Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sitting in a Pew

It's wonderful to see the triplets playing together in harmony, enjoying the park together. 

Most of the time, we are too busy to pause and appreciate the kindnesses of others. But they can mean so much if we just slow down and notice. 

Are we Christians? Are we pew sitters who show up most Sunday mornings.  What about the rest of the week? 

I suppose I should just merge my blog with Jim Chilton's daily letters. They always touch me.  Today's is no different.  It is short and pithy.  What do you think?

Going Beyond Thoughtful  by Jim Chilton

        “To do what is right and just is more acceptable to Yahweh than sacrifice” (Proverbs 21:3).
        I love receiving birthday cards from my adult children, but it brings me even more pleasure when I see them loving and serving one another.  Gifts and cards are thoughtful, but seeing maturity and right living is a richer experience.
        Showing up on Sunday mornings is important to our Father, but He’s even more pleased when He sees us loving and serving one another.  Our Father is moved when He sees kindness and burden sharing.  These acts are precious in His eyes.
        Today, let’s give a gift He really wants – loving and serving one another.  Jim

All people want to be appreciated and need someone to care for them.  Maybe with some small kindness you can be the one to bring joy to the life of another human tomorrow.  Start with your own family, then to your neighbors and then to those in the city who have no one to care.  One person can make a difference.

Go in love and bring a touch of Christ into the life of someone

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Light, Both Noun and Verb

Grandchildren cause the lights that beam in a grandparents eyes 
Caleb certainly does light up my life.

Speaking of can be used as a verb as well as a noun...

"If you really want to light the fuse of a liberal Democrat, 
compare Barack Obama's economic performance after 30 
months in office with that of Ronald Reagan. It's not at all 
flattering for Mr. Obama. The two presidents have a lot in
 common. Both inherited an American economy in collapse. 
And both applied daring, expensive remedies. Mr. Reagan 
passed the biggest tax cut ever, combined with an agenda
 of deregulation, monetary restraint and spending controls.
 Mr. Obama, of course, has given us a $1 trillion spending 
stimulus. By the end of the summer of Reagan's third year 
in office, the economy was soaring. The GDP growth rate 
was 5% and racing toward 7%, even 8% growth. In 1983 and
 '84 output was growing so fast the biggest worry was that
 the economy would 'overheat.' In the summer of 2011 we 
have an economy limping along at barely 1% growth and by
 some indications headed toward a 'double-dip' recession.
 By the end of Reagan's first term, it was Morning in 
America. Today there is gloomy talk of America in its 
twilight. My purpose here is not more Reagan idolatry, but 
to point out an incontrovertible truth: One program for
 recovery worked, and the other hasn't."
 --columnist Stephen Moore

Monday, August 29, 2011

What Are You Looking For?

I'm borrowing a letter from Jim Chilton once more.   Wisdom...

What Are You Looking For Today? 

Generally, there are only two kinds of birds that fly over the California deserts:  the hummingbird and the vulture.  The vulture is only drawn to rotting meat.  That’s all he looks for.  That’s his diet.  The hummingbird however passes over the carcasses of dead animals and is drawn to tiny blossoms of the cactus flowers.  He looks only for the colorful blooms almost hidden from view by the rocks.
        Each birds finds what it is looking for.
        Today, what are you looking for?  What will you find? 
        What you find reveals what you’ve planned to look for.  Expectations will determine outcome.  If you are looking for a blessing today, you will find one; if you are looking for someone to blame or complain to or direct your anger toward, you will find someone.  Some will look for a cloud today and some will seek the sunshine.  Each will find what he/she seeks.
        It all begins with what we program our internal GPS with this morning.  Paul says it this way:  “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things” (Philippians 4:8).
        What are you looking for today?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Round and Round He Goes

The title would be better if Caleb were actually on a Merry -Go-Round.  However, I doubt if he could have liked it any better. It was big fun for him to get up on that lion and sit there. Oh the sweet innocence of little children.  No wonder Jesus loves the little children.  They are precious.

Looking at these pictures and remembering our day at the zoo in July makes me joyful and I've already been on the 'mountain top ' today.  It has been a glorious day.

We are so very blessed in our church.  We have a young, vibrant, enthusiastic preacher with teaching skills like I've not seen before. It is downright exciting to go to church these days.  Today we were blessed to witness the baptism of an 81 year old lady.  Mark who was our pulpit minister and  promoted to family minister, taught and nurtured the lady and today was her glorious day to become a daughter of the one true God.  The God of love and peace.  Praise God.

This evening it was nice to be senior member.  The younger families are taking a leading role now and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They threw a big party they called Generations.  It had a Hawaiian theme and was VERY entertaining.  It topped off the day quite well.

When we got home tonight, we got more good news in  my inbox.  It's almost like Christmas.  If I had known today would be this grand, I would not have been able to sleep last night in anticipation.

