Thursday, May 31, 2012

Height Matters

As I said yesterday, we spent the day at Cedar Point.

Height really matters there. At almost every ride, there is a measuring devise to see how tall each person is. But most of all, at the entrance is one as well.  Anyone over a certain height has to pay an adult fair. So the triplets, even though they are not yet 10  and not particularly tall, had to pay full price, because they are over 48 inches tall. Those tickets would have been $52 each.  However we did not see fit to pay that much if we could help it.  So we drove a little way to the AAA to buy our passes. The price there for an adult ticket was $40.  That was bad enough, when we were expecting to pay the children's fare of $27.

I think the triplets got the money's worth though.  They had not ridden on  rides other than those for younger children before and they really got into it.  For example, they were riding things over and the Calypso. Even though I lost count, I know those triplets rode it at least 4 times.

It was  a perfect day for the park. Primary and secondary schools for the most part were still in session, making the lines short to none, with no need to buy a fast pass.  The weather was quite wonderful with sunny skies and a temperature in the low 70's.  You just couldn't beat it.

We were impressed as well by the food at lunch.  We avoided Johnny Rockets because there was a short line. We chose instead a place called Game Day. While the children ordered chicken nuggets, all of the adults chose Philly steak sandwiches.  I've never had a better one.  They were large and scrumptious.  The fries were just right as well. And the price was reasonable.

We stayed until 'closing time' at 8:00.  However, I understand if we had remained at the park, we could have seen a show called Luminosity.

The neat thing was...I enjoyed it as much or more than the kids.  I had been wanting to go for several years, but couldn't find anyone my own age who had any desire to do that type of thing.

It was a day well spent.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rocky Mountains

We spent the whole day at Cedar Point.  It is a good thing I had this layout from our Colorado trip.  Getting behind, but taking lots of pictures, so I should have enough material soon to keep me going all summer at the computer making layouts with Photoshop Elements.

I love these pictures John took of me in the Rockies with a cool tilt of the camera. I took one of him at the place and it was boring compared to these.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Throwing Stones

You know about throwing stones at glass houses. It is not a good idea.  But throwing stones in the river...that's just something every little boy must do. It has to be inborn.  Caleb got his chance in Estes Park.

This week, I'm busy having fun with the triplets. However, I've not been taking enough pictures. Have been fighting with lighting. But hope to have some layouts in a day or two.

Tomorrow is a big day and I'll be toting around two cameras. If I don't get a few good pictures. I will be crushed.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


There is a story for this picture other than the one you would expect. The oddity here is the twins.  We took two pictures in order to get all of us. While waiting for  our daughter and her family to arrive from TN, I tried to combine those two shots to include the whole group. I just didn't have time to finish, therefore, we have Jane twice.

Amy and Chad are missionaries who are partially supported by our church. Their little girls, Maggie and Jane are delightful and we enjoyed having them visit.

We also had our great minister and his family with us as well.  Our boat was full of young energy and we loved it. We should have gotten a group picture before they left, but failed to do so.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's About that Time

It's a winding down period before bed. Caleb and Grampa had a long day and they both needed to sleep.  Grampa is used to taking a nap and that wasn't in the plan that day.  

It seems like it has been a long day here as well.  Although, it is only 11:00, I'm tired.  Must be getting old.
Maybe just looking at them so peaceful makes me sleepy as well.

Actually, I may have fallen asleep. I hope I'm having a nightmare.  This can't be true in our America.
A public school , PS 368, in New York city will begin next school year to require ALL the students , grades 2 through 5, to learn Arabic!   Foreign language study is great. It is a good discipline and useful.  But ARABIC!!!! Preposterous. What would you do if your child was enrolled in that school?  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Food I Have Ever Eaten

Even though this was just a cafe, it definitely was the best food I had ever eaten.  The staff were all French, the atmosphere was casual elegant with the bright cut flowers.  I hope that some day I get to return. I would order the same thing.

In the news. number one on the New York Times Best Seller List: THE AMATEUR, by Edward Klein.
Google this book.  You may want to buy it. The author, an editor for the New York Times interviewed 200 people who had known Barak Obama. It is quite an interesting book, as you might guess.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visiting Long Beach

It was great getting to see Mark again. It had been more than a year.  We are really happy that he has the warm weather and can get outdoors all year long, even though it keeps him from us. It is a much more comfortable temperature than Ohio on the average. It was beautiful while we were there the last of April, first of May.  However, I am cold natured and often find it too cool for me  because of the breeze off the Pacific.

