Monday, May 4, 2015

Just One Question

Ava just has one question for us, but it is a good one. Of course when you answer, remember to whom you are talking. She is our great granddaughter; so watch your step.

This has been a special week, and a very special day at our house. And on top of that, it has been a special day for our country. I truly believe that God has sent  us our Moses. He is just the man who can hold this country together, fix our economy and health system. He is a godly man who is a great achiever in many ways. His name is Ben Carson.  Dr. Ben Carson announced today that he is contending for the head of the Republican ticket...because it is the common sense party. If you can possibly get hold of his speech today, read it. He is an amazing man who is willing to step up to the bat, not as a politician, but as a problem solver, not for the glory...but to save our great country.

God bless America.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mario/ Apple

I'm not in the know about this. I did try to read up on it, but got lost. It seems there was some type of disagreement between Mario, the app and Apple, the Computer.  Somehow, Apple was making it hard on the little guy. Did they not want him on their iMachines? I really don't know. Even after reading. I'm not sure if it has been resolved.  However, I do know that whenever Mason goes to the Apple store, he makes a statement about the whole thing, by wearing Marion  pants.

I'm looking forward to seeing the triplets and their mom and dad soon. It's been way too long since we've been together.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Hair Cut

Oliver got his hair cut for the first time. It was good to have Caleb get one as well. He was a good role model for how Oliver should act. They both did well. The hairdresser/barber praised Caleb for being so good in her chair. I am proud of them both. And look how good they look with those new haircuts.

Please pray for the Supreme Court and it's decision on gay marriage. Pray that God will lead the decision and keep  our churches free from governmental control.

Friday, May 1, 2015

What Do I Do with My Time?

I missed posting last night because I was too tired. I almost did the same tonight, but decided I'd just do it quickly.

I got a new collection from Digital Scrapper today. In order to get a few extra pieces, I had to make a layout using the kit and post it on their site. This is the page I did using Grandma's Sewing Room and stacking a few of the papers, as instructed by Syndee Nuckles of, before framing the picture and adding a couple of elements. It was quickly done and I'm enjoying it.

Now, would someone explain to me why I couldn't just keep going once I finished  this layout. I was on the computer much of the day. I could have finished 8 layouts in the time I spent here at my desk.

Okay, I know where the time is going. I am repenting of that...wasting so very much time when I have lots and lots of pictures waiting  to be made into digital layouts.  I was reading FaceBook. I get carried away by everyone's posts. I hit Like Like Like over and over. I really do Like to do that! Then while I'm reading, I get notices that it is my turn to play a word on Words With Friends. So what is a woman to do?  Should I be social or antisocial and get my work done?  Well we both know what the mature person would do...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Loving You 4 Ever

We  love and will love 4 ever all our grandkids, but it is Oliver's turn  to be on this blog. He is a happy little boy and has made a perfect model for photos lately. Here he is at the Science Museum in his home town. It is one of their favorite locations and is handy, so they go there fairly often.  The second layout, also from the Science Museum features Oliver and Caleb in the Sound Booths. I love how the pictures were taken in a way that they look like double exposures with the reflections in the glass that separated the boys in their booths.

This coming weekend will be a very busy one in this household, especially here at my computer.  It is National Digital Scrapbooking Day. There will be activities with lots of groups all over the web on that day. I wish I could participate in all the challenges, but I must think rationally. The more 'games' I play , the less I will accomplish, and I have many, many pictures of recent snapshoots that I want to put into layouts.  I also have many from the past that I really want to make into books. There just isn't enough time in my days.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dance Class

I don't know how much these girls practice. I haven't seen them dance, but they sure are cute.
Our granddaughter, Ashley is with her friend, Hannah on the  right end as you see them there.

I  don't know how to tie this piece in with the picture, so I'll just have to jump to another subject. It is a broad jump, so hang on...

I was so impressed by Max Lucado's UpWords today, that I'm copying the whole thing for you. Of course, it isn't long. He says a lot in few words.  Here it is:

No Deception

A woman stands before judge and jury, one hand on the Bible, the other in the air, and makes a pledge: to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  She's a witness. Her job is to tell the truth.

The Christian, too, is a witness.  We, too, make a pledge to tell the truth.  The bench may be absent, the judge seen, but the Bible in present, the watching world the jury, and we're the primary witnesses- subpoenaed by no less than Jesus himself in Acrs 1:8. "You will be my witnesses, in all of Judea, in Samaria, and in every part of the world."

The witness in court eventually steps down from the witness chair,  but the witness for Christ never does.  The claims of Christ are always on trial, and we remain under oath!

A shorter version: Always tell the truth.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Comfy @ the Farm

I thrills me to see this little grandson of ours enjoying the farm and all that goes on there so much.
He seems to be a natural for farm life. It is a life of hard work, but it is a wonderful place to be if it protects you from this world, as crazy as it has become...especially in the last 7 years.

But as hard as one might try to escape the ramifications of the present administration's actions, there is really no where to go. These liberals are managing to take away freedom like we could have ever imagined. Everything will soon be regulated by the government...everything.

I wish he had been born many years ago, when our country was a true republic and freedom was a right instead of all the things people want to say are their rights now.

I pray he will be able to keep that smile in the years to come. May God bless him and protect him. I pray that prayer for all our grandchildren.