Friday, May 27, 2016

This Happened

I'm not sure you can read this here is a repeat:

I’m hoping that many of you 
can enjoy thumbing through my books. I certainly enjoy living the experiences and creating layouts, while learning many artistic tricks along the way. IPhones, and computers combined with  Photoshop, make anything possible. Using my iPhone Photo Booth’s effects, I was able to get this uniquely styled photo of myself and my ever present bottle of water. Next  I found a cool patterned paper and with PSE (Photoshop Elements) I was able to change the color combinations. Adding a mask to the photo gave it a new shape. Another mask to lay down some paint underneath was a good touch. Then I layered a frame over all. This all happened because I’m an old lady who has caught onto the techy side of life.  May 27, 2016

I used Scrapgirl's Syndee Nuckles' (SNU) Framed Mask for the mask, frame combination.

I want to post at least one piece of good news every day.  So for this Friday, May 27, here
is it.

1. Indian tribe in NE Montana passes new transgender bathroom policy. Leader says he would rather be physically correct than politically correct.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Leah Poses

Yes, it is summer, especially in North Carolina.  Can't imagine how warm it is down there today. It is mighty warm here in Ohio.

Leah is taking a break from her job and her acting to pose. I'm so glad, because she provides me with some very good this one, for example.

I've kept completely out of the sun today. Trying to finish another book for publication. Have to get this one out before I can start on the next one...the one that will begin with our trip to Colorado early this month.  I didn't want to start it and then have to finish it in a separate book.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Maggie Tom Boy

Maggie is a typical Tom Boy. She likes to work and play rough. I finally made this layout trying to show her preference for playing rough and tough. She has certainly clung tightly to her daddy. As much as I would really like her to favor me. It isn't going to happen. Her daddy plays the way she  does. 

This layout shows the bag that he bought for her, so that he could take her with him more riding on his big tractor. What fun they have this time of year. There is plenty to do outdoors. And we were lucky there weren't many rainy least many hours of rain at any one time. So Maggie was always ready any time someone asked he if she would like to ride in the car.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FaceTime/ Light Sabers

FaceTime is a wonderful blessing for those of us who live far from our grandchildren. It really is the 
'next best thing to being there.'  These pictures are not particularly good, but they will remind us in years to come of our times 'together',  through our iPhones and computers. I always prefer to get out the computer so that I can see everyone nice and large; but generally, we look at these active boys on a smaller than I like screen.  

Since I got my new iMac for Christmas, we have not been able to use my huge screen to see our family. Now it is usually on Ron's laptop.  You can see us up in the corner of the screen.

Light Sabers play a big part in their lives.  This was taken in early April. Sunday when  we FaceTimed, Caleb had a brand new light saber. He had gotten it for graduating from kindergarten.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Droid Vx. iPhone

Read it to get the story. I've nodded off about 5 times already tonight. So, think I'll go to bed before I end up sleeping on the floor.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pneumonia Hits Home

It has been a sad time in our daughter's household. Aussie has been sick for a month, hospitalized for 11 days.  He felt really bad that his mother had to celebrate Mother's Day in the hospital, since he was there. Of course, there was no place else in the world she would rather have been that day than with him. His brother, Mason and sister Ashley joined the 'party'.  Glad to say, he has since recovered and been  released. However, his mom is now suffering from pneumonia herself. But then, hers is only a walking pneumonia and she is home with the rest of the family.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Back Street Boys Revisited

There is  no story for this layout, except the one that is written on it. But you must read it. It's pretty exciting for these young ladies.

I would have remembered them if I had only listened to them. I just checked them out online, so I would know something about them, at least. I guess Quit Playing Games With My Heart wouldn't have meant anything  to me in my 50's, even if I had heard them, but is surely  attracted my granddaughters.