Tuesday, February 21, 2017

That Vintage Look

I had a very good time building this page which features Julia in her little vintage looking outfit. I took this picture of her in early December. We had not seen her since May. What a difference a few months makes at this age. She was just a baby of one month and here she is at close to 9 months old. She can get around! And she seems very alert...intent.

Wish I could be with her much more often..like every week at least. But the  commute from OH to CO makes that quite difficult since neither of us owns a jet. But by looking into her studious eyes, I seem to think she may be flying a jet some day.  Oh, but I can think of better things for her to be doing, like raising her own little girls and boys.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2 Cute for Words

Early in December we  made a little trip to Columbus to meet up with John, Beth and kids. These pictures were taken of Ron, Oliver and the dogs...Molly whose house we were visiting and Maggie, who tagged along with us.  Even if it was annoying for out Maggie to act like she did, it was also a bit amusing. 

This shows the Importance of my opinions, which appear in this blog on occasion: 

It is obvious that I need to work on my example...even harder than this blog. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Today, I worked this into my slightly crazy day. Once in a while, I do something that even impresses me...not often, but this picture of Greg and his kids  worked very well blended into this textured paper.  I think it is pretty cool.  

This is something I didn't know until after I had turned 60, but if you want to eat out on Christmas or New Year, the best places to go...and sometimes the only places, are Japanese and Chinese. Their holidays don't  sync with ours. So while most of our restaurants are closed, these are open for business. These pictures were taken this past Christmas day, when our daughter's family headed to Ginza, one of their favorite places, for dinner. 

Now, if you are a snowflake, you might want to choose the business you support from those that espouse the same political beliefs you have.  We see this happening more and more. But, you know, it is no longer one sided. Some conservatives are now doing the same thing.

Since the country is just about 50/50 now as to numbers of people spending money, a business, in my opinion, who shouts out it's beliefs  from the housetops and decries the beliefs of their opponents may gain business...BUT, they may also suffer the consequences and lose business. It probably would be very wise to keep businesses out of politics. Annoying people is not the best way to get customers.
Just ask Nordstoms, for example.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Special Smile

For several weeks now, I've been working on a Disney book. Well, it is finished and now I am back to  where I left off with the regular family book; which I need to have finished before May. Actually, that should be no problem, but one never really knows what time will bring.

This is a picture of Mason on November 11 of last year, when his braces were removed. Glorious day. It is a special smile when those bands come off (after what seems like years) that have restricted one's life.  And Mason looks pretty cool! 

Since then he was drafted to sing in a school program. However, the teacher just up and 'married' and moved out of state, leaving their school without a choir director and thus no one to organize the program...so it, with all the other vocal activities, has been cancelled. 

The school has been trying to find a replacement, but hasn't come up with one...Now I find that a little disheartening that they can't find someone in Nashville to do that, since it is quite the center of music. What is up??? If they can not find ANYONE who is qualified, could they not let someone fill in who does not have the right degree? I'm struggling to understand.  After all, this is a school of the arts! Mason is at the school...just because of his voice. And now he may as well be anywhere else.

Questions. We will always have questions without answers. But life goes on and we adjust. At least we had better adjust or life will be a very bitter place.

We must not succumb to being snowflakes!  We will make the best of what is handed us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Oliver Meets Chewbacca

While Caleb was in training at the Jedi Academy, Oliver and Julia were able to meet Chewbacca. As frightening as he could look, his demeanor and soft spookiness seems to have won out. Oliver liked him. Julia did well with him as well.

I have enjoyed this visit to Disney World through all the pictures and have finished the book with  100 layouts; sent it to the publisher Monday night. So it shouldn't be long until it is on my doorstep.

Because of the number of books My Publisher has sold to me ( over 50 for me personally and quite a few for others) I am a gold member. However, that is all going to be part of the past come May 8. They have been bought out and will no longer be my publisher. It is a very sad time for me. I've been publishing with them since 2006. 

I am hoping that their Shutterfly will measure up and I'll not have to search out still another publisher. I'd like it to be a smooth move without a lot of changes. There is enough change to deal with as it is in this digital world.

I will keep you informed. Perhaps you would like to make a book yourself. It is rewarding and if you are the least bit creative, it is really fun.

Friday, February 10, 2017

So. What is 4D?

Well, just working on the book I hope to publish tomorrow night, I learned something new. Well actually, I didn't learn anything. I just read about something I didn't know about. I even read the dumbed down version...and I still don't get it. I learned that there is 4D. Yes, 3D, I get. But 4D? I hope you know what it is and why it is because I still have no clue.

Anyway, John and family went to Mickey's 4D Philharmonic Concert at Disney World.   They still have to have the glasses, just like in 3D. However, I don't know if they are the same or different. I feel like I need to know and understand this...well at least I did, until I just gave up my pursuit and decided I can live in the dark. The younger generations are growing up not knowing much more important things. So, even without 4D, I'm way ahead. ;)

Please pray that the unruly, law breaking youngsters of all ages grow up a bit and quit making it dangerous to live around these 'tolerant' beings.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It All Started With a Mouse

A visit to Eric's Castle is nice. It is quite a building and of course that's where one might find the Ariel ( the Little Mermaid), perhaps in the arms of Prince Eric.

Things have come a long way at Disney. The Little Mermaid is just one step. There have been many over the years. Now we are into Star Wars training and self driven cars. It just keeps getting more and more involved and exciting. And to think, it all started with a mouse.

Our nation is now set to take off and grow by leaps and bounds; but we have a large group of people who will not have it. They want to drag us back to the day of group think. It is very sad to see so many ignorant of  world history, so ignorant that they are striving to repeat it. If they only had a clue what the consequences of their actions will be if they are not put in their places, perhaps they would straighten up and if not enough to cooperate with growth, then at least to sit back and not fight progress.

It is hard to not laugh at them, but in reality it is really sad to see them being so adolescently silly.  Is each one so engrossed in himself/herself that he/she  doesn't see how this looks  to those in the know?

How they can imagine themselves learned, intelligent, higher than the rest of us, I'll never know.

We need to pray for the whole bunch, most of whom have no idea that God actually loves them and wants them to come to him and be free of all these little hurts they imagine and even of real world consequences of sin.