There was a lot of good news today.  Some that I'll probably write about later in the week.

Our world  could be collapsing around us, but we have an island of peace.  Thank you, Lord.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Water: Fun and Danger

While the grandchildren were here in July, John and Beth bought them a sprinkler toy.  It went over big in the 90 degree heat  we were having at the time.  They all had a blast, oh except for Aussie who preferred being indoors  in air conditioned temps.

Now we are fearing a heavy hurricane  which is storming directly up the east coast and dumping loads of water along the way.  Kim, Woody and Leah have left  NC and NYC to take cover at April's.  Even though the storm should not hit Oxford, PA straight on, they are still in the path of LOTS of rain water.

Water is so refreshing at the right time and place, but deadly during a hurricane.   I pray that all will be in safe places during the storm.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Her Name is America

Who could resist buying ice cream for this little guy?  Actually, Ron can't resist the ice cream shop when we are out in the boat.  He has to navigate the pontoon through a very narrow passage, tie up to a tree stump along the water's edge, make his way up the bank to the road, cross that busy highway and carry the treats back across the road and carefully make his way down the bank of the river on big rocks, then jump on to the boat.  But after is our favorite  thing to do around here on a hot day.  Caleb is really pleased that his grandpa just can't help himself.

I received this pray request today in an email from a friend.  Perhaps you would like to pray as well.

I have a special prayer request to pass along.  There's a lady I've known forever.  She's very sick.  On top of that, she's being abused by those to whom she has given everything.  Lies about her abound, and seem to come from all sides.  Just breaks my heart.  Seems there's nothing I can do alone but maybe, if we join together in prayer and lift her up, she will get better and survive.  She's well over 200 years old, but way too young to die.  Her name is America... and I love her.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caleb and the Goats

All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goatsHe will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.Matthew 25:31-3

In the Bible, sheep and goats were used to illustrate that at the end of time, God will bring all people, those still alive and the rest from their graves before Him.  He will separate them.  The sheep, his followers will be on his right side and the goats (all the rest) on his left.  He has promised life everlasting with him in heaven for those who were faithful to him during their lives.  
It is a precious promise.  It's not too late to place your faith in Him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Red, White and Blue Plaid

Just a very simple layout some times is best.  There isn't any question as to what the focal point is. And, as you can see, it is our little Caleb in his red, white and blue plaid shorts. He was well dressed for July 4.

While God's creation in wonderful, there will always be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados.  As a matter of fact, we are under a tornado watch until 4:25 tomorrow morning.  Now while I'm not actually fearful of having a tornado here, I do generally pay attention.  However, there is no way I'll wait up until 4:30 AM watching for one, especially after having slept only 6 hours last night.

I'll just let God take care of it, because I'm practically falling asleep right now and I couldn't do much about it anyway.

We had a very interesting discussion in Bible study tonight, from John chapter 6, about works and faith. Think about it.   I'm nodding off now....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Me and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Actually, today could have been much worse, needless to say).  We did have a good dinner with very good friends.  But  IT WAS STRESSFUL. No need to recall the details here. I'm not here to put you in a bad mood.  But I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep and a new day tomorrow.  God promised it would be new every morning.  And great is His faithfulness.

If I hadn't made this layout yesterday, I'd have to go looking for a something to publish now. It was fun to do, hiding the tigers behind a sheer layer.

 After completely this yesterday using a collection from  that I've had for some time, I opened my SG newsletter today to see this same kit ( Renew Collection Biggie by Shalae Tippets) was on sale today. It is 30% off.  If you are quick you might be able to get it before the price goes back up at midnight.

By the way, I felt the earthquake here in Ohio.  I had my car in for a recall repair and while I waited, it shook the building. I'd been through two others in the state in the last 25 years and recognized the feeling.  But I had no idea at the time it had been centered so far away in Virginia.

Monday, August 22, 2011

That wan't nice!

Caleb is a sweet little fellow. He looks here like he has a question on his mind.  But I'll just have to wonder about that. He may be wondering  why Maxine Waters said anything at all about the Tea Party. He is probably thinking that if he said something like that, he would be severely punished. Why can she get away with that?

Poor Maxine Waters.  She probably didn't get the news way out there in California. Her boss has called for a new era of civility.  I really don't think her comment that the "Tea Party can go straight to hell" would fare well.  It doesn't sound like a nice comment to me, but then I'm a Republican.  I guess as such, I don't really know what civility is like, but she does.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2 Share or Not

When I was expressing sorrow over not having gotten a good picture of these two, I was told, 'But it does tell a story".  And it does. Toddlers have a hard time learning that not everything belongs to them.  They eye others toys and grab them whenever they get a chance.  Naturally those people to whom they belong don't want to readily give them up to just anyone and anytime.  Ashley takes pride in her "Build-a-
Bears" which she has gotten for special occasions.  Yes, they are 'hers'.  And Caleb is admiring them himself and wants them for his own.  As people grow up, they understand this concept, unless they have always been given everything they want...and especially when they have never ever had to work for anything.