In the news...I hate to even do this part these days. It can be pretty depressing.  Of course if we do manage to ignore these things, they will only get worse.  We must vote to overturn the grasp these liberal spenders have on our throats.

Please watch this newscast to see how illegal immigrants are submitting fraudulent tax returns and getting LOTS of money out of our pockets... while we continue to make less and pay higher costs. Watch it here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Estes Park, Colorado

I have always loved mountains.  From the time I was a young girl  all the way through college, when my family took vacations, we always went to the mountains. The ocean and sun didn't mean that much to me.

 Ron  grew up loving the beach.   So marrying Ron changed the destinations of my trips.
He didn't much care for the idea of going to the mountains, but we had an opportunity to check them out and I think he likes them now.

 I like the beach as long as I can stay under an umbrella and keep cool during the heat of the day and walk the beaches in the evening as the sun goes down over the water.

When we are in Colorado, the mountains are always a lure.  We had been to Estes before, but we were happy to return last month.  This time we took the back way.  Beth's cousin lives in the house next to the telephone pole on your right side of the layout.  It has a delightful view of the Rockies Mountain National Park.

The smaller picture shows John, Beth and Caleb where the river runs rapidly through the town of Estes Park.

In the news: Obama first president to run against capitalism.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Told You So

The day before yesterday, Ron went out to get the boat ready for boating season. It's a little late, if you ask me (But no one did.) We've had nice, warm weather for some time and many were already out on the sparkling water.   So finally Ron ventured down to the boat house and in the boat lift, he found a nest.  I did not ask what the birds thought of him moving that nest.  But I'm thinking  that some bird was trying to
express his or her sad notes and  place blame on another bird.  Not that  that would make it right, but it is human nature and probably bird nature as well.

It's a bit like, president Obama blaming President Bush for the economy.  Well maybe  not.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talk or Eat, That is the Question

Some people eat slowly so they can talk, some talk instead of eating, and some of us eat fast, so we can talk later.  But Caleb prefers to just eat.  Or at least that seems like his intentions.  Because when he is finished, he is ready to go.

While Ron and John were still talking, Beth, Caleb and I ended up out on the street to watch the train go through town.  It is a pretty strange phenomenon, a railroad runs right down the middle of a main street in the town.  One just has to be very patient because these can be VERY long trains as was the one we watched that day.

I took pictures of Caleb and Beth watching the many cars pass, but somehow lost them.  However, I found a video of this Ft Collins daily event on You Tube. Check it out here.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Guys

Forget 5 Guys. I'm on a diet.  And besides, we have our own guys...three of them and it looks like the same things fascinate them. It has to be a guy thing. Just looks like junk to me. 

This just goes to prove that one man's junk is another man's treasure. Well maybe not, there may not be a male who would consider this junk...but if there is,  he isn't part of this family!

In the news: The present administration has amended the biographies of all the presidents who preceded him.  Check it out here and either laugh or just be disgusted. Oh go ahead, you can do both, I did.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ladies' Retreat 2012

Memphis made fabric flowers for everyone at retreat in April. It was a labor of love, I'm sure. 

The layout shows Jane, and me with Sali.  I'm very happy that God made us all different, for if everyone were like me...there would have been no fabric flowers at retreat, nor would their have been home baked cakes, etc. 

As a matter of fact, I can't remember what I took for snacks because I hadn't been eating for months and didn't even care to go to the grocery store where I might actually see something I wanted to eat.

As for Ladies' Retreat, I fed on the word of God. His word is like honey.

Now, I've hit a plateau, but want to lose another 8-10 pounds. Guess I'll have to starve myself again.
But I'll continue to go back to the Lord's table for spiritual food.

Have been busy going over some memory verses today. For some reason I have an appetite, and that is not good. If you would, I'd appreciate you praying for me to feel full of the spirit, satisfied and not hungry.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Pump

It wasn't long ago that Caleb and his friend were at this pump. Beth emailed me the pictures.  I made a layout and published it here.  This time, I got to go along with him to the farm and he certainly had not forgotten this pump. Of course water is involved and that is a draw.  (Pun)  But since he is such a big guy, he loves to make that thing work. I think the water is just secondary.

