Sunday, May 13, 2018

3 Little Kids

Yesterday we stopped to admire a little bee. Today we appreciate little little grandchildren who are learning to appreciate little things as well, with this little friend, a goat.

Befriending animals  is also a good way to bring calm and joy into ones life.   Just be careful. Don't start with bears or tigers, not that you might do that.

Well today is Mother's Day and I had the surprise of my life today.   I was at church where we had gathered between services for muffins, coffee and a tribute to mothers. There was a little humorous entertainment and then they started a video.  It was quite cute with the little children of the congregation guessing how old their parents were. Oh was that cute! There were more questions. Then the children started telling their mothers Happy Mother's Day. That was darling. Then some older people were speaking about their mothers. I didn't know any of them, but I thought the things they said about their mothers were sweet...then all of a sudden...there was one of my daughters on the video. It was April, who lives out of state...they all do. She was saying the nicest things about me, including that I had brought all 6 of them up to know the lord, etc.  By that time I was crying. I need to see that film a few more times, so that I can take it in better. I didn't hear much after that, because  I couldn't quit thinking about what a nice surprise that was...then all of a sudden I saw another daughter, Chelle, with the triplets up there,  saying I mean the world to her and that they love me. That was it.  I could not control my  tears, but then Chelle made me laugh with a little thing we used to always tell each other..."I love you more than you love me." She started it with her children when they were little and added, "yours is fiction." I cracked up. Sorry, but the rest of that video just didn't register with me. I need to watch the whole thing again. Hope I get that chance.

Well  I just got to watch the first part of Chelle's video. She posted it on FaceBook. Now to get the part by April.

I found out the other three were invited  to take part; but John, for example, couldn't at that time. He was not feeling well when he got the message. He had a big knot on his lower lip and he said he looked like he had been punched. He didn't think that would be wise. Probably a wise decision.  I saw him on FaceTime  today and he was right.  It was still swollen.

It was a wonderful day, filled with roses and a good dinner and cards. Thank you all so much.

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