We have a problem with that in our society right now.  As a matter of fact that is the way it is in much of the world at the present time.

It is sad to see an adult who is still handicapped with the mind of a toddler, expecting everything, but not knowing how to go about getting them without taking from another that which is his.

A friend of ours who sees a lot of his in his practice told us recently, it is quite different to give a hand out and to give a man a hand up. Another way I've heard it said is,'You can give a man a fish and he has a fish. But if you teach him to fish, he will never go hungry."

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bridge Over Akron

Sometimes I just like to have fun.  Tonight  I was in the mood to make something creative. I found a picture of Beth and Caleb that was taken at the Akron Zoo while they were visiting Ohio in July.
I decided since that wasn't very exciting (it was just over a small gully) to put it over the city of Akron.  Much better.  And it was fun to make as well. Oh I really get a kick out of PSE...Photoshop Elements.

And now my opinion about our  president who has gotten even more creative recently, since his numbers in the polls are so bad.  He just made an end run around Congress and the voters by resorting to implement his amnesty via an executive fiat.  Not good!  We did not appoint him king! But what will we do about it?  Will we continue to let him run above the law?  

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Beth has Caleb sitting won't last long.  There isn't much relaxing when you have a toddler. We are so blessed that Beth is about to be home with him through these wonderful months.  He is a live wire, going hither and thither, learning this and that all day long.

If we are going to get out country back on track, we can't afford to do too much resting. As a matter of fact, it anyone wants to make a living and pay his/her taxes these days, there isn't much time to sit and do nothing.

I understand that our president on his Jobs (campaign ) bus tour said,"I want to sell goods all over the world that are stamped with three words: 'Made in America.’” I say whatever happened to made in the USA?  That is what we want. If they are made in Canada, like his buses, or Mexico or Peru or Venezuela they are made in America.  And perhaps that is what he is saying.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Off That Energy

The boys needed to work off some of that energy that builds up while playing video games.  Wo we are so grateful for the neighborhood parks where the boys can climb for a while.

Have you noticed Rick Perry climbing in the charts since he declared on Saturday he'd run for president?

I'm leaning toward him myself at this time after reading this email:

Who Is Rick Perry?  By Bill Franklin

Saturday, July 9, 2011

He is a fifth generation Texan, the son of hardscrabble west Texas tenant farmers – Democrats but conservatives through and through. He grew up in a farm town too small to be on the state map. Life was so hard that he was six years old before his house had indoor plumbing. His mother sewed his clothes, including the underwear he wore to college.

He is an Eagle Scout. After Paint Creek High School, he attended Texas A&M, graduated, and was commissioned into the Air Force where he became a C-130 pilot.

Now 61 years old, he has won nine elections to four different offices in Texas state government. In the first three elections he ran as a Democrat then switched to the Republican Party. He is currently the 47th governor of Texas – a position he has held for 11 years, the longest tenure of any governor in the nation.

He has never lost an election.

Rick Perry was the Lieutenant Governor to whom Governor George Bush handed over the office after winning the 2000 Presidential election. Since then, Perry won gubernatorial elections in 2002, 2004, and 2010, the last time by 55% against a field consisting of a Democrat, a Libertarian, a Green Party, and an Independent.

Since he became its Governor, Texas – a right to work state that taxes neither personal income nor capital gains – has added more jobs than the other 49 states combined. In the last two years, low taxes and little regulation led his state to create 47% of all jobs created in the entire nation. Five of the top ten cities with the highest job growth in the nation are in Texas. People follow jobs, so in the last four years for which data are available, Texas led every state in net interstate migration growth.

Perry signed ground-breaking “loser pays” tort reform and medical litigation rules that caused malpractice insurance rates to fall. Some 20,000 doctors have since moved to Texas.

Texas boasts 58 of the Fortune 500 companies – more than any other state. Since May 2011 Texas resumed its pre-recession employment levels. Only two other states and the District of Columbia have done that.

Texas ships 16% of the nation’s export value. California trails at 11%. Of the 70 companies that have fled California so far in 2011, 14 relocated in Texas.

In this year’s Texas legislative season, Perry got most of what he wanted. With no new taxes, a fiscally lean state budget was passed leaving $6 billion in a rainy day fund even as other states around the country struggled to balance budgets and avoid more deficit borrowing. A voter ID bill passed that was designed to prevent ballot box fraud and illegal voting. A bill passed that makes plaintiffs pay court costs and attorney fees if their suits are deemed frivolous.