Sometimes we just keep going back to the same thing because it is familiar.  Many Democrats are still voting the way their parents did. They had grown up Democrats. They had always voted for Democrats, etc. But the party has taken us to a dark place and left us there. It certainly is not the same party it was. It has been taken over by a very liberal crowd, many or them avowed communists. Those who love America and want it to do well are not involved in any decisions, but are still expected to vote blindly.

I'm not sure that will work for them this time.  So many are waking up to the fact that our much loved country is in decline with debt that punishes our children and grandchildren to come.

That is not the only reason to change parties this year. There is also the moral issues of a party that is interfering in our religious freedom, forcing churches to do things they believe are wrong. It has only started. If we vote this party into power again, we will see things move much more quickly to the left because he will not be running for another term.

In my opinion, since the Republican party has not been offering us a clear alternative, we need to vote for  Tea Party candidates for the House and Senate as well as for local offices.  Hope and change has not brought the results we were hoping to get. Now WE NEED A CHANGE  FOR THE BETTER.

I'm convinced  we each need to vote for Mitt Romney and Republicans (hopefully Tea Party) .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Otter Box Slide

Caleb likes to visit his dad's office so that he can slide down the awesome slide. I think Mommy and Daddy like to slide as well.  Gramma and Grampa took a pass on that one, but it was fun watching.

In the news:  CNN got a little upset with Obama's press secretary Ben LaBolt. The campaign was running an inaccurate anti-Romney ad accusing Romney of closing a steel plant and putting lots of people out of work. The truth is, Romney had left Bain Capital two years before they closed the plant.  Instead of admitting they had made a mistake, LaBolt tried  to cover with 'talking points'.  It didn't work. CNN's Benfield  told the Obama campaign : "Keep it clean out there! For heaven's sake.  We hate that crap on our television.  Be nice to each other. Pump your own guy up.  Don't tear the other guy down."

It's going to be a long 6 months, but don't retreat into your cave.  Pray that our God will open your eyes that you might see  and know which way to turn through all of this political mayhem.  Choose the man who will be more likely to do God's will, not the one who contradicts Him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Caleb is Amused

What is it with these two?  they seem to understand each other so well.  It doesn't matter what his Grampa does, Caleb gets a kick out of it.  They must be two of a kind.

I guess it is more difficult for me. I don't understand him that well.  But then we've only been married 44 1/2  years.

In the news this wonderful day is OIL.  It is a means of expanding the economy, giving people work and making everything less expensive again. In a short time, out economy could be bustling again.  But our president doesn't see it that way. He does everything in his power and anything he can accomplish by going over the heads of Congress to prevent our country from doing well.  He wants to take our attention off our economic well being and think about divisive things like gay marriage and race. How many times can we say that we are all the same in God's eyes, red, blue, yellow, black or white? IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!  We are all brothers and all are sucked up in this mess together, where our money is being shipped out of the country, given to countries who want to see us all dead, etc.  Lets bring back reason and drill in the Green River Formation out west.  Let's build a pipeline.  Let's vote for jobs and prosperity. Vote out the Democrats who have prolonged our agony and deepened our debt for generations to come. Let's make sure Republicans (Tea Party and other Conservatives) are elected in November.  Your vote is valuable, and your work to prevent fraud at the polls is needed as well.  We need to pray and we need to work toward our goal.

Monday, May 14, 2012

CP3O and R2D2

While we were at the Otterbox headquarters in Ft Collins, Colorado, we ran into CP3O.  Even though Caleb didn't know CP3O, he evidently liked what he saw. We'll have to get out the movie some day, then show him this picture of him and his cute smile.

In the news, Newsmax reports on Senate Bill 1172, a proposition  in California that would made it a crime to counsel gay youths about changing their sexual orientation.  It  would ban 'reparative therapy' given to those under the age of 18 by therapists, psychologists, counselors, yes and even PARENTS. Those breaking the law could be arrested, fined and possibly spend time behind bars.  Parents could lose their children!!!!

Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute of Sacramento, will challenge the bill's constitutionality if it  passes.

It is a gross violation of the rights of parents.

The bill says that this therapy poses critical health risks to gay people, including shame, disappointment and increased self-hatred.  ( All natural feelings caused by unnatural behavior.)

I don't expect it to pass, given the opposition by many professional organizations who are quite liberal on homosexuality. It is extreme.  However that it would even be proposed breaks my heart.

