Saturday, February 9, 2019


For those of you checking this on your cell phone, I'll just copy the journaling from this layout.

Oliver got some cool Duck Tales toys. Then, this is a scary thing, Caleb unwrapped a travel set of Rummikub! Now why, you ask, is that scary? Well, that is a game we play when the grandkids are here.  It gets harder and harder fo me to win.  Now I will have to try to beat Caleb as well. That is a big deal. We really work hard at our games!

That was on Christmas morning. I imagine by now he is looking forward to beating me...
Really, it is a blessing to see my grandchildren grow into bright and competitive people.It beats 
'group think' for sure.

As a child  I had a teacher who had escaped from behind the iron curtain and she taught us to think for ourselves. What a blessing that was. I thank God for her and  all the others who brought history to life.

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