to hold the faith and do what is right at this challenging time in history. We need to read the word, think for ourselves and teach our children to do likewise. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I love to  get pictures of our grandchildren while they are out exploring. So glad to see them enjoying God's creation. 
Of course it has been another long day for me and I'm about to nod off. Glad I have these pages to post, even though I can't think of anything to say tonight. 

I'm pretty anxious to crawl into bed BEFORE  I go to sleep.  Good night and as Red Skelton used to say, God Bless.