Perry scored points even in his legislative failures. He failed to get sanctuary cities banned – Texas towns in which police cannot question detainees about their immigration status. The blame fell on the legislature. Perry also failed to get a so-called “anti-groping” bill passed that would put      Transportation Security Administration agents in prison if they touch the genitals, anus, or breasts of passengers in a pat down. Federal officials threatened to halt all flights out of Texas airports and the bill died in special session. That endeared Texans even more to TSA employees living in Texas.

Perry jogs daily in the morning. He has no bodyguard with him, but his daughter’s dog runs by his side and he carries a laser-guided automatic pistol in his belt. Last year while jogging in an undeveloped area, a coyote paralleled his jogging route, eyeing his dog. He drew his pistol and killed the animal with one shot, leaving it where it fell. “He became mulch," Perry said. Animal rights groups protested, but Perry shrugged it off. “Don’t come after my dog,” he warned them.

Recently, Obama asked Perry to delay the July 7 execution of Humberto Leal in order to comply with the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Perry refused. Therefore Obama asked the US Supreme Court to delay the execution because it would damage US foreign relations. The Court refused 5-4 and Perry ordered the execution to go forward as scheduled. Over the howls of diplomats, politicians, and the UN, Leal was administered a lethal injection at 6:20 p.m. Before he died, he admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness.

The case has special implications for Perry, who is considering a run for the presidency in 2012. Even his critics resent federal interference in a Texas execution, which is related to a state, not a federal, crime – an alcohol and drug-fueled rape and murder 17 years ago by an illegal whose family brought him into the country 35 years ago as a child. The interference hinges not on the man’s guilt, which Leal’s advocates acknowledged, but on a technicality – failure to inform Leal that he could have gotten legal representation from the Mexican consulate in lieu of the court-appointed attorneys who represented him. Independent Texans saw Obama’s interference as another intrusion of federal power into the affairs of a state, which could cost Obama support in other states.

Needless to say, Perry is a hard-edged conservative and a ferocious defender of 10th Amendments rights (“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”) – an explicit restriction of the federal government to only those powers granted in the Constitution. Perry accuses the federal government, especially the Obama administration, of illegal overreach.

Perry said “no thanks” to the feds whose stimulus offered taxpayer dollars for education and unemployment assistance. The strings on “free money” from Washington, he said, would restrict Texas in managing its own affairs. Perry even depleted all state funds to fight recent wildfires before asking Washington for disaster relief. His request has been ignored, which comes across as an unvarnished federal power play, further pitting Perry and Texans against the federal government.

It’s little surprise, then, that 31% of Texans prefer Perry, who hasn’t announced for the presidency, versus 15% who prefer Romney and 11% who like Bachmann. This is consistent with a Fox poll which put Romney at 18% with national Republicans, Perry at 13%, and Bachmann at 11%. A Marist poll had Romney leading with 19% but Perry and Giuliani, neither of whom has announced, are tied for second at 13%. Perry is the favorite among Tea Party voters, beating Palin, also unannounced, and Bachmann. For a guy who is not officially running, Perry has more than an insignificant      following compared with the announced candidates.

But none of the candidates – announced and unannounced – has caught fire. It’s still early in the 2012 election cycle, and polling results this far out border on meaninglessness. Yet I would have expected Romney to have a greater lead, given his money and name recognition, unless he is being perceived by voters as a nomination retread, now haunted by the Massachusetts experiment that Obama claims inspired his unpopular remaking of the national healthcare system. His business and economic expertise towers over Obama’s, but I suspect it would be easier for him to be elected than nominated. Palin has a fan base rather than a constituency ready to hand another rookie the keys to the White House. Bachmann, recently insulted by Chris Matthews in an interview asking if she was a “flake” because of her bizarre statements, might keep in mind that James Garfield was the only House member to be elected President – and that was over 130 years ago. Ryan may have recalled that fact when he declined to run.

But Perry is not without his negatives. French cuffs and cowboy boots adorned with the words “Freedom” and “Liberty” bespeak a self-assuredness that wears well in Texas and even in the south and southwest, but will it work in Philadelphia, New Hampshire, and Ohio?

Perry is ruggedly handsome – a modern Marlboro kind of man – whom the late Texan and liberal columnist, Molly Ivins, called "Governor Goodhair.” His high octane rhetoric is unmistakably conservative. Speaking to the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans last month, he pumped      the air with both fists as he strode to the podium. “Whew!’ he cried repeatedly. “Yeah!” He was like an excited race horse being shoved into a starting gate.

