Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Back on March 13th, I posted a layout of the guys in our Life Group. I thought this (Easter) might be a good time to show the girls in that group. We took a picture on the 12th, but we were missing a  few of the ladies. Then on the 26th, we had 6 of the  8 present.  I decided to put both pictures on this page. Perhaps in the summer we'll be able to have all eight of the girls at the same time.  If so, I plan to take another photo.

Trish and Mike are so very loving and compassionate. They invited two of our couples and Susan to their home for dinner to celebrate Easter. She and Mike are good cooks and there was soooo much food that we could have fed her neighbors as well. We'll have plenty of leftovers for our next get together.

They opened their hearts and their home and shared their family with us today since none of us had family nearby. They are a blessing.

One of the joys of my day was pictures of our youngest grandson, sent to us instantly from his mom's iPhone, so that we could 'participate' in his Easter.

James 1: 16-17
New International Version (NIV)

16"Don't be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. 17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming  down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do You Believe in Easter?

Will have Easter pictures after Sunday. Tonight you can see a little of Caleb and his  real love...this Papa's tractor.

But back to Easter. Tomorrow is a big day in Christendom.   This story has gone around for years. If you have not read or heard of it before, be sure to read the whole thing. It will be a blessing to you.

And Happy Easter. May you choose to worship our Lord and Savior.  


Happy Easter!

Edith Burns was a wonderful Christian who lived in San Antonio, Texas. She was the patient of a doctor by the name of Will Phillips. Dr. Phillips was a gentle doctor who saw patients as people. His favorite patient was Edith Burns.

One morning he went to his office with a heavy heart and it was because of Edith Burns. When he walked into that waiting room, there sat Edith with her big black Bible in her lap earnestly talking to a young mother sitting beside her.

Edith Burns had a habit of introducing herself in this way: "Hello, my name is Edith Burns. Do you believe in Easter?" Then she would explain the meaning of Easter, and many times people would be saved.

Dr. Phillips walked into that office and there he saw the head nurse, Beverly. Beverly had first met Edith when she was taking her blood pressure. Edith began by saying,"My name is Edith Burns. Do you believe in Easter?"

Beverly said, "Why yes I do."

Edith said, "Well, what do you believe about Easter?"

Beverly said, "Well, it's all about egg hunts, going to church, and dressing up." Edith kept pressing her about the real meaning of Easter, and finally led her to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Phillips said, "Beverly, don't call Edith into the office quite yet. I believe there is another delivery taking place in the waiting room.

After being called back in the doctor's office, Edith sat down and when she took a look at the doctor she said, "Dr. Will, why are you so sad? Are you reading your Bible? Are you praying?"

Dr. Phillips said gently, "Edith, I'm the doctor and you're the patient." With a heavy heart he said, "Your lab report came back and it says you have cancer, and Edith, you're not going to live very long."

Edith said, "Why Will Phillips, shame on you. Why are you so sad? Do you think God makes mistakes? You have just told me I'm going to see my precious Lord Jesus, my husband, and my friends. You have just told me that I am going to celebrate Easter forever, and here you are having difficulty giving me my ticket!"

Dr. Phillips thought to himself, "What a magnificent woman this Edith Burns is!"

Edith continued coming to Dr. Phillips. Christmas came and the office was closed through January 3rd. On the day the office opened, Edith did not show up. Later that afternoon, Edith called Dr. Phillips and said she would have to be moving her story to the hospital and  said, "Will, I'm very near home, so would you make sure that they put women in here next to me in my room who need to know about Easter."

Well, they did just that and women began to come in and share that room with Edith. Many women were saved. Everybody on that floor from staff to patients were so excited about Edith, that they started calling her Edith Easter; that is everyone except Phyllis Cross, the head nurse.

Phyllis made it plain that she wanted nothing to do with Edith because she was a "religious nut". She had been a nurse in an army hospital. She had seen it all and heard it all. She was the original G.I. Jane. She had been married three times, she was hard, cold, and did everything by the book.

One morning the two nurses who were to attend to Edith were sick. Edith had the flu and Phyllis Cross had to go in and give her a shot. When she walked in, Edith had a big smile on her face and said, "Phyllis, God loves you and I love you, and I have been praying for you."

Phyllis Cross said, "Well, you can quit praying for me, it won't work. I'm not interested."

Edith said, "Well, I will pray and I have asked God not to let me go home until you come into the family."

Phyllis Cross said, "Then you will never die because that will never happen," and curtly walked out of the room.

Every day Phyllis Cross would walk into the room and Edith would say, "God loves you Phyllis and I love you, and I'm praying for you."

