Monday, March 30, 2009

My Granddaughter

Lauren graduates this June. I can hardly believe it. It seems just last week I put her in her crib.
Obviously, she didn't stay there.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Thank you, Phyllis for knowing me so well and loving me anyway.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Right Brained/ Left Brained

I'm pretty happy with this layout. It pretty well describes me...a conglomerate. Having been tested as equally right and left brained it's easier to explain my personality. Does it confuse you? It should. It does me.

I have noticed that as I get older, I'm leaning more to the artsy side.

Just picked up some older pictures I had planned to 'do' earlier. Felt the inspiration.
So here you go. Bee's. Busy bees. Do bees. And our own little queen bee.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I feel complete. Spring decided to appear here today. It is 57 degrees and sunny this afternoon. First thing this morning I checked my e-mail and the Scrapgirls newsletter, then headed over to Curves for my workout. When I got home Ron was hungry, so we shared a lunch at Panera Bread. Next I was able to get outside for my first yard work. There is sooo much to do, but at least I got started. And when I came in I finished this layout of Ashley and Aussie.

It is so seldom that the triplets are in the mood to pose. But one day recently they were ( for a few minutes anyway ) and their mom got these super photos. Thanks to Chelle and her blog, I'm able to scrapbook the kids even on days I'm too far away to see them.

After I put this layout on line, I noticed a flaw. I'm too lazy to change it, but if you are a scrapbooker or any other type of artist, don't let it drive you crazy. I may fix it later if it does.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part Irish

In my ever not so humble opinion, our grand triplets are the cutest triplets ever!
Does this give you a clue to the fact that I'm running behind? Seems like it is a constant these days. Just not enough scrapbooking hours in a day. Too much socializing going on here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This layout tells the story of a very productive day with our friend Patreece who has decided to learn digital scrapbooking. This is an adventure I'm happy to share with her.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It looks like I'm a real cat person with all these images of felines. Not really, but our sweet large Golden Retriever passed away and I'm not up for handling another big dog at my age. Anyway, Chipper was our dog's play mate, so she's here to stay.

Since you may not be able to read the page without enlarging it, it says: "Like many these days, we've turned down the heat to conserve gas. I am not happy about that, but the cat has found a warm place...ON THE REGISTER! Chipper is a heat hog.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Layouts from my newest book

I like to put up to date layouts on the blog, but haven't made any for a few days. I'm adding a couple from my last book. Although it was just published this month, these pages were made during the winter.

The lovely little ballerina is grand daughter Ashley and her friend.

The lazy cat is Chipper. She has become so spoiled this winter. Because she is getting old ( like me), I haven't made her go outside all winter. I thought I'd turned her into a welfare cat. She just laid around and expected me to feed her. Well today her wild nature has returned and she asked to go out to hunt. Looks like she is a worker cat after all and I'm not a failure as a 'mother'.
A few days ago a peaceful calm came over my spirit during the night. Not that I won't continue to do all I think I need to do in this repressive economic/political situation, but I will constantly know that God is with me. He is in control. He wins in the end. He will help us through this mess. If not physically, he will give us the peace that passes understanding.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just finished a project for ORU and decided to give you a glimpse of it here. This picture is ORU at the lake house...taken last summer. This shows my dilatory know left brain, right brain. It's not so much procrastination as just being overwhelmed by all the cool things that can be done on the computer. It's one party after the other for me. Play and learn. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning. Don't need coffee.

The Welsers and McKinneys have been Broadway Series Subscribers at Playhouse Square for a few years. I'm not happy with some of the selections, since I am quite a prude. But we enjoy this night out about once a month. Of course I am delighted when we are able to sit in the first or second rows down front. Expressions add so much more to a performance.

We generally eat dinner first at Eddie's Creek Side Grill on the way. The second picture is of the four of us on the restaurant balcony overlooking the creek. The waiter had to unlock the door since it is winter. Look at the icycles along the creek.

Before the show, we walk down the street a few buildings (even when it is cold and blustery) to have Joe Garry enlighten us about it's history, so that we know exactly how the show got started, who wrote it, who directs it and their short stories. We know what to look for in each scene. It surely makes the show more enjoyable. And of course, Joe himself is a delight. You can find out more about Joe here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here am I with our smallest grand dog. Isn't he cute?

Having trouble getting things in the right order. If you read from the top (and who wouldn't), you may be confused. However, just stick with me, and perhaps you'll get the overall idea when you've finished all of today's posts.
The preceding pages were taken in FL where we went to see our daughter Kim and pick up Mark.

After three weeks off to travel, publish another book and keep my mind off the socialist bent of our new government, I'm back to blogging. Have lots of new layouts. And a lot more pictures to 'do'. A few here give you some idea what we've been up to since I've taken time to blog. These are pictures of our grand triplets we met in Nashville.