Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love at First Bite

Julia discovers pork chops and it seems to be Love at First Bite. I think she might just try to eat the  bone.

We just watched the Presidents address to the nation. I think we are jumping from all veggies to real meat again. Sounds like he has a good plan to rebuild our economy, which has been depressed to an extremely low growth rate, while taking on an exorbitant amount of national debt. 

During the coming months we will begin to tell the difference between the true Democrats who want our people to do well and those who only want to have their own way, keep God out of the country and destroy our freedom. The true Democrats will help put through laws, etc that will rebuild our country, make it great again.

Generally speaking in the past, both parties wanted the same end, they just went about  trying to get there in different ways. Now we have those who want the best for our people and those who want a one world government, contrary to our way of life.

I'm praying God will help those who want the best for us to pull together and get the job done.

Oh, and won't it be good to get our healthcare out of the hands of government and back in our doctor's hands? Back in the hands of the doctors of our choice! I'm anxious to see the prices of medicines, etc come down to reasonable numbers. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Packages too Beautiful to Open

It is very difficult for my sensibilities to go back to Christmas for a blog post, but I just finished this layout and like it quite well. From the subjects, our grand triplets, to the gorgeous packages to the  fun I had with the layout itself.  Yes, it will end up in a book to be seen by the family for years, but it just doesn't seem right to post a Christmas theme at the end of February. 

Well, I could be posting skiing, if I had the photos. There are other activities that I could work with...if I had the photos. I'm not taking many of them myself lately. I prefer sitting here at the computer making pages of other people's photos. 

On another note. I have to tell a story. It is embarrassing for me, but in other ways it is rather funny as well.  Last night,  I had turned on the mattress cover warmer on my side of the bed, so that when  I crawled under the covers, the bed would be as warm as a toaster. Before I jump into bed, I invariably turn off that heater. Last night, I forgot to turn it off.  

Have you experienced spilling water on some of the heavier fabrics made a few years back, before all the light weight cheap fabrics came out? What happens it, because of the weave or something, water does not penetrate the fabric, but just runs off it.  

Remember that, it is why I woke up early this morning in a puddle of water. It was so hot this February night that I must have sweated like a cotton picker in the hot Texas sun...all night! instead of penetrating the fabric of my pajamas, it stayed inside on my skin. It is a good thing  I drink lots of water, or I would have become dehydrated. Seriously, I was drenched! What a mess. Bet I won't forget to turn off the heater before getting into the bed EVER again!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Eyes Have It

I've lost a week! I'm not sure how or why. It is just gone. I last posted on February 22...Well, I guess it hasn't been quite a week...more like 1/2. But where have the days gone? I'm not sure! But, now I'm back in the saddle and posting once more.

This is our little great granddaughter. (Did you ever expect to see a great grandmother posting on her very own blog? Wow even us old geezers are posting these days. ;) Anyway, our little one, Ava doesn't visit often, but when she does we really appreciate seeing her and her mother, Brittanie.
This day in late December, Ava was full of energy. I would call her the energizer bunny. Not much could slow her down to a pace slow enough for me to catch up with her. But, she became enchanted by the large magnifying glass from my 'coffee' table. She had  quite a good time  with it. At least it kept her occupied for a few  minutes...long enough for me to get some shoots. 

Wouldn't it be great if we old folks had even 1/2 the energy of these little ones? Of course, if we did, we would probably hurt ourselves.

Praying that those who would destroy our country from within could slow down, grow up and concentrate on thinking positively for a change. If they only knew enough history to escape repeating the worst of it,  and help save it for all those like Ava.  

I certainly pray that Ava knows freedom when she matures, rather than group think.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Celebrating our Friend

Monday, our little group met to celebrate Sali's Tuesday birthday.  Monday night, her life group met...and celebrated her birthday. It is sad that one gets older with each birthday...oh yes, that is what happens. She was 6 hours older when she ate her birthday cake that evening! 6 hours! And the next day, she turned one year older. Scary, isn't it?

