Friday, May 31, 2013

Let's Do Easter

Does one have to celebrate Easter the same time every year? No, it falls on different dates  each year. It would take the rest of this day to explain the whole thing.  It is linked to solar and lunar cycles and the Jewish Passover . And that is only the start of the story. In any case, it is so complicated that I just decided we would take this opportunity to meet with the Easter bunny and his friend. April and I enjoyed our little get together on Memorial Day.

Hold on to your chairs. The world is turning upside down. Not only are silly people celebrating Easter in the wrong month, but there is yet another scandal to befall the White House and those who have been put in charge of parts of the government, by this president. What, you say, could possibly be next? Isn't everything already up in the air? Well no, now the EPA in under tight scrutiny. They have been treating conservative groups more strictly than liberal ones.  Again, there is some reluctance to turn over information  as required by the Freedom of Information Act.  Oh My, How does this house of cards stand?

Our all powerful God is allowing all this to happen.  If we ask ourselves why, we may come up with an explanation that is  fairly simple.  God is displeased with the citizens of this country who are sinful both day and night...those who have thrown God out of the courtroom, classroom and our hearts.

We must pray that God knows we are interested in building the body of Christ on the earth.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Day in the Life of...

This layout is made from a still of the movie made on the 19th of May. We now have that movie and I'm putting a link to it  here.

Hope you enjoy watching it.  

I certainly would recommend this photographer's services.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rubber Feet

While April still likes to shop as I did years ago, I like to 'pretend'. Some call it 'window shopping', but I like to get closer.

Memorial Day the weather here was less than perfect. a little cold, cloudy and occasional April and I went 'shopping'. While I spent about $5.00, and April was conservative as well, we had a really great time.

As you can see on the layout, I've said that we seek out the really classy shopping brand name outlet stores. Here we are in Gabriel Brothers  where we tried on some  fun loving rubber shoes...with toes. Okay, so they were a little strange and we both are a little old for such weirdness, but we had to try them and get pictures. First we approached a man and wife, whom we asked to take a photo. The fellow was quite amused and offered to snap one for us.  However, when it turned out blurry, we didn't have the heart to ask again.  Not wanting to embarrass him, we waited until they were out of sight, then April asked a clerk if she would do the honors. She gladly took the camera and shot us with our colorful feet.

Got a message from one million moms today about a new NBC show, a Christian bashing program titled, "Save Me".  There is a description of the show that should turn you off, not only to the show, but to NBC as well.  Check it out here .

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tug of War

At just the right second the photographer hit the shutter. CLICK. Perfection!  We now have an excellent picture of the tug of war match Caleb was having with Rado. We are very thankful this happened on the day of the professional photo shoot.   

It inspired one of my more creative layouts. I'm very pleased with it.

I was also very pleased reading the account of a high school graduation in Kentucky where the student body participated in a prayer during their graduation ceremony. They stood up to the very few who had requested that they not have the traditional prayer because it offended them. The few were told they didn't have to participate in it and could plug their ears if they wanted. In my opinion, it was better that the few were offended than the many offended by having their religious freedom impeded by a few  self centered  trouble makers.

God bless those who stand in their faith when the going gets rough.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Day

April came to Ohio to celebrate my birthday ahead of time, since she can not be here on that big (ugly) day.  The weather here was less than we had hoped for today.  Even the weather forecast (no matter which site we consulted) said it would be nicer than it really was.  Okay, I'm old enough to know now that they have little clue as to what the weather will be the next day...or even the next couple of hours, so I don't depend on those predictions.  However, it can get your hopes up if you are really looking forward to a nice day.

 Because it wasn't really hiking weather, we opted to travel the world and cover a year of holidays...all in one day. Sure that isn't easy, but we have help.  It is called photoshop.

Here we are in Ireland for St Patrick's Day.  You surely wouldn't think we would settle for New York City.

If you tune in day to day, chances are you will be seeing an occasional layout of our fabulous, really good for something adventure.