I stand before you today a disciplined conservative Texan -- a committed Republican and a proud American -- united with you in the desire to restore our nation and revive the American dream…

Our party cannot be all things to all people. It can't be. And our loudest opponents on the left are never gonna’ like us so let's quit trying to curry favor with 'em! … Let's speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our effort to elect more conservative Republicans. Let's stop this American downward spiral! …

This administration in Washington that's in power now clearly believes that government is not only the answer to every need, but it's the most qualified to make essential decisions for every American in every area. That mix of arrogance and audacity that guides the Obama administration is an affront to every freedom-loving American and a threat to every private sector job in this country.
He left the podium and stage as he had mounted it: pumping his fists, shouting “Yeah!” and “Whew!” as if he were returning to his corner after Round 1 of a prize fight.

It’s hard to imagine the cautiously moderate Romney, the bland somnambulistic Pawlenty, or even the outspoken and misspoken Bachmann delivering that performance. Yet, what a contrast Perry is to the pontifical, condescending Obama speaking style, his head robotically swiveling from side to side, nose unconsciously elevated. I suspect even the leading GOP candidates wish they had Perry’s “negatives.”

Perry’s speech was a tea partier’s delight. The almost cocky swagger. The Texas accent. But I wonder how it would sell to political independents – those more pragmatic than ideological?

Sweeping these concerns aside, Perry’s biggest challenge may be overcoming the fact that he is “another” Texas governor seeking the White House. After four years of Obama, Bush fatigue may have attenuated. But by how much? For those in the center – the ones who will decide the next election – the choice will be between four more years of someone they know (which they didn’t four years ago) versus someone who reminds them of someone they know (Bush) and wish they didn’t.

Beyond the Texas Governor’s mansion, the accent, and the swagger, however, the similarity ends. Their differences have been no small source of friction between the Bush and Perry camps.


A 2007 YouTube, for example, showed Perry at a fundraiser saying, “George Bush was never a fiscal conservative – never was,” going on to say, “I mean, ’95, ’97, ’99, George Bush (while he was Texas Governor) was spending money.” The video came to the attention of Bush aides and they were not happy with Perry’s criticisms of their man.

Then after initially embracing Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” law, Perry turned against it, calling it “a monstrous intrusion into our (i.e. the Texas education system) affairs” in an interview. His 10th Amendment fire-breathing can’t be contained.

When Perry ran for his third gubernatorial election, the Bush family and political team retaliated by backing Perry’s Republican opponent, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, providing her campaign with fundraising and organizational support. Perry won the primary and went on to win in the general election by a sizable margin, no doubt giving him cause to gloat and giving the Bush camp cause to mope.

The relationship between Perry and Bush continues to be frosty. But it would be foolish for Perry to provoke the Bush family into working against him if he chooses to run for President. And it would also be petty of the Bush family to deny that politics requires a candidate to show that he is his own man, not a clone of his former boss. Gore ran against Clinton in 2000, and if Perry runs, he will have to show his independence of Bush if he is to have any hope of shedding the “Oh no, not another Texas Governor” image.

Bush ran as a “compassionate conservative,” probably a euphemism for the liberalism of his rich family, which is what caused Reagan to balance his conservative ticket with running mate George H. W. Bush. Perry will have to show that he intends to reverse the reckless spending of the Bush-Obama years.

Bush ran as a “uniter, not a divider.” Perry will have to show that he intends to be an unmistakable contrast to everything Obama stands for and will undo the Obama program, even as Clinton undid the Reagan legacy and Obama undid the Bush programs, complaining all the while that Bush was responsible for everything that was wrong with America.

Perry has not yet said he is in the race. Time is running out for him to do so. But should Obama be concerned if Perry runs? Absolutely. Obama cannot run on his record – an unpopular healthcare law, a failed stimulus, unprecedented spending and debt, a jobless “recovery” and the threat of a double-dip recession, not to mention a foreign policy he can’t explain and his undeclared war on Libya. Obama’s record is a disaster. Perry by contrast produced in Texas an oasis of prosperity in a sea of misery during the Obama years.

Not being able to defend his own economic record, or attack Perry's, Obama might try to paint Perry as a representative of the far right. That wouldn't be easy. Perry served three terms in the Texas House as a Democrat, and supported Al Gore's 1988 presidential bid. That was when there were still some conservative Democrats. Perry switched to the Republican Party in 1989 when the Democrat Party began moving left.

Obama might attack Perry’s ideological extremism. But Perry could remind voters that Reagan was initially painted as a conservative extremist, until Reagan’s folksy “Now there you go again” confidence showed Americans that the extremist was in the White House. Reagan’s proof was the economic chaos Carter had wrought (“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”) and the foreign policy catastrophes his policies produced in Iran, whose hostage crisis was nearing 400 days.

Unlike Perry, Obama is all hat and no cattle. There is no Obama thrust that Perry can’t parry if he keeps his good humor and enthusiasm and reminds Americans that, yes, his flaws are large – until you compare them with Obama’s.

Monday, August 15, 2011

On Firestone Pond

 The triplets are enjoying the pretty  round pond at Firestone Metropolitan Park where children are allowed to fish.  They are encouraged by numerous fishing contests, etc. 

