Monday, August 15, 2011

On Firestone Pond

 The triplets are enjoying the pretty  round pond at Firestone Metropolitan Park where children are allowed to fish.  They are encouraged by numerous fishing contests, etc. 

It is a lovely place.  I remember ice skating there as a girl.  On very cold days, they would have a barrel of fire out there to warm our hands from time to time so that they wouldn't freeze and fall off our arms. This day in July it was hot, very hot for Ohio. Although because of the trees surrounding the water, it was a very pleasant place to be.

That is the midwest for you.  Nice tall green trees. Sure, there is no ocean, but the people have their heads on straight...for the most part.  Because we know what is going on, our president decided to have built with your money and mine a new bus fleet to drive him around the midwest from place to place so that while campaigning for the 2012 election all over the 'hinterlands' of our country, he can try to snow us into thinking he is doing a good job in Washington.  Do they really think that will work.  We are not 2 year olds.

 In my opinion, we could have saved all that money and just let us all observe how things are going. 
It is fairly plain to see if we do not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by flowery talk by those on the news.

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