In the meantime, we need to come back to reality, at least for a short while, to keep track of what is happening in Washington.  Actually,  right at this moment I'm not prepared to jump into that pit, so I'll just remind you of all the people who fought and died that we could live a life of freedom in the best country know which one I'm talking about...the one we are allowing to be yanked out from under us and our children and handed over to those who believe everyone should look to the government for everything to be provided to them.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Duck Tape Skirt

Gone is the old Duck Tape. Well, maybe not gone, but now it is rivaled by new tape in bold  colors and designs. Many are turning to their creative nature to turn out unusual items. 

Evidently Ashley is picking up on Chelle's craftiness. She asked to make a skirt out of duck tape...and that is what they did. It's pretty cute if you ask me, although I don't plan to wear one any time soon.  But then maybe I'll change my mind if the fabrics I buy continue to get chintzier month after month. 

Have you noticed the quality of items you purchase? Are you noticing a decline?  Surely one of these days, I will be wearing a pair of jeans and will put my hand in the pocket and it will rip open.  Or I will be drying with a towel and a hole will appear in it. Even our foods are less that good. I have eaten lots of raisons for years, but recently I've found something gritty in them. Fruit is picked way before it is ripe and transported 1/2 way around the world to arrive bruised, but still not flavorfully ready to eat. And on top of all this, everything continues to get more and more expensive.

What is the solution? I have thought about it long and hard and when I think I know the answer...I still can't do anything about it.

Change must start with you and me. We can not depend on others to bring our nation back.  Pray, pray and pray.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Don't Give Away Freedom

 Earlier this month, while we were  at Pepperdine U for a lectureship, I met with Christopher Columbus on campus. I'm not sure what the connection is there, but it is interesting that they chose to memorialize the man who 'discovered' America in 1492. I know that is disputed these days, but what isn't.

There are those, now that no living person was a witness, who tell us horrible tales about the men in history whom we have honored for centuries. I choose to believe the best.

Perhaps it is because I was created in God's image that I have mercy for those who have gone on before us. I know that, as the Bible says in Romans 3:23, "... ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is no one, past or present, except for our Lord Jesus, who has  been perfect.

For example, I love the story about George Washington who 'could not tell a lie'. I would venture to say that not many would say that George never ever in his life told a lie.  But if he did, he was still known as a truthful fellow... Something I would like to be able to say about politicians today.

Eric Holder is in the news today for saying he knew nothing about the government investigation of reporters, yet he personally signed the orders.  Even the Huffington Post (by far not a conservative paper) is saying it's time for Holder to go.

It's been a lovely day in northeast OH today.  Looking forward to another cool, but sunny day tomorrow.

Remember those who served our country. Many gave their lives for the freedom we are giving away.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Go Catch a Rooster

 I had seen pictures of Caleb chasing the chickens, but never ever expected him to actually catch one. There are two pictures of  the chase posted on this blog  May the thirteenth of this spring.

I wish we could catch all the persons involved in the IRS intimidation of tax payers; However, they seem to be much more 'slippery' than the rooster...more like slimy pigs.

It seems to me it would be much more productive if they were to turn their efforts toward the enemy instead of the American people.

Did you know that while the IRS is targeting private citizens and organizations within  our borders, Iran has broken into the computers which control our internal pipelines?  Yes, It is much easier to get away with things like that while people are busy fighting among themselves.

Have you ever thought that if Obama is telling the truth about all the scandals and that he and his team were really unaware of what was going on in the levels beneath them; what would that say for this administration? The president must be aware and in control of those who work for him. So either he is doing a bad job because of the scandals of which he was aware and did nothing, or he is doing a bad job because he is not in control.

I'm glad I'm not in his shoes.

I suggest we pray that he feels true guilt, repents and turns this country around.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Traditions are not always good, but this is one I really appreciate...and I've never actually taken part in it.  At our daughter, Chelle's, church each Easter Sunday, they have a large cross for which people bring flowers and decorate it.  It is a lovely sentiment, a meaningful remembrance of the gift of life that our Savior gave us when he died and rose from the grave to conquer death and give us life eternal.