Pray unceasingly as you see the day approaching when we will be taken up...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Buddy Mason

We have so many pictures of Caleb from our trip that I've neglected others in the family recently.  I hadn't published this page of Mason and the pics were taken Easter Day.   He and his sibling triplets, tickle me with all their witticisms.  And although Mason is literally hugging this tree, I doubt he is a real tree hugger.  We can 'love' our trees without being fanatics.

From the news I gathered today was this good news from Topeka, Kansas.The house and senate in that state have signed a bill which states that courts, administrative agencies or state tribunals cannot base their rulings on any foreign law or legal system that would not grant people the same rights guaranteed by state and US constitutions.  Hallelujah.  That would mean that when the governor signs this, Shariah Law as well as any others that try to inhibit our citizen's  freedom will not be considered in Kansas courts, etc.

In my opinion, this should be enacted in all 50 states, or in all 57 of Obama's states.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Squinty Smile

Caleb decided it was cute to give me a squinty smile. So time after time, that is what he did. For quite a while that day, I tried to distract him and get a normal smile.  Didn't work until his dad noticed  he had figured out that when I was about to snap a photo the redeye light lit up on my camera.  All I had to do was turn off the red eye. But I chose a second method, just changed cameras and then we got his super smile again.  But I love this layout documenting his bright, but squinty face.

Heard a good point from Rush Limbaugh.  "5 trillion in debt trumps a photo op with George Clooney."

In case you are not up to date.  President Obama tried to make points with the American people by having his picture with admirer George Clooney after he told the nation that he now believes gays should have the right to marry.   We real Americans are not swayed by that.  The issue we hold higher is the Extreme debt he has managed to run up for us and our grandchildren...$5 TRILLION!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Don't ask me what this piece of farm equipment is. I don't know and am not really interested. It is definitely a 'guy' thing.  The 'boys' seemed intrigued.

 I reserve my interest for important stuff like who will be our president and members of Congress after the November election.  No matter what your interest, do not let the press and TV smooze you blind. It is still the economy ...but even more, it is our Christian heritage and beliefs that  are on the line. 

They are claiming 'evolution' for the president who has changed his mind on the issue of gay 'marriage'  so many times and often that you'd think he is a chameleon, changing  to match whatever he is on at the moment. 

But as Christian Americans, we know the definition of marriage and the purpose of it.  There is no way gays can be 'married' to each other. Marriage is between a man and a woman. 

We do not involve ourselves with what they do. It is really none of our business what they do in the privacy of their civil unions.  We won't try to encroach on their ground and they should leave us alone as well.

Marriage or civil union...the choice is obvious by to whom ones joins himself.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Red Pillow

Sleep deprivations does weird things to a person.  Caleb got the red pillow...of course.  But I need some kind of pillow RIGHT NOW.  I'm off to bed before I lose my head. Have to keep my mind actively thinking to make sure I don't do something really  vote for a Democrat  after the party has been infiltrated by Reds....and for those of you who do not know history...Communists were once called "Reds'.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Striped Bath Towel

Caleb was is quite a mood. I think he was as happy to have us there in Colorado as we were to be there. He sure did put on a show for us wrapped in his special bath towel.

Caleb's tub didn't leak...not at all. It's about the only thing that is safe from leaks at the present.  The former CIA operative who leaked the name of a covert officer to  a journalist has been indicted.  Leaks seem to be everywhere except at the colleges our president attended. 

Some who proclaim that Obama can't be as bright at he claims, want to see those college records he has paid so much to keep hidden.  You would think he would be as proud of his transcripts, etc as he is of himself. But they continue to be a deep, dark secret. Therefore some have offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who  might find and release those highly secreted records.  Is everyone game?  Ready, Get set, GO.
We are all anxiously waiting  the results.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Colorado Boy

The week before last, we were with our little Caleb in Colorado. I bet you wonder how we resisted pinching those sweet cheeks. 

I think he could have captured my heart, even if he were not related. But as it is with a grandmother...there is no way I could resist those eyes, that smile...

We came home with lots of snapshots, mostly smiling ones.  

Looking at these, make me smile even in the face of a government gone wild. 

Why in the world do we continue to pour money into Palestine, even when our people are hurting at home due to unemployment?