But Sali doesn't show her age. As a matter of fact, most of us are into covering up our ages these days. None of us are as young as we used to be. We still enjoy getting together. We just don't get as many chances as we once did. It just doesn't seem right, but the older we get, the busier we get. We raised our families and then we got more things packed into our lives, some times by choice.

If you ever see a group of vibrant ladies like these, please compliment them and offer to take their picture. lol  Actually, I'm not kidding about the picture. We like to keep a record of our outings. Often people will very willingly snap photos, if we ask them. Some even offer. Many times everyone looks too preoccupied to be bothered. That is when we pull our stunt where we take several pictures and put them together for a good group picture. That is what happened this week.  

On top of that problem, was another. There was no good place for the picture, one with a good background that isn't too cluttered. We tried one place on the east side of the restaurant, but it did not turn out well at all. So, I had to find another picture of the Blue Door online. It is a snap on google under images. But that meant, I had to 'cut out' all of us and 'paste' us (digitally of course) in front of the blue door.

Next for the background, I got really crazy. Don't know why I like to keep up with styles, fads, etc, but I decided to make this a little artistic. Not so sure I'm happy with it, but spent so much time doing it, it will probably stay this way. 

By the way, notice our clothing. It was February 20. It was in the 60's and has been for several days and supposedly will be for several more...maybe even getting up to the 70's. Feels great, but the  crawly bugs and buggy germs are not being killed out as they should in winter.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

That Vintage Look

I had a very good time building this page which features Julia in her little vintage looking outfit. I took this picture of her in early December. We had not seen her since May. What a difference a few months makes at this age. She was just a baby of one month and here she is at close to 9 months old. She can get around! And she seems very alert...intent.

Wish I could be with her much more often..like every week at least. But the  commute from OH to CO makes that quite difficult since neither of us owns a jet. But by looking into her studious eyes, I seem to think she may be flying a jet some day.  Oh, but I can think of better things for her to be doing, like raising her own little girls and boys.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2 Cute for Words

Early in December we  made a little trip to Columbus to meet up with John, Beth and kids. These pictures were taken of Ron, Oliver and the dogs...Molly whose house we were visiting and Maggie, who tagged along with us.  Even if it was annoying for out Maggie to act like she did, it was also a bit amusing. 

This shows the Importance of my opinions, which appear in this blog on occasion: 

It is obvious that I need to work on my example...even harder than this blog. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Today, I worked this into my slightly crazy day. Once in a while, I do something that even impresses me...not often, but this picture of Greg and his kids  worked very well blended into this textured paper.  I think it is pretty cool.  

This is something I didn't know until after I had turned 60, but if you want to eat out on Christmas or New Year, the best places to go...and sometimes the only places, are Japanese and Chinese. Their holidays don't  sync with ours. So while most of our restaurants are closed, these are open for business. These pictures were taken this past Christmas day, when our daughter's family headed to Ginza, one of their favorite places, for dinner. 

Now, if you are a snowflake, you might want to choose the business you support from those that espouse the same political beliefs you have.  We see this happening more and more. But, you know, it is no longer one sided. Some conservatives are now doing the same thing.

Since the country is just about 50/50 now as to numbers of people spending money, a business, in my opinion, who shouts out it's beliefs  from the housetops and decries the beliefs of their opponents may gain business...BUT, they may also suffer the consequences and lose business. It probably would be very wise to keep businesses out of politics. Annoying people is not the best way to get customers.
Just ask Nordstoms, for example.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Special Smile

For several weeks now, I've been working on a Disney book. Well, it is finished and now I am back to  where I left off with the regular family book; which I need to have finished before May. Actually, that should be no problem, but one never really knows what time will bring.

This is a picture of Mason on November 11 of last year, when his braces were removed. Glorious day. It is a special smile when those bands come off (after what seems like years) that have restricted one's life.  And Mason looks pretty cool! 

Since then he was drafted to sing in a school program. However, the teacher just up and 'married' and moved out of state, leaving their school without a choir director and thus no one to organize the program...so it, with all the other vocal activities, has been cancelled. 