Our country has traditionally been a Christian one...however sin has become so rampant that it doesn't  look so Christian anymore. It sometimes looks quite evil. Those who would like to see Christianity destroyed say it is not a Christian nation.

Tonight I'll post my final  list from

Liberal Logic 101

 which you can find with pictures at

When Scott Lively politely disagrees with homosexual activists it is considered a Hate Crime. And I quote him: "We should not, however, discriminate against persons who define themselves as homosexuals"  But when Dan Savage calls Christians vile and disgusting names he is given a speech. And I quote him,"I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead"

Trees have souls, but unborn babies are just blobs of tissue.

Absolutely nothing from Barak Obama's past is relevant including his heavy use of illegal drugs, but absolutely EVERYTHING from Mitt Romney's past is relevant.

George Soros (net worth $22 billion) is RICH, Al Gore (net worth $100 million) is RICH, John Kerry (net worth $231 million) is RICH, John Edwards (net worth $55.5 million) is RICH, Oprah Winfrey (net worth $2.7 billion) is RICH and Mitt Romney (net worth $230 million) is OBSCENELY RICH.

Jaron Holliday is home schooled, a devout Christian, an accomplished musician, a US Army Corporal and died at 21 defending his country.

Trayvon Martin is a drug user, a thief, was kicked out of school twice and died at 17 assaulting a neighborhood -watch volunteer. Guess which one Obama thinks would look like his son. Guess which one liberals think is typical of black people.

While Bill Clinton said "I never had sex with that woman", Al Gore said "I invented the internet.", and Barack Obama said, "I killed Osama bin Laden"  the typical liberal says "You can't trust Republicans because they lie."

On Facebook tonight, I saw this post:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speaking of Fans

It so happens that Caleb is a fan as well as his cousin Laurn.  His shirt tells about his allegiance to Ohio State...but his face says he is a fan of Easter, Easter candy that is.  Looking at these pictures one would see that he is a big fan of the whole Easter basket tradition.

Traditionally, our nation was built on the Constitution. Recently (in the last 4 1/2  years ) however, those in power have trampled that document beneath their big feet...the feet of BIG BROTHER.

Here is more, not my work. You may find this and more at

Liberal Logic 101

Teenagers are too young to be exposed to guns and the Bible, but mature enough to be told about every conceivable sexual practice and then given condoms.

Teachers are not allowed to hug a student lest it be perceived as sexual, but TSA agents must grope your child in the interest of 'national security'.

Jeremiah Wright says Barack Obama should not be judged by the church he goes to, but Mitt Romney should be judged by the church he goes to.

When the religious right opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, they are forcing their morality on us, but while the anti-religious left wants taxpayer-funded abortions and to force businesses to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies, they are not forcing morality on anyone.

A business owner who makes $1 million a year by providing $50 million worth of jobs to the employees of his company is called selfish and greedy. He needs his taxes raised. But a wealthy celebrity who makes $50 million a year and donates 0.2% ($100,000) to charity is a selfless, giving soul and someone should throw a lavish party in his/ her honor.

A suicide bomber who targets women and children is called a freedom fighter, while an Israeli defense forces member who shoots back is called a terrorist.

Pray that we can see the error of our ways and make an about face, so that our country may be spared.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Phillies Fans

Here are Pat and Lauren at yet another Phillies game. They are big fans.

 I'm not a baseball nut, don't even know how many are on a team. But I'm guessing that Lauren may be close to having enough nieces and nephews to make a team.  Her latest niece was born yesterday. Her name is Ryan McKenzie.

I pray that she is bought up to serve her creator and my hope  is that she is protected from the liberal philosophy of entitlement.

More Liberal Logic 101

Again I will tell you. This is not original with me.