It is a lovely place.  I remember ice skating there as a girl.  On very cold days, they would have a barrel of fire out there to warm our hands from time to time so that they wouldn't freeze and fall off our arms. This day in July it was hot, very hot for Ohio. Although because of the trees surrounding the water, it was a very pleasant place to be.

That is the midwest for you.  Nice tall green trees. Sure, there is no ocean, but the people have their heads on straight...for the most part.  Because we know what is going on, our president decided to have built with your money and mine a new bus fleet to drive him around the midwest from place to place so that while campaigning for the 2012 election all over the 'hinterlands' of our country, he can try to snow us into thinking he is doing a good job in Washington.  Do they really think that will work.  We are not 2 year olds.

 In my opinion, we could have saved all that money and just let us all observe how things are going. 
It is fairly plain to see if we do not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by flowery talk by those on the news.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summertime Joy

Can anything be more joyful than holding a sweet grandchild in ones arms?  What a summertime blessing it was to have him here...and the triplets all in the same month.  July will likely be my best month this year.  But I look forward to more months of goodness from God before 2012  for HE IS GOOD. And I pray He sees fit to help us bring back sanity to the government next November.  Stay positive.  Don't let circumstances get you down.   It is a beautiful world God has created.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Having Creative Fun

I've had a lot to do at the computer today, preparing for tomorrow. When I finished I was sick of sitting here.  However after pulling weeds a while, wasting time sitting on the swing watching boats go by and cooking dinner, I had a desire to sit back down and create some fun. This is what I did to John and Beth. The picture I started with was beautiful and anyone in his'/her right mind would have gone with it.  that was my first decision, but the more I played with it, the more I like it.  So here is hoping John and Beth like it as well.
The Iowa's Straw Poll's winner today is Michelle  Bachmann.  

I'm glad to hear that.  She is a well prepared lady, with a good conservative background.

But there are others I could support with equal gusto.  Just give us a conservative Constitutionalist.  That's all I ask.

God bless you all with a good night's sleep.

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Time to Talk Politics

Even though one must go out in the dark to catch fireflies, or lightning bugs as I knew them while a child, it is not good to live in the dark. We need to open our eyes, no matter how painful it is, and see what is happening around us.  If we don't, it will only get worse.

Remember how we've always been cautioned about talking about religion and politics?  Here they are two of the most important parts of our  beings, and we've been told to be quiet.  I'm here to tell you, we must  speak up.  Too many people have been kept in the dark by the main stream media which instead of telling us the news, tell us what they want it to be. As a matter of fact, daily you are being told lies, dressed up in pretty sounding phrases, canned by powerful people in closed up rooms no telling where.

But we can see for ourselves what Obama and his leftist buddies have done and continue to do to our economy, which was really good in the last administration...especially compared to this. The problem was, while George Bust was president we heard on the news daily how very bad it was.  Worst since the depression was what they'd say.  That was a complete lie. But many did not know their history and so were not aware they were being misled.  And of course, we were not supposed to talk politics.  Too touchy you know.  Well we need to get over it. Take the bull by the horn...inform ourselves and others before the vote in 2012.

And promise yourself you'll never be misguided like this ever again.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Encouragement for the Day

Don't despair, pictures are at the end.

I've been trying to keep busy, not that I'm not always busy, but I've been wanting to keep my mind off the reality of the condition  our country is in at the present.

 It was helpful to open our friend, Jim Chilton's, encouragement letter today.  He writes these daily as an encouragement to his daughter.  We convinced him they were too good to limit it's readers, so now people may subscribe to them.  Today's was just what I needed to read ToDAY.

"Be still..." (11th August 2011)
        Psalm 46:10-11 reads, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.  Yahweh Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” 
        It seems the whole world is shaking.  The world is out of control, and the Holy Spirit says, “Be still.”  It is a reminder that we place too much stock on earthly events apart from God.  We struggle.  We fret.  Energy is lost.
        The feeling of being “out of control” is not a bad thing.  It should remind us Who is in control.  Paul said we can be content in any situation (Philippians 4:12).  To experience this contentment, we must believe God is absolutely sovereign.  He is in control, and He’s our Father.
        God sets the limits.  He allows things to happen, but never outside His plan.  Be still.  We struggle because we want the power.  The sin of Adam and Eve was they wanted to be free of His power. 
        We need a completed picture of the character of God.  He is a God who disciplines, but also a God of deliverance.  Be still.  Affliction is a part of His love.  Pain and suffering are tools of His love.  He moves a troubled people toward deliverance through hard times. 
        Be still.