The school has been trying to find a replacement, but hasn't come up with one...Now I find that a little disheartening that they can't find someone in Nashville to do that, since it is quite the center of music. What is up??? If they can not find ANYONE who is qualified, could they not let someone fill in who does not have the right degree? I'm struggling to understand.  After all, this is a school of the arts! Mason is at the school...just because of his voice. And now he may as well be anywhere else.

Questions. We will always have questions without answers. But life goes on and we adjust. At least we had better adjust or life will be a very bitter place.

We must not succumb to being snowflakes!  We will make the best of what is handed us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Oliver Meets Chewbacca

While Caleb was in training at the Jedi Academy, Oliver and Julia were able to meet Chewbacca. As frightening as he could look, his demeanor and soft spookiness seems to have won out. Oliver liked him. Julia did well with him as well.

I have enjoyed this visit to Disney World through all the pictures and have finished the book with  100 layouts; sent it to the publisher Monday night. So it shouldn't be long until it is on my doorstep.

Because of the number of books My Publisher has sold to me ( over 50 for me personally and quite a few for others) I am a gold member. However, that is all going to be part of the past come May 8. They have been bought out and will no longer be my publisher. It is a very sad time for me. I've been publishing with them since 2006. 

I am hoping that their Shutterfly will measure up and I'll not have to search out still another publisher. I'd like it to be a smooth move without a lot of changes. There is enough change to deal with as it is in this digital world.

I will keep you informed. Perhaps you would like to make a book yourself. It is rewarding and if you are the least bit creative, it is really fun.

Friday, February 10, 2017

So. What is 4D?

Well, just working on the book I hope to publish tomorrow night, I learned something new. Well actually, I didn't learn anything. I just read about something I didn't know about. I even read the dumbed down version...and I still don't get it. I learned that there is 4D. Yes, 3D, I get. But 4D? I hope you know what it is and why it is because I still have no clue.

Anyway, John and family went to Mickey's 4D Philharmonic Concert at Disney World.   They still have to have the glasses, just like in 3D. However, I don't know if they are the same or different. I feel like I need to know and understand this...well at least I did, until I just gave up my pursuit and decided I can live in the dark. The younger generations are growing up not knowing much more important things. So, even without 4D, I'm way ahead. ;)

Please pray that the unruly, law breaking youngsters of all ages grow up a bit and quit making it dangerous to live around these 'tolerant' beings.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It All Started With a Mouse

A visit to Eric's Castle is nice. It is quite a building and of course that's where one might find the Ariel ( the Little Mermaid), perhaps in the arms of Prince Eric.

Things have come a long way at Disney. The Little Mermaid is just one step. There have been many over the years. Now we are into Star Wars training and self driven cars. It just keeps getting more and more involved and exciting. And to think, it all started with a mouse.

Our nation is now set to take off and grow by leaps and bounds; but we have a large group of people who will not have it. They want to drag us back to the day of group think. It is very sad to see so many ignorant of  world history, so ignorant that they are striving to repeat it. If they only had a clue what the consequences of their actions will be if they are not put in their places, perhaps they would straighten up and if not enough to cooperate with growth, then at least to sit back and not fight progress.

It is hard to not laugh at them, but in reality it is really sad to see them being so adolescently silly.  Is each one so engrossed in himself/herself that he/she  doesn't see how this looks  to those in the know?

How they can imagine themselves learned, intelligent, higher than the rest of us, I'll never know.

We need to pray for the whole bunch, most of whom have no idea that God actually loves them and wants them to come to him and be free of all these little hurts they imagine and even of real world consequences of sin.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Seas with Nemo, Caleb, Oliver and Julia

 I don't know of any other way to meet Nemo like this outside of Disney World.  Everyone enjoyed their rides with Nemo. The kids are having lots of fun and of course, I'm having fun making layouts about that fun.

I'm also still having a great time watching as our government  gets back to the constitution and the real reason for having a federal government...the protection of the people.

It's good to have leaders who are not respecters of persons, but who want all to be treated equally. What a big change that is over the past decades.