While  oil companies which make 8.3 cents profit on every gallon of gas are called greedy, the government takes 13 cents in taxes on every gallon of gas.

It means nothing that the Democratic Candidates are endorsed by the Communist Party, but we call Republican candidates endorsed by the NRA, Naziis!!

Occupy Wall Street were couragious heroes whose First Amendment rights are so important..we should allow them to break the law. but Pro-Life Protestors  are potentially violent extremists that should be stopped by inventing laws targeted specifically at denying them the right to protest.

Profanity on Television is perfectly alright, because that's how some people talk. But wearing a cross should be prohibited because someone may get offended.

Environmentalists criticize the use of private jets, SUVS and luxury houses... but takea  private jet, then SUV back to their luxury homes.

Stay Tuned...More Liberal Logic to come.

Monday, May 20, 2013

These Shoes Were Made for Walking...

Pink is not my color, but while in California, I was sporting my New Balance 847 shoes. Just like  Nancy Sinatra's boots, these shoes were made for walking.

I have them on in the picture. We were just walking along the street in Long Beach with Mark. Although we were supposedly Window Shopping, we didn't buy any windows...or anything else.  But it is an entertaining thing to do in an area like Long Beach.

And like Nancy Sinatra, I'd like to walk all over some people in Washington. Of course, that is not possible and it will only remain a dream...but I do have the right shoes for it!

Tonight, I'm using some ideas that came through my email today. I don't know the origin, but I just want you to know that it is not my own is much too clever to be mine, since most of the day I've suffered from Vertigo.

I"ll just give you an idea. Perhaps I'll do more later.

This is called

 Liberal Logic 101

A liberal, network news anchor who makes $12 million a year...calls business owners who made $1 million a year, greedy and selfish...with a straight face.

A CEO who makes millions is greedy, but a Hollywood star who makes millions earned every penny.

Michelle Obama, who spent $500,000 of your money on just one of the numerous vacations she took  was not newsworthy, but when Ann Romney spent $1,000 of her own money on a blouse, it made headline news across the nation.

While Barack Obama served part of one term in the Senate, he supposedly had the experience necessary to be President.  But Dan Quayle, who served multiple terms in the House and Senate, was 'too inexperienced to serve as Vice-President'.

And I might add. Dan Quayle was sent through the wringer when he added an 'e' to the end of potato, while Barak didn't know how many states are in the union and he was just 'tired'.

While Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Center hires only white lawyers is not considered a racist, while the Tea Party, which has a higher percentage of blacks than the US Congress is considered 'racist'. Everyone who thinks that way should attend one TP rally just to see how well everyone gets along there. We don't see color, because it doesn't make any difference. It is only skin.

That is only a few points from Liberal Logic class. I hope to tell you more tomorrow night.

Please pray for all in this nation who want peace and love...Wasn't that a popular cry in the not too distant past. Now all we hear is hatred and name calling.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kids Will Be Kids...

Kids will be kids...some kind of kids anyway. Some of the hairiest ones are goats.  Caleb and friend run after the little kid. Finally he is caught and Caleb makes him his friend. They both look rather contented together. 

Now I would be more contented if I knew our leaders had our best interests at heart, but that is definitely not the case these days. 

I would think that a person who would guide the IRS into hassling  groups who had the names Tea Party, Patriot, etc in their names  would be fired, if not imprisoned. But in this great country that person was not even demoted, but put in the topmost position at the IRS, which is in control of who gets what in the new national healthcare program. That makes me, for one, not stand a chance. I am over 70 and belong to the Tea Party.  My only hope (yet the best hope of all) is that my God will give me whatever bit of health I need to finish the work He has for me to do on this earth.  We must start praying for each other and that God sees fit to save this nation.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Youngest Daughter's Family

I'm really not two whole months behind even though this picture was taken on Easter in March. I know, I'm still pretty late with it. it seems other bloggers are up to date with pictures. How do they do that? Oh yes, they do not spend a lot of time doing layouts. Anyway, I would really like to be more relevant with my posts.