I also received a wonderful email from our daughter in law, Beth, with wonderful pictures she had taken on our grandson, Caleb.  I haven't had the time to make layouts yet today and I can't wait for you to see at least one, so here it is in all it's simplicity.  Hopefully, some day, you'll see a layout.  In the meantime I'll add a layout at the end of this post.

These pictures in the layout were taken here in OH in July.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Got To Wear Shades

Mason and Ashley are both good photographers, especially for their ages. On July 4th, they staged their own photo shoot.

A person would have to wear really dark shades to miss why our credit rating fell (and so did the stock market) after reading this little easy to understand piece. The first part is just telling it like it is, then comes the easy to understand part. Read it and you will be enlightened.

Federal Budget 101
The U.S. Congress sets a federal budget every year in the trillions of dollars. Few people know how much money that is so we created a breakdown of federal spending in simple terms. Let's put the 2011 federal budget into perspective:
  • U.S. income: $2,170,000,000,000
  • Federal budget: $3,820,000,000,000
  • New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
  • National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
  • Recent budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000 (about 1 percent of the budget)

It helps to think about these numbers in terms that we can relate to. Let's 
remove eight zeros from these numbers and pretend this is the household budget for the fictitious Jones family.
  • Total annual income for the Jones family: $21,700 
  • Amount of money the Jones family spent: $38,200  
  • Amount of new debt added to the credit card: $16,500  
  • Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
  • Amount cut from the budget: $385

So in effect last month Congress, or in this example the Jones family, sat down at the kitchen table and agreed to cut $385 from its annual budget. What family would cut $385 of spending in order to solve $16,500 in deficit spending?

It is a start, although hardly a solution.

Now after years of this, the Jones family has $142,710 of debt on its credit card (which is the equivalent of the national debt).

You would think the Jones family would recognize and address this situation, but it does not. Neither does Congress.

The root of the debt problem is that the voters typically do not send people to Congress to save money. They are sent there to bring home the bacon to their own home state.

To effect budget change, we need to change the job description and give Congress new marching orders.

It is awfully hard (but not impossible) to reverse course and tell the government to stop borrowing money from our children and spending it now.

In effect, what we have is a reverse mortgage on the country. The problem is that the voters have become addicted to the money. Moreover, the American voters are still in the denial stage, and do not want to face the possibility of going into rehab. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Just Can't Title This

Don't know if I'll ever get caught up with my photos. And I just keep taking them.

 While I've been working on pictures from July, I noticed I'd not even finished the layouts I'd planned from May pics.  I just had to do them as well.  This is one. While Beth and Caleb were in Ohio for Mother's Day, while John was in CA on business, we made a trip to Uncle Denny's Italian restaurant, Angies.  As you can see.  Caleb enjoyed himself.  And he ate well.  But then he always does. He'll  eat guacamole, humus and yogurt and mango salsa, so you know he likes pizza.

I found a quote from Rush Limbaugh, speaking about the market collapse, that correlates with what I've been thinking. So I want you  to see it. Here it is verbatim:
“Obamageddon — that's what we have witnessed since Friday,”

“Obamageddon. Barackalypse Now. The only silver lining I can find is that as far as 2012 goes, Obama's a Debt Man Walking. Anybody want to tell me he's not landslidable now?

“Let me repeat this as the Media Tweak of the Day: ‘What we have witnessed since Friday is Obamageddon, Barackalypse Now. And the only silver lining out there is that as far as 2012 goes, Obama's now Debt Man Walking."

In his blistering attack on Obama and the Democrats, Limbaugh asserted that “we have a president that’s overseeing — engineering — the decline of the American republic.”

He also charged that Democrats are trying to play the blame game against Republicans over the financial crisis.

“Obama is always running around complaining and whining and moaning about all that he inherited from George W. Bush,” Rush said.

“Well, he inherited a AAA credit rating, an unemployment rate of 5.7 percent.

It's sometimes hard to remember how well we had it, since we are hearing constantly that it was so bad back then. Well I do remember when none of my friends were out of work and not able to find work even though they were willing to work. I remember when some food items cost about 1/2 as much as they do now.   Even so, I don't want to get back there. We were already starting to borrow and spend too much. I want to go all the way back to Reagan!  We can do it again.  But it will take years.  Obama and his crew are seeing to it that as much damage as can possibly be done before 2012 will get done.  He is a credit to Kruschev who promised to bury us. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Great Girls

Our daughter, April, her daughter and niece (both our granddaughters) pose in New York City during  the week of Independence Day.  April and Lauren were happy to have Leah, who now lives there, as a guide.

There is a big story in Akron, OH right now... terrible tragedy! A man killed 7 and badly wounded an eighth.  He didn't have a record, but had some peculiar habits.

But the biggest news is in New York City tonight where the Stock Exchange lost 634 points today.
What can we expect when we send a man with the experience of a three year old to mind the store?

This showed up in my email today as Quote of the Day:
" Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured......but not everyone must prove they are a citizen."