The United States has given them about $500 million a year over the past 10 years, yet Palestinian lawmaker Abdallah Abdallah said the money "will definitely contribute to the betterment of the economic situation, but it's not a substitute for American wrong policy."  The only 'wrong policy' I see is giving them money...any money. At least we had put some restrictions on how they could spend our dollars...but our less that wise president announced last Wednesday that he would override Congress and waive restrictions on all the remaining funds.  He said that it was in the "national security interests of the 
United States."  

Please everyone, think. Check out what is happening around the world. Notice all the times President Obama slaps down Congress and goes over their heads to do more damage to the US.  Don't blame Congress, but the one who is usurping their power.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Red Barn

I'm not sure why, but big red barns with the traditional barn shape hit the mark with me. A barn like that makes me shiver with joy. Surely you think I'm strange and maybe that is the case, but  I feel drawn to them.  

We saw this one not long ago when we were in Mantua for a less that happy occasion, when my cousin buried his wife. That was very sad. It is really hard to lose those of your own generation, and even more so, when they are close.  

It makes me sad to see Lonzo grieve. I pray that he can go on with life, filling it with things he has always wanted to do, like traveling.  We  can all look forward  to  the next, perfect, life, when we will all be together.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grads Reunite

A few of us from the class of '61 at Coventry High School in Portage Lakes have been getting together once in a while for lunch. There is quite a lot of talk of the 'good old days', some talk of travel, grand children, health can imagine.  Very interestingly, there are teachers who influenced our lives so much that their names come up frequently. 

This picture was taken at the Harbor the last time we got together.  We missed a few who left before I decided  we needed a photo. 

Cannonsburgh Bridge

I'm always a little surprised when I get excited about a mill.  After all, I've never needed a mill. I never buy newly milled grain. I probably should, but I'm satisfied with Pillsbury all purpose flour and don't even use it often. Yet, mills just give me a warm feeling., I guess it is my appreciation for the past when our forefathers and mothers worked so hard day to day preparing everything they needed to sustain life.  But of course, what I like  best about the layout is our triplet grandchildren, who sometimes work very hard to avoid real work. 

 Don't we all now? It is the way of life for many of us.  Hard physical labor has to be done, but few are willing to do it. That is the that I'm not willing tonight to address. But think about it. If we send all our children to college thinking they will be better off with a degree...who will do those laborious jobs that must be done? 

We are making a big mistake by thinking that everyone would be more productive, happy, etc sitting behind a desk. It isn't necessarily   so.  There is satisfaction in  a job well done...any job. We still need masons, plumbers, seamstresses, cobblers, carpenters, etc. That is  honest work for those who can feel good about providing what we need.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Cannon

First, I have to admit the misspelling. I left the H off of Cannonsburgh. If you'll forgive me, I'll go on. If not, sorry and hope you'll be back tomorrow.

I enjoy using photoshop to make ordinary photos look like paintings. This background lends itself to such a treatment and I'm quite pleased with that cannon.  I don't know whether Aussie was posing or just resting. Whatever, it is a great picture.  I'm glad the triplets enjoyed their visit to Cannonsburgh. I'll hope to go there with them some time.

Time Together

Our son-in-law works very hard during the day. Then in every spare moment he continues to work hard at his dream. He writes, directs and produces plays. In other words, there isn't much time for other pursuits. Family time is precious when it is possible.   These pictures were taken on Easter this year. 

I am sorry to say that the Chinese dissident who was at the American embassy in China has been released. Please pray for him and his family.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rescue America

This is what we did on April 15th,  Tax Day.  We went to a Tea Party rally . It is always uplifting to meet all the really nice people at these events. Good manners are everywhere, cheerful smiles are all around and good old patriotism. It just makes me happy to know that the whole world has not gone selfishly crazy.

Of course, today it was a different story where those who don't realize that all they need to do is vote in conservatives and the economy will correct itself and we can all enjoy prosperous times again.  Yes, trickle down works.  Those who have money buy things that others get paid to make and use services that others provide.  It really isn't complicated.

The young people who have been indoctrinated by socialist news organizations and socialist school teachers are blinded to the truth.  The only way they know to get something they want is to take it from someone else. That's what we saw today in the streets of some of our big cities...selfishness personified.

May God provide an answer to this mess in which we find ourselves. Actually, He has. If we turn from our wicked ways and follow Him, He will save our country.  There just isn't any other quick  fix.

  Love of self is a sin that keeps us from respecting others. We need to turn from it and to God.