Please pray that all offices are soon filled and that we are ready to protect our people and face the tasks ahead.
Please  pray for those who can not understand how our country works, or why it works that way.
Pray that teachers begin again to teach  our country's real history, instead of doctored stories meant to detract from its significance.
Pray for our leaders  who are working very hard for our good.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Storm Troopers

Oliver meets the Storm Troopers, but we won't allow them to take him away and reprogram him. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Princess for a Day

It seems like this is Julia's favorite thing about Disney World. At least her expressions look like she is really into this princess thing. She certainly has the wave down. And of course, she is dressed for the part.   She will be a year old in March and this is her best day ever...so far.

Please continue to pray for the safety of our country. Fighting each other is never good; but right now, it could be devastating.  Our enemies may be scattered and divided, but we have  financed one country with billions of dollars. Not a wise move, but...that is what has happened. We couldn't take care of our vets and have many homeless citizens, but our tax payers sent billions to a nation that hates us. Right, I guess we were trying to buy them off. Didn't work of course. Now they are firing on our boats and testing rockets. But of course, worse than that, they are sending jihadists across our borders to cause havoc here at home. Please pray.

If you are still watching news on CNN, try Fox. You will probably like it.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rain Forest Cafe

The Rain Forest Cafe seems like a very nice place to go although with all the things to see, I'm not sure I would have time to eat. Evidently though when one burns lots of calories at Disney World, he is more than ready to take eating seriously there at the care.  Oliver managed   to see some things at the aquarium while he was there and have some very cute pictures of himself as well.

Today, I've made several layouts for the Disney book, but I also managed to watch the last few minutes of the foot ball game...the minutes that counted. How exciting it was.  While I was not rooting for either team, we used to live outside Boston. While we were there we went to the only professional football game I have ever seen in person. So I am a little closer to the Patriots than I am to the Atlanta team. LOL

Please pray that God protects our nation from those who are out to destroy it and its Christians. Pray that He is watching over us and will keep us safe. At times like this I like to picture us under his wing as is mentioned in Psalms 57:1 and Psalms 61:4 and other Bible passages.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Little Miss Personality

Not yet one, and already she is waving like a princess in a parade. Guess she has seen a lot of that at Disney World. And of course Gramma thinks she is so special.

Well...the world must be coming to an end...because I have nothing more to say tonight.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Here is our 7 year old birthday boy today, pictured with his family at Disney in November. He is right out front there, handsome as can be. 


Oh how I would like to be with him today. He is a fine boy. We love him  so much.

Praying  this nation gets itself straightened  out by the time he goes off  to college and into the work force. I

t has been extremely difficult for graduates in the last decade to find work that will help them pay off their staggering loans.  There are so many reasons this is happening and they are clear as day, just no one seems to want to do anything about it. It is almost as if there were those who were intent on crippling our country. 

Starting with the children while they are young, we should be able to raise more to responsible adulthood, where they will not be afraid of their shadows and won't have to be afraid to walk in their neighborhoods.

While college students are trying to find safe places, we really need to provide those places for little children so that they can run and play, building muscles and imaginations. They need to learn how to use their heads once again.

There is so much to be done in so many areas, we certainly need energetic leaders who know more than golf and teleprompters.

Pray for our leaders health and safety. Pray for safety in our big cities. Pray for all those who think they are the center of the universe, to come to reality.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Groundhog Day Birthday

Yes, altogether, there are 6 Jedi training pages. It was a very special thing to Caleb and  it needed to be covered well. I am happy to oblige.  

Tomorrow, Caleb will be seven. It is hard to believe. It seems like just a couple of years since we traveled to CO to see him as a newborn.  We didn't waste much time getting there.  

It is always a glorious day when a grandchild is born. Since his birth in 2010, two siblings have been added to the family...a brother three years ago and a new sister just this year. He is doing well as a big brother.

Thank you for being a charming grandson. I'm sure you are sound asleep by now.  So for when you see this, Happy Birthday! I hope the groundhog didn't see his shadow.