Sunday, August 7, 2011


  While Ron and I seldom sit down to play the piano, it is  an attraction for  the little ones. It also comes in handy when we have guests who like to play. So it isn't just a nice piece of furniture that takes up a great deal of room.   We are happy to have it.  And we enjoy hearing the grandchildren play.

I've been thinking about the following quote since it ran in the Founder's Quote Daily on the 28th of this month:

"It is the duty of parents to maintain their children decently, and according to their circumstances; to protect them according to the dictates of prudence; and to educate them according to the suggestions of a judicious and zealous regard for their usefulness, their respectability and happiness." --James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1791

There is so much said now about the schools and what they do and fail to do.  But it is really up to the parents to make sure their children's experience at school is worthwhile. They must send that child well fed and rested and with a good attitude toward school, the teachers and their fellow students.  If they don't, there is a limit to what educators can do. 

However, I am all for making the teachers responsible for doing their duties in an effective way.   
                                                                                                                                                           Tenure has ruined us. The teachers who do a better job should stay while those who are just marking time until the end of the school day, year,or until they retire should be set free from the duties they shirk.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I wouldn't say Aussie looks like me.  What boy wants to look like an old woman, even if it his grandmother?  But he does remind me of myself, years ago, of course.  

It is so great when the kids can come to Ohio and celebrate the 4th of July with us.  

We can still celebrate our freedom...for how long, I don't know.  It depends on the will of the citizens. We are fighting an uphill battle though against those who are constantly trying to brainwash us.

I've said this here before , but it is worth reiterating. We are dealing with a mainstream media that is bent on destroying all that is America, from individual freedom, to the family, and to the church.  They use every opportunity, even when it is a far reach, to attack Christianity. One of their latest rants uses the Norway mass murderer, who is just that...a mass murderer, to bash those who believe in the true God.

  Murder breaks one of the 10 commandments which are the stones upon which Judaism and Christianity are built. Okay that is several strikes against the man.  Next, as Bill O'Reilly has said, "Anders Breivik did not kill in the name of Jesus.  He was not a member of a Christian-based al Qaida-like group." And he continued, "His actions are 'counter to all Christian (or Jewish) teaching."

Keep alert.  Read the truth. It can still be found if you look hard enough.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Match Box

Back on the 28th of July, I posted a layout of Caleb playing with some of his dad's old toys. He was having fun with a little yellow helicopter.  Well, in the same box were most of his daddy's Match Box collection.  !00%  boy naturally had a big time 'finding' all the cars, trucks, busses,vans, etc.  He could have played all day, but we were soon off to something more active.

Al Global Warming Gore, the weather man without a degree, was on TV recently spouting  off about the Tea Party.  He wants those on TV to limit their coverage of those tea baggers and, I suppose, spend  more time with of his if they haven't given him LOTS of coverage these last few crazy years.

Now this is the same fellow who ran for president not too long ago.  Of course he wants to tell the news people what they should cover and what they should not cover.  They take more control in Socialist countries.  Look at China and the Soviet Socialist Republic of the near past for examples.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stay Right There

Did you ever to try to pose a little one who is in a new place?

"There are just so many things to see in every direction and they want me to sit still and look at that camera. I already know what it looks like.  I've looked at it most of the day.  Now I want to ... hey who is that down the path? Oh what is that back there?  Oh, okay, I'll play your game just one more time.  SEE MY EYES?  Okay, I'm done. Let's go, go, go..."

What sweet memories I have of this day at the park. We walked along the river for quite a while through gorgeous woods with wildlife scurrying around and birds chirping everywhere. The sky was blue, the wildflowers bright, the air clean AND most of all my four youngest grandchildren  running, skipping, jumping, humming, singing, hurrying, then waiting for those of us who were slower. It was great.

Well, I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to hurry and complete 30 more pages in three days, so I can have another book ready for My Publisher.  I could do it, but do I want to sit at this computer all those hours on days I'd rather be boating?    Probably not.

Besides I'm needing a little boost to my spirit right now.  Don't we all?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

18 Months

Caleb turned 18 months on Tuesday. I've had these pictures since then and can't get over how cute he is.  Of course, I know...I'm the Gramma. I know I'm prejudiced, but could he be cuter?  

Caleb is so blessed to have a stay at home mom to love him and teach him every day.  It also helps that she IS a teacher.  There are new things for him to see and do every day and he is learning so quickly.

Ran across this quote at Founder's Quote Daily, a publication of the Patriot Post.  It's free and interesting:
"It is the duty of parents to maintain their children decently, and according to their circumstances; to protect them according to the dictates of prudence; and to educate them according to the suggestions of a judicious and zealous regard for their usefulness, their respectability and happiness." --James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1791

Alana and John are doing well.  Love you all...Gramma