Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Squinty Smile

Caleb decided it was cute to give me a squinty smile. So time after time, that is what he did. For quite a while that day, I tried to distract him and get a normal smile.  Didn't work until his dad noticed  he had figured out that when I was about to snap a photo the redeye light lit up on my camera.  All I had to do was turn off the red eye. But I chose a second method, just changed cameras and then we got his super smile again.  But I love this layout documenting his bright, but squinty face.

Heard a good point from Rush Limbaugh.  "5 trillion in debt trumps a photo op with George Clooney."

In case you are not up to date.  President Obama tried to make points with the American people by having his picture with admirer George Clooney after he told the nation that he now believes gays should have the right to marry.   We real Americans are not swayed by that.  The issue we hold higher is the Extreme debt he has managed to run up for us and our grandchildren...$5 TRILLION!

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