I like to follow rules, even though my own government does not particularly care to do that. They do whatever they can to skirt the laws, work around them and when that doesn't work, the president just goes over everyone else's head like a dictator.

Below is something I found on Facebook and checked it out. It is 100% factual. It will make you shake your head and fear for our nation: You might understand better why the press is wrapped up in Obama.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Practical Easter Baskets

On Easter morning, Caleb searched for his Easter basket. Is this something everyone  does, or did we start it at our house? I hadn't thought about that before. Anyway, it adds a little excitement to the day and keeps the kids busy for a while.  

Easter baskets seem to be getting larger each year, depending on how imaginative MaMa is. I think this one was a clever way for the Easter bunny to deliver a load of Easter 'pleasants'.  I always thought that baskets that could only be used only on Easter were a waste. So this one has my vote..

Speaking of votes, I think we had better get out the vote this year and prevent another disastrous 4 years our country can't afford.

I received this in my email this evening and have no reason to doubt it.  With a little research, I would think it could be verified.
I'm  sorry it is so small. I really don't have time to  fiddle with it now. If you double click on it, it should enlarge to a readable size.

                        American citizens pay for their subsistence as they plan to kill US!

                                            Are WE totally STUPID, or what???

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yes We Can

Tonight I'm posting a companion page for Monday's layout. Caleb had moved from the chickens to the goats. He was a kid feeding the kids.

Good New: He seems to be developing a love and respect for the animals and the work that must be done on a farm, as well as a relationship with other children who attend class.

Bad News: I really don't get what I'm seeing on the news these days. Everything is caving in on our president, yet he stands up, shakes it off and keeps on going, doing more and more to show his disdain for us and our nation while a brain-washed electorate looks starry eyed, blinded by the darkness that covers all the actions designed to completely bankrupt our country, and they continue to support those who are slapping them down.

Question:  Since when does "Yes we can" mean "No we can't, we need you to do it for us."?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank you Mr. Limbaugh

I don't get as many pictures of the triplets as I did when they were younger...I guess the photographer wore out her welcome or something. At least they are not as cooperative as they could be. But here are a few of Ashley and her friends. Oh, and Mason is in the one on your left.

I used sequins because Ashley likes sparkles.  They are in and she is 'into' them as most of the young girls are. I have to admit that I like them as well.

Thank you, Ashley, for posing for pictures now and then. I need them for my book.

And thank you, Rush Limbaugh. I understand congratulations are in order. Our president today gave you credit for holding  the Republicans' feet to the fire and keeping them from being charmed or tricked into going against the Constitution.  I want to earnestly thank you and each and every Republican (and Democrat) who have what it takes to hold their own against the Soviet style  intimidation.

Looks like it might get even tougher for you guys. Today the man threatened them, saying, "I want to make sure there are consequences to that."

I'm praying that all those who have the best interests of the American Constitution and people at heart will win out before it is too late.

Monday, May 13, 2013


This farm class is one of the best things that has come about for these little suburbanites. The kids really get to see the  farm animals often enough to feel quite at ease with them. I doubt if the boys were ever able to catch the chickens, but they surely did try.

Wish we could catch the chickens in their lies to cover up malfeasance in Benghazi.

If the Benghazi thing was not enough, we have another  crazy thing being brought to light, even in the liberal press... The IRS intimidation of those opposed to Barak, like Patriots, Tea Party members and other conservative groups.  Oh my, our president has even spoken out on this travesty.  Of course, he didn't have anything to do with that. The IRS has just gone out on its own and tramped on the Constitution. So I wonder what he will do about it...oh yes, he'll put them in charge of Obamacare.
Sounds like paradise, doesn't it?

Oh, and while we are on that subject, I understand that those who have huge medical bills, like people with MS, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis, may have to pay much more for their medicines under the new health care  enforced by the IRS.  God save us!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Well La d Da

Even though I am extremely happy that my hair has been cut since this picture was made at a wedding in March, I still had to do a layout. It was just too clever for me to throw out. 

