Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tiny Ears

Back in January, Ava had her ears pierced. What a little sweety.  Is there anyone who would not think she is a adorable? If so, this grandmother doesn't want to hear it.

So girly, no matter what she is doing. I love to see her in pink and the tiny little flower ear rings. They go with the gorgeous thick, dark hair.

She just doesn't look like a baby, but we don't want to see this phase of her life go too quickly. They all grow up much too quickly.  Babies always have, but today, it is much worse. Often, little children are not allowed to be little girls. They get swept up in glamour, etc. much too soon. I'd love to see this one enjoy the innocence of childhood. She will be a raving beauty some day...but there is plenty of time for that.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Born on Groundhog Day

It has been a month since Caleb's birthday. I did this layout right away, but didn't do any posting for a while, then ended up with way more layouts than I have days to post.

Since this picture was taken, on Caleb's birthday at Silver Grill Cafe, he has had a big birthday party with his friends. I'll have more layouts about that later, am still working on some.

Caleb, it is hard for me to believe you are already 5.  I love you very much. You make my heart sing and your smile lights up the room. It has been passed down for several generations and makes me very happy every time I see it. You make me proud to be your grandmother.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


There are many ways to communicate. Maggie is hampered by the fact that she has not yet learned to speak English. It's not that we speak other languages to her, but just because she was not intended to speak English.  Yet, she is intelligent enough that she has taught us to understand what she wants on most occasions. As it says on the layout, "Maggie's bones, rolled in Ron's Spiru-ten vanilla energy drink powder, are stored in this plastic jar. When she is ready for desert, she rolls it to me...then sits there looking at me with her big eyes."

I am her master and I love her. She knows that.

We have a master as well. He loves us even more than we love our dog and he understands our language. He is like we are with our dog. We know what is best for our pet, but often we wait until we are asked. He has told us if there is something we need, we are to ask him. Simple, right?  Do we do it?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Were We Speaking of Toys?

Well, it had been a few days more than a month since Christmas when Ashley saw this tiger in the store.  Ashley showed her appreciation of the tiger. She really liked that tiger. She sang a little  song while pleading with her dad to buy it for her. He egged her on, then said, "no".  But she ended up with that tiger.  Are we counting? 60? 61? 62?  Well sorry, I don't have a number for you, but she does have one more tiger. Wait a minute. It has been a month since these pictures were taken...

What is it that you treasure here on earth?  Where do you spend your time and your money? The Bible tells us that where  your treasure is, your heart will be as well. Through the Bible, God has encouraged us to lay up treasures in heaven instead of here on earth. Why do you think that is?  How can one do that?  Think about it.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


These last few months have meant two birthdays and Christmas at the boys' home. Toys galore, from rafters to floor. But what is it they have found to play with today?   Paper of course...good old inexpensive PAPER!  And what fun they are having.

We are always searching for something more. We pay a fortune to see a beautiful show, yet miss the opportunity to sit and watch the sunset.  We pay to travel to Africa to check out elephants, while we could see the miracle of life in a backyard ant hill. I could go on and on, but you know what I mean. We often miss the most simple pleasures while searching for bigger and better.

The boys have it right. Enjoy what you have.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sky Zone Bouncers

Now, I realize there are bouncers and then there are bouncers. Lauren and Brit and not what I would ordinarily call bouncers. Although with all her weightlifting, I suppose Lauren could very well be.

She does not get enough exercise with Crossfit, lol, so she and her friend, Brit went to SkyZone in Glen Mills to bounce around a bit on the trampolines. She makes me tired just telling about it. I imagine after sitting at a desk while she works  day after day she need to move around a bit, so she just has to make up for those days.

I am happy that Lauren is good about taking care of her body. I need to confess that I'm on an eating frenzy these days. I know it is not good for me. I know I feel much, much better when I am on the Daniel diet, but it is so hard to hold to, especially for those of us who must eat out way too much.

So if you are given to prayer, and I hope you are, please offer up a few words for me, that I will take my diet much more seriously and regain control over my fingers that want to reach out and grab a handful of almonds for example.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Maggie had her chance to run around in the snow on the courtyard. I find it cute to see the snow stuck in her whiskers. It doesn't bother her at all. Do you find it funny that a dog breed originally from the Canary Islands and then Cuba would do so well in the snow? She absolutely loves it. I've not seen her visibly cold.

I really wish I were as adaptable. Often when I leave the house, I feel like the little brother in Christmas Story with his arms stuck straight out  from his sides because he was so 'overdressed' for the cold weather.  But then of course, that just might be what is appropriate for Ohio, especially in the extremely low temperatures we've experienced this winter.

Actually, I've been quite amused at the plunging temps. I imagine God up in heaven laughing at Al Gore and all his buddies who have predicted Global Warming, especially at  times when they had scheduled Global warming demonstrations and it was  much too cold to conduct them. I'm sure God has a sense of humor.  Naturally when everything turned on them and they were about to freeze, they changed their marketing to Climate Change. Yes right. There is definitely change. There has been since the beginning of time. Once there was even a flood that covered the earth with water after it rained for 40 days and nights. The only thing we can know for sure about weather is...the earth will never be flooded like that again ...ever! God has promised us that. He said, it won't be water, but fire next time. Yes! That is the global warming I fear. When God is ready for that, there will be nothing we can do about matter how many cows we doctor for flatulence.