Caleb Discovered the Mirror

Click to enlarge these layouts and see the expressions on Caleb's face as he discovers it is he, himself in the mirror.  Being gramma, I love his sweet expressions and his easy going personality. I especially  enjoyed seeing that look on his face in the last picture.  You can tell he is impressed  with what he sees.

I've been told that when a man looks at himself in the mirror, he admires what he sees...sometimes flexes muscles, etc. It is so different for females.  No matter how good looking they are, they generally pick out the flaws.  Interesting.

Interesting fact:  Even FDR said that collective bargaining was not good in public sector jobs.
When unions demand more and more in tax payed jobs, they are not trying to get more out of some greedy rich man, but from Americans as a whole.  Their pay comes from tax payers, most of whom make less and do not have the perks, retirement packages, etc. themselves.  Yet they must pay for all those extras for union members.  It reminds me of Robin Hood in reverse.