Saturday, May 30, 2020


Yes our granddaughter is lovely. This picture was taken shortly after the Pandemic  closed the schools for the year...her senior year.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Age is Just a Number

It is true:  Age is just a number...and in this case it is a BIG number.

I just took a selfie to show that I have reached level 900  in Solitaire. As  I looked at the photo,  I realized  I am  going white, so I took another  picture  to show all the extra white
this pandemic has put in my hair. Should I start dying my hair? NO! Why start now? I’m old.
I will be 77 in just 10 days on  June 8.  Doesn't 77 sound like a lucky number? Well, I would rather  think of it as  being blessed, a blessing from  God.  

Thursday, May 28, 2020

As you might  guess, this layout is not finished. I am so slow in thinking as well as doing. But I want to post something tonight. I hope to finish this tomorrow. This is my Easter page this year, showing us ready for church in front of our TV. We are ready to take communion along with others online.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

High School Graduation

I haven't added a post to this blog in too long and it is not working right for me. I hope I can get it to work. On  Monday the 18th, our grandchildren, who are triplets, graduated from high school. It was
much less than we had hoped. We had even planned to drive down to TN to attend, but due to the  Pandemic, the regular graduation didn't take place.  It was simply and drive through to pick up diplomas and a congratulation. This would have been bad  enough it  these kids were not some of the best in the class and  honor students.  Aussie was even the Valedictorian!  His graduation speech was broadcast over the radio.

Well we are still proud of them, just sad they didn't get the limelight they so deserved.  Now we are in prayer that all goes  well for their first year of college. The way things are being controlled by power hungry politicians, we don't know if we will be back to freedom by September.

One would think I would be able to do this blog thing easier than ever during this pandemic, while we are pretty much kept at home. Many are crying they don't have anything to do, or they are cleaning  their homes, decluttering, etc. I have not felt any of that. I am busy all day long, every day, but I've slowed down in my old age, that has hit me hard. It takes me forever to do the slightest things.
And oh!  I've been trying  to come up with ideas of what to eat. I have to find things that we both, Ron and I want to eat. That is hard enough, but coming up with two meals EVERY day has really gotten  to me.  I really can't cook to start with. To say it nicely as might be what hell is like.  Oh I know, but  it is really not pleasant at all! Twice recently Ron has gone and picked up dinner. Yipee! We've also picked up lunch a few times.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Big Day

This has been a big day in our lives.  Our triplet grandchildren graduated high school with a drive though graduation. Their car was decorated very well, the caps and gowns arrived just fine, they drove though three times, so that each one could get his/her own honor.

It was less that the best to be sure since they were all top students, and Aussie is the Valedictorian!

In spite of the weather, which  did not cooperate and washed off some of the paint and blew away some balloons, It was a good day.

While that was happening in TN, we have little ones in CO who were learning as well. Oliver who has been  working at riding a bicycle for some  time, got the hang of it yesterday and showed off for some video. Of course, then Julia, who just turned 4 in March, decided if Oliver could ride one, she could as well. So she had her training wheels removed and rode down the street with Oliver! There is no holding that girl back.  It is great for them  to have  riding partners. They are happy.

Now for the the layout  I made today of pictures I got earlier today.  Oliver recently wrote what  he called a poem, where he used the letters of his name  to spell out a description of himself and what he likes. He did a great job...You will like this:

As  I wrote on the layout: Oliver did well on this assignment. He described himself in this clever way! These photos are so very cute, I had to make one into a poster. You may have trouble seeing
his paper. This is it:

O Orange
L ove Anumals
I nquisitive
V enus
E xercise
R ide scooter 

He wrote this a few days before he rode his bike for the first time.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sprinkler System Improvement

My husband Ron, a Do it Yourselfer, decided to fertilize our yard through the sprinkler system to save time. So he set out to devise a plan. This is what he came up  with... He constructed  this thing  on your left which injects  the fertilizer and water mixture you see below into  the sprinkler  system.

Do I understand this,  well as a matter of fact, no.  I'm glad he does.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

A New World

This was traumatic. Ava had just returned from Disney and Florida the week before to a very different world for all of us.  It was a Pandemic and no one was ready for it, especially a very active little girl.  It took no time at all for her to start literally climbing the walls.  We get it girl, some of us are feeling the same way, we are just not able to do it like you do!

Friday, May 15, 2020

What a Guy

I'll just copy the text from the layout. It explains it all...

In all the years we have lived here, Ron has fought to keep the sprinkler system working properly.
He had also installed more sprinklers over the years. At present, we have about 19 units in our yard.

His project this year has been to dig up each  one, to clean them and to put shields on them.  So far he has finished 11, with 8 more to go. It is a big job for anyone,  but especially for someone who is  78... almost. He crashes each evening and wakes up every morning stiff...but then what else does one do in a pandemic? He certainly is keeping his distance from everyone.  May 14 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

College Bound

We are so blessed to have these three great high school graduates in the family. They have been very close triplets all these years; but now they are going their own ways.  They have different interests.

The boys  will be staying  in their home state of Tennessee, but they will going to different schools. Aussie to Vanderbilt and Mason the Tennessee Tech. Ashley is heading off to Virginia Tech.

It is a big step and we are praying they make the most of this opportunity and  continue  to choose putting their  classes  first and doing their very best.  And my most earnest prayer  is that God will lead them and protect them all the way.

It is sad they have missed so much because of this pandemic, but I pray it will make them even stronger.

We love you guys. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Saturday, May 9, 2020

More Than a Hobby

I'm writing what appears on the page itself, but is very small: "I spend many hours a day almost every day on my scrapbooking. It is a joy when everything is working right on my computer. It can get rough if it is acting up. But it is all very much worth it for the finished product, a book that brings back the memories!"

I"m nearing the end of a book and today wrote the intro page, which is above.  I've been upset for a few days with my computer, by this morning, I was distraught. Nothing was working right and I was getting nowhere. Ron had tried before and gotten nowhere,  but today he hit on the solution. It worked and I was elated.  This is  page I made.  It was the only one, but there should be more to follow soon..

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Supplements Galore

The Pandemic must be getting to me. I believe stress plays a big part in blood pressure. However my doctor, after trying all the types of medications for blood pressure on me found that I can take only the lowest dose of one and  the lowest dose of a water pill. So, now that is not enough, so she has told me  to watch my salt, which I have tried to do and I don't mind, because  I don't like much salt. But now, her only other answer is to lose weight.

Anyone reading this now, would gasp. Because of the pandemic, anyone who can afford to eat is eating too much. It is just what one does when penned up in the house all day, day after day. However, I am going  to diet.   But in addition my husband (Dr. Ron) insists that I take a lot of supplements which he believes will lower my blood pressure.  I do not have much faith in that claim,  but I'm doing it for him and I am hoping he is right.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Birthday Shirts

Beth makes each one an original birthday shirt each year. The boys wore theirs to celebrate Julia's birthday. Oliver was 6 in December. Caleb was 10 in February and Julia just turned 4 in March