Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gramma's Vacation

This photo was taken the day we arrived at John's and Beth's house from the airport.  We had a very special time with  the boys, Caleb and Oliver. Of course, there was much more interaction with this 4 year old who knew us well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oliver Walks

Oliver just started crawling a few days ago, and now he is determined  to walk. He is just 7 months old.  

It is cute to watch Caleb help Oliver accomplish this fete. Looks like they can be real buddies now.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fireworks at the Lakes

July 4th has come and gone.  Our liberty has come and gone as well. At least it is on its way out. But as long as I'm permitted to salute this flag and celebrate the birth of this nation, I will. We have been the best nation ever...and if you are from another country, you might feel the same about your country. That is your prerogative and mine.  I will continue to say, God Bless America because He has and I pray He will in the future.

Every year we have fireworks over the lakes. It is a privately funded celebration. There is no government involvement.  Private citizens and businesses choose to support the fireworks display. Every year, we take the boat out on the lake to watch the art work in the sky and we are never disappointed.

I may have written earlier about this... many of our neighbors around the lakes buy their own supply of pyrotechnics and entertain the rest of us night after night. Although I've heard many people in other parts of the country complain about that kind of thing, I've not heard complaints here. I love it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Write a Book

Does it matter whether of not Caleb knows how to write? He is writing a book that only he can read.
He doesn't even need a ghost writer. Pretty clever, isn't he?

I would imagine he is writing about his trucks, but I have to admit, I don't know. I can't read....his writing..

I've been saving a piece by Max Lucado that I think is very relevant in today's world. It is about greed. We hear people accusing the rich of this daily. It seems clear to me that one does not have to be rich to be greedy. Let's look at what Lucado says about it. To do that without missing his point, I am going to quote it exactly.

"Jesus had a definition for greed. He called it the practice of measuring life by possessions! Greed equates a person's worth with a person's purse. You got a lot equals you are a lot. You got a little equals you are little.  The consequence of such a philosophy is predictable. If you are the sum of what you own, then by all means own it all. No price is too high. No payment is too much. But God's foremost rule of finance is that we own nothing. We are managers, not owners. Stewards, not landlords.  Maintenance people, not proprietors.

Our money in not ours, it is His.  It's not as if God kept the future a secret. One glance at a cemetery should remind us that everyone dies.  The Bible says 'The Lord owns the world and everything in it- the heavens, even the highest heavens are his! (Psalm 24:1).  This includes our money."

We should be trying to think about our earthly possessions from God's point of view. It should affect our shopping habits and our giving. After all, our God has been generous to this nation.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fragile Girl?

Ron had started the wall on his own, but when April showed up and offered her help, he didn't turn her down.  It was cool to see her lift those big heavy blocks.  There is a family joke about her being fragile.  Yeah right. I doubt anyone would call her that after seeing these pictures.  She may be small, but look out!

Not sure why that reminds me of the problem we have with TV shows these days...but here goes. Some of us girls were discussing our favorite shows. We had noticed over the years that once we were really hooked on a good show, after a couple of seasons, they would throw in a gay and we would lose interest in the show. We couldn't understand why they would do that. It didn't make the show any better, as a matter of fact, it usually just didn't fit. Certainly it wasn't necessary to add that element.

Today, on Rush, he talked about that. He said that statistics say about 2% of the population is gay...just 2 %. Now, why would they add gays so often to the scripts, when there are so few of them? It certainly would not be for that 2%, since it offends many, many more people. And they are using the shows to market goods and services.   Rush has the answer. It is not a financial decision, it is political. They want to make it look like there are many, many gays. Part of that plan is to make Christians look mean spirited, narrow, cruel, anything that would make them less appealing .

Of course, I feel it is Satan working his evil.

I can overlook that life style, if it is not purposefully thrown in my face. I understand that none of us are without sin...and that is just another sin.

I can love those who feel differently.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Examine that Frog

Caleb got a chance to examine this little frog in his backyard.  I'm glad his mother encourages him.  Not all of us are that adventuresome.

It looks like the president is not faring well with his own people in Chicago. I don't blame them.  He is letting our citizens go without and courting illegals.  Watch some of those who have had enough here: