Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Cards are cards, some are used for games, some are used for greetings and others are just plain hilarious. Aussie is part of the last category.

As you know computer technology changes so fast that new things become antiques almost before we can turn around. Greg recently found one of those antiquities in the Audio Visual room at church. It was a CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor. Aussie's comment, " Do you have a bag of popcorn to put in it?"  Funny guy, that Aussie.  

Of course he isn't exclusively amusing, all three of the triplets are pretty quick and the three of them can really keep us laughing. They are so consistently funny that they really should have their own sit-com. I'm not sure with all the talents combined in that family, why that hasn't come to pass already.  Maybe it is just a matter of time. Maybe they are letting school, etc. get in the way of progress;)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Julia 'Walks'

Julia just turned 1 last Thursday. I don't yet have pictures, but I'm behind anyway. This layout features the little sweetie when she just decided on December 28, to pull herself up with her cart and push it across the room. Then, the little star she is, turned to face the 'camera', as if to say..."I hope you got that."  And it WAS captured on video. I 'clipped' a  couple of shots from that video for this layout. 

What did we ever do without cell phones that shoot pictures  AND videos? What a wonderful world! 

We have so many friends on our prayer list now. It gets a little discouraging sometimes to see so many we love suffer, especially with serious things like cancer.  And some of them are so young. that makes it even harder.

Because of that, I hesitate to say this because it is so minor and how can I dare call attention to something like this...but I'm thoroughly miserable  tonight  with what I'd like to call an old fashioned head cold. While I was at the doctor today for a general check up, she asked if my nose were running. It was not. I don't know why she wanted to know. What difference does it make? Well anyway. Shortly after lunch, it started to run and run and run. I'm going through tissues, box after box.

Now, I'm getting more symptoms as well. I'm trying to remember to thank the lord that it is something so inconsequential.

Can't remember the last time I had a cold.  That's another blessing.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Smooch the Pooch

Leah was working one day back in October when I customer brought in this cute little pug.  I love this picture of this cute little fellow and our beautiful granddaughter smooching him.

Pleasant is easy to love a dog. If you have never done that, try it sometime. You will probably like it.  If you don't even care to try. I'm sorry. Hope you have a nice day.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Man

You might know that when I say "He's the man," I'm talking about this one here,  my husband.
While I am old and ready to give up this bigger house for a smaller more senior friendly place, Ron is still loving his home on the lake. 

He just found something we needed...a Vacuflo attachment for the kitchen.  It certainly wasn't the easy job he had envisioned, but he worked it out and now we have this hose, which allows us to whisk away the coffee grinds he always gets all over the kitchen counter. It is a great addition and I appreciate it.

I believe in looking for the positive. For some years now, I had to really look hard, or at least close to home, to find those positive thoughts. However, each day now brings along with the terribly negative stuff, some improvements to bless the lives of those in our country. 

Thank you Lord, for your blessings. Please continue to work on our behalf.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Ski Memories

Perhaps Caleb's best birthday gift was a ski trip with his dad. Even if a person doesn't ski,  ski country is a wonderful place to spend time.  But Caleb is quite the skier already. I love the videos we have of him whizzing down those slopes, passing adults who sometimes stop to watch this little guy fly. He has such a wonderful balancing skill. You may remember he was riding a bicycle when he was just a little tiny fellow. That's right, a two wheeler! 

It is good to see him and his dad share their love for this winter sport.

His mom was quite a skier as well, but now with three small kids, she is a little busy, to say the least, and not willing to risk injury.

Risk. Are we willing to risk letting thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants to flood our nation, knowing that many of them are dangerous dudes? I'm not.

Recently, when our president saw the danger in so many flooding over our borders, he ordered special  vetting of all immigrants, especially those from a few countries that pose the biggest danger to us.
A rogue court has shut down those orders in spite of the danger that brings to our citizens.

Jimmy Carter did the same thing when he was in office and no one questioned it. What has happened here? Why are many of our judges favoring possibly enemy aliens over the safety of our own people?  It is the perfect right of the president to protect us. As a matter of fact, that is the number one responsibility of our government.

I was proud to see our president, Trump, speak face to face with Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salmon in the White House this week. They are in agreement about Syria and it's ISSIS refugees. The Prince recognizes that Trump is a friend of Muslims, just not the jihadists that are causing so much trouble all over the world at this time.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Julia was very interested in all that was going on Christmas morning. I think she didn't miss a thing.  Therefore, we didn't get many pictures of her with her presents. She was right there with the boys, watching them with their gifts.

Here is one picture of her, taken from above; but it was so busy and colorful, that I decided to use the black and white trick. It is not good that the layout itself stands out more than the picture, yet I still like the soft look. 

She seems to study everything, soaking up knowledge. I would love to know what is going on in that brain of hers. I guess it won't be long until we'll have to wonder no more. I can hardly wait.

Today is her first birthday. Due to complications, she didn't get to celebrate that yet, but she won't know the difference. Considering her thoughts, can you imagine when she gets that birthday cake and is encouraged to dig into it?  I am living this over and over again in my head. I won't be able to be there, but I'll never forget it.

By the way, we were doing FaceTime with the family tonight and at the end Julia said, "Bye, bye". It was the first time she had spoken to us. Very sweet. Very sweet, indeed.

Praying for her and her brothers tonight. Praying that God will cover them with his wing and protect them from harm. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Go Team

Caleb is looking at this football that he got for Christmas like he is thinking. 'What is this thing. I can't play soccer with it.' I would think by the look on his face that he doesn't know what it is, but that IS NOT THE CASE!  He is an Ohio state fan! O H I O. He is very familiar with football, even though he was born and has always lived in Colorado.

From what I understand, there are lots of Ohio State fans there. They don't have to follow their team alone!

This is far fetched reach for something pleasant to say, but Ron is sick and I showed up for a long ago scheduled doctor's appointment early this morning, but the doctor didn't. Wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been 21 degrees with at least 20 mph wind that had blown snow back over the shoveled side walk at the doctor's office. 

Oh well, back to that little bit of joy. Chelle called me this afternoon and said she had just seen Air Force 1 fly over  her in Nashville. Trump is speaking there today, so I watched his whole speech knowing that Chelle had been tickled to see his plane.  

I love that the man has put his wonderful life on hold to serve our country as president. It makes me sad that so many people do not respect that and want to go back under the control of socialists. Sad there are so many uninformed people who have no idea what it is like in communist (socialist) countries and have no idea about our nation's constitution.  Our teachers have been indoctrinated, just as have the journalists, in colleges and universities set on socializing our nation.

Oh, I heard another thing today that will make anyone with a brain shudder. Now I believe that black children, as well as any color child, deserve good teachers; but it has been said recently that their teachers should not have to be able to read, because they don't have enough teachers.  Ridiculous!
Let's get every child into a school where they can learn English, math, science, social studies, etc...ALL OF THEM under qualified teachers.