Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Caleb is Amused

What is it with these two?  they seem to understand each other so well.  It doesn't matter what his Grampa does, Caleb gets a kick out of it.  They must be two of a kind.

I guess it is more difficult for me. I don't understand him that well.  But then we've only been married 44 1/2  years.

In the news this wonderful day is OIL.  It is a means of expanding the economy, giving people work and making everything less expensive again. In a short time, out economy could be bustling again.  But our president doesn't see it that way. He does everything in his power and anything he can accomplish by going over the heads of Congress to prevent our country from doing well.  He wants to take our attention off our economic well being and think about divisive things like gay marriage and race. How many times can we say that we are all the same in God's eyes, red, blue, yellow, black or white? IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!  We are all brothers and all are sucked up in this mess together, where our money is being shipped out of the country, given to countries who want to see us all dead, etc.  Lets bring back reason and drill in the Green River Formation out west.  Let's build a pipeline.  Let's vote for jobs and prosperity. Vote out the Democrats who have prolonged our agony and deepened our debt for generations to come. Let's make sure Republicans (Tea Party and other Conservatives) are elected in November.  Your vote is valuable, and your work to prevent fraud at the polls is needed as well.  We need to pray and we need to work toward our goal.

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