The pictures make me realize that I must get my hair cut soon before it looks like that again.

Three of us girls were talking this morning about our friend and hairdresser being in Wales for two more weeks and all of us missing her and her scissors. Jane had decided to chop off her own hair and although it looked quite nice (and short) she didn't offer to cut Jill's or mine...until later this afternoon. I'm not sure either one of us will take her up on it...Sorry Jane.  However, I might just chop a little on mine. It wouldn't be unusual. It grows so fast that I generally take the scissors to it at least once between haircuts.  Guess I'll add it to my list for tomorrow. 

I wish it were as easy to cut the budget.  Oh, I don't really have trouble with mine. If I don't have money, I don't spend it.  However, it seems at the federal level, that doesn't seem to register. Some actually think that by spending more, you have more.  Go figure!

Every day now as I listen to the news...from the TV in the other room, I get disgusted with how people are getting worse and worse.

What I hear each day reminds me of this verse from the King James Version of the Bible: Genesis 6:5

 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually with a flood that covered everything for 40 days.

The interesting thing is: this was not long before God destroyed every living being on earth, except for Noah, his family and two of each kind of animal.   

Saturday, May 11, 2013


A new camera means lots more pictures. However, I'm sure they are being choosey as to which ones they send me because I'm positive that with the new camera they are taking many more pictures right now. This is one that I'm blessed to get...Caleb sitting in an expansive field under the beautiful blue Colorado sky with his bubbles.

As you might be able to tell, I used the original picture for a background as well. I lowered the opacity and overlaid it with a subdued pattern.

In the news, Congress has been inquiring, finally, about the Benghazi disaster.  Can we say Impeach?
Can we please send Hillary back to Bill. When a person is this irresponsible in the real world, we send them out the door lickety split, as my mom would have said.  

Boy, I miss my mom.  She was a true blessing. 

Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Border Security

Once in a while I realize we need someone to take our picture. In Ohio, I  set up a tripod once in a while in the house, but I really, really appreciate it when another person can 'shoot' us. 

This sign was painted on the side of  the building.  We did enjoy eating there.  Of course, Mark has always tried the restaurants before the 'takes' us. Before we reached this one, we had stopped at another breakfast place where we had eaten before, but both Ron and I were feeling a little too cool to eat outdoors that day. California is not as warm as some might think. I think the natives just psych themselves up to thinking the 'breeze' off the ocean isn't  cold.

While we were chilly that morning, a couple of days later at Malibu it was very hot and naturally, I hadn't planned for that, so I was very hot. But we enjoyed the ocean anyway.

In California, one will see lots of illegals, yes even more that we have here in Ohio. One would think we wouldn't have any, since we have only enough jobs for less that one half of our working age citizens. Please check out this youtube video on the lack of security on our border here

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yummy Chips

Yes, it's another  Caleb layout. Not only do I have more pictures of him than the rest of us put together, but he IS the 'baby' of the family. 

As I sit here looking at these pictures, I am craving apple chips. They have become a favorite of mine in the last couple of years.  Before that I really had never heard of them. My first taste was in a Panera salad called Fugi apple chicken salad. Boy was it good. I started choosing that item every time we ate there. It replaced the Pick 2 Asiago beef sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup.  Recently due to cutting back the cost, I suppose, they started putting a few sprinkles of the chips on the salad and I began asking for extra chips. Then when I wasn't satisfied with that measure, I started buying bags of chips and taking  them along. That is when I realized they were expensive. Maybe Caleb can teach me how to make them. lol  You can see him making the chips  on the May 5th post.  It didn't take him that long to eat them, but it did take me that long to get around to designing this page..

I need to speed up my scrapbooking process or just take some time off from life and catch up with the pictures I have.

