Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sitting in a Pew

It's wonderful to see the triplets playing together in harmony, enjoying the park together. 

Most of the time, we are too busy to pause and appreciate the kindnesses of others. But they can mean so much if we just slow down and notice. 

Are we Christians? Are we pew sitters who show up most Sunday mornings.  What about the rest of the week? 

I suppose I should just merge my blog with Jim Chilton's daily letters. They always touch me.  Today's is no different.  It is short and pithy.  What do you think?

Going Beyond Thoughtful  by Jim Chilton

        “To do what is right and just is more acceptable to Yahweh than sacrifice” (Proverbs 21:3).
        I love receiving birthday cards from my adult children, but it brings me even more pleasure when I see them loving and serving one another.  Gifts and cards are thoughtful, but seeing maturity and right living is a richer experience.
        Showing up on Sunday mornings is important to our Father, but He’s even more pleased when He sees us loving and serving one another.  Our Father is moved when He sees kindness and burden sharing.  These acts are precious in His eyes.
        Today, let’s give a gift He really wants – loving and serving one another.  Jim

All people want to be appreciated and need someone to care for them.  Maybe with some small kindness you can be the one to bring joy to the life of another human tomorrow.  Start with your own family, then to your neighbors and then to those in the city who have no one to care.  One person can make a difference.

Go in love and bring a touch of Christ into the life of someone

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