Speaking of catching up, Congress is just now catching up with all the cover ups of the Benghazi travesty.  There are many questions to be asked.  So far, there are no good answers for any of them. To put it simply, we left our men to die in a strange land. We sent them there and let them suffer a horrible death. Our president and Hillary Clinton have not yet  told the truth.

Even when we cannot trust men, we can still thrust in God, our creator. Pray that this all comes to light and appropriate action is taken.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sony Camera

Caleb's mom and dad now have a new camera a very good one.  We've heard for years that Nikon was the way to go, then Canon stepped up their products. Now, looks like Sony has great cameras as well.

 We can look forward to lots of very good photos because John and Beth are both artistically talented and of course, Caleb is gorgeous...especially in my eyes.

It is always good to concentrate on the sweet innocence of children. As we were told in the Bible:  ..."I tell you the truth, unless you turn around and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven!"  Matthew 18:3

The opposite to this innocence is the evil in this world.  The news is so full of ugly, sinful, shameful things these days that it is hard to pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or TV or check the news online.

I pray this nation, if not the world, will be completely disgusted by sin and return to God for our salvation, both personal and national.

I like this quote of Corrie ten Boom:  Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guitar Frets

Caleb  is three and has been learning the alphabet by singing the ABC song...but that is not all, he is also learning to play it on his 'guitar'. It is a thrill to see him positioning his fingers correctly on the frets to make the chords.

He has definitely inherited a love for making music.

Bible verse to help us save our country:  2 Chronicles 15:2  ..."The Lord is with you when you are loyal to him. If you seek him, he will respond to you, but if you reject him, he will reject you."

Monday, May 6, 2013

Kangaroo Jumping Boots

It was quite calm in Malibu, at least where we were, but back in Long Beach, we ran into this lady dancing around the street with her hula hoop and bouncy shoes. I really wanted to sneak a picture, but was afraid she would see me.  Then all of a sudden it came to me...anyone who would dress like that and dance around the streets of town would not be one to hide from the I asked her if I could take her picture. I wanted to show my 'kids' her bouncy shoes. She told me they are called Kangaroo Jumping Boots. I had never seen anything like them and was really impressed.  Don't think I'll ask for any for Christmas, but they are pretty cool.

Thinking back to 1973...Nixon had started his second  term of office, when a scandal from his first term came to light.  Now we have President Obama in his second term and finally the news has been broken ( in spite of all the attempts to cover up) about his and Clinton's  disastrous handling of Benghazi.  I am hoping people insist on cleaning up that office and setting him aside.  We definitely need new leadership from the Democratic Party. Surely there is someone who can rise to the top who has not slid into the Communist mindset that now prevails there.

Continue  to pray that God will renew our land and save us from slavery to the government.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Apple Chips

Our floors have been refinished. They are beautiful and we have to worry for 1 and 1/2 week with drying it to a point of hardness  where we can walk on them without causing damage. We are also home and striving to get things together for Life Group this Tuesday evening.  So glad our trip kept us out of the way. Also thrilled that we had a great inspirational time at Pepperdine in Malibu, California.
We also were able to meet our son in Long Beach while we were there in California. 

I didn't take many pictures since it looked just like it did last year when we were there, but I do have a few and will do a layout or two later.

Tonight, I'm still back in April will these pictures of Caleb making a most delicious treat, apple chips.

I understand that Face the Nation this morning covered the Benghazi debacle.  If only the newsmen had covered this soon enough to give us a new president this past November.

If you are still trying to ignore what is going on around you, please wake up now. The handwriting is on the wall.  You should have no trouble in seeing what is happening.  I would hope there is still time and if we will return to God, He will deliver our nation.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Guess it is time to take a break. Not only are our floors being refinished, but I'm having trouble with this computer. It is not backing up and has lost the last two layouts I've made. I'm afraid to do any more until I am sure they will not disappear.   I'm even losing my notes.  

I will be back, just not sure how long it will take.

In the meantime, pray for God's guidance for the leaders of our nation.