One day Phyllis Cross said she was literally drawn to Edith's room like a magnet would draw iron. She sat down on the bed and Edith said, "I'm so glad you have come, because God told me that today is your special day."

Phyllis Cross said, "Edith, you have asked everybody here the question, "Do you believe in Easter but you have never asked me."

Edith said, "Phyllis, I wanted to many times, but God told me to wait until you asked, and now that you have asked." Edith Burns took her Bible and shared with Phyllis Cross the Easter Story of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Edith said, "Phyllis, do you believe in Easter? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is alive and that He wants to live in your heart?"

Phyllis Cross said, "Oh I want to believe that with all of my heart, and I do want Jesus in my life "Right there, Phyllis Cross prayed and invited Jesus Christ into her heart. For the first time Phyllis Cross did not walk out of a hospital room, she was carried out on the wings of angels.

Two days later, Phyllis Cross came in and Edith said, "Do you know what day it is?" Phyllis Cross said, "Why Edith, it's Good Friday."

Edith said, "Oh, no, for you every day is Easter. Happy Easter Phyllis!"

Two days later, on Easter Sunday, Phyllis Cross came into work, did some of her duties and then went down to the flower shop and got some Easter lilies because she wanted to go up to see Edith and give her some Easter lilies and wish her a Happy Easter.

When she walked into Edith's room, Edith was in bed. That big black Bible was on her lap. Her hands were in that Bible. There was a sweet smile on her face. When Phyllis Cross went to pick up Edith's hand, she realized Edith was dead. Her left hand was on John 14: "In my Father's house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also." Her right hand was on Revelation 21:4, "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death nor sorrow, nor crying; and there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away."

Phyllis Cross took one look at that dead body, and then lifted her face toward heaven, and with tears streaming down here cheeks, said, "Happy Easter, Edith - Happy Easter!"

Phyllis Cross left Edith's body, walked out of the room, and over to a table where two student nurses were sitting. She said, "My name is Phyllis Cross. Do you believe in Easter?"

God works in wonderful ways, and to believe in his power is to truly be free.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Fun Pic

I'm thankful tonight as always that the triplets are home schooled.  Tonight, I appreciate Chelle's ability and willingness to take on the job. 

I've learned more about how dangerous it is to send young ones to school now. Surely this is not happening in all schools, but there is a program out there now, carried out by Planned Parenthood and financed by you and me that is an abomination and I fear it will help bring God's wrath on this land.

The program is called PREP for short. It begins in kindergarten. I had planned to spell it out right here, but I can't bring myself to do it on this family blog.  Please check it out for yourselves, especially if you have children, relatives or close neighbors in the public schools.  

Here is a good place to read about this  threat.   It is a tamed down version of what I learned today; but it still is a good warning. 

While we can no longer have White House tours for children, the federal government  has pre-funded this indoctrination of our children the amount of $75 million a year for five years.

Tomorrow will most probably be a busy day at your house; but please try to find a little time to spend one on one with our God. Remember to thank Him for sending his son to seek and save the lost.

Luke 19:10 "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Painting Eggs for Easter

We are so happy that Beth is a great teacher. I really don't think Caleb misses anything. He is a constant learning machine. He has colored eggs before, but not this way. It is a new experience for him and he seems to like the results, as do we.  

I hope you are preparing for Easter...not just for the meal, the eggs, the baskets, the new outfits, but to set aside a time  to think about the great gift our God in heaven gave us...His only son, whom he sent to earth to teach us the truth and to make it possible for us to have everlasting life.   

In the NIV edition of the Bible we read John 3:16:   "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Game Brain

I love these pictures. Ashley's smile is radiant. She surely likes her Daddy.  The colors of her shirt,  the wall and a frame on the wall gave me a vibrant color scheme. Even though the pictures were taken on St Patrick's day , I felt  like I had to go  with these colors.

Just a note...yesterday and today, while the kids are on spring break, Ashley has been honing her game playing skills and beating her mother, who is a terrific player herself, at Othello and Rummy Kub.  

One thing I know is that is takes a special type of brain to quickly assess  a plan of action with these games and quickly win.  I'm pleased that Chelle and Ashley share that ability.

Following is a video which has been circling the internet bringing a very valid and important message to families.  Check it out.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

19 years

It has been 19 years ago today that our daughter Chelle married her best friend, Greg. It was a cold and snowy day here in Ohio then.  Hard for his Floridian family.  

 I miss seeing the two of them as often as I'd like, but am happy that they are not tooooo far away. And so happy for telephones and Skype...even though we really could use it more often. 

We are very proud of them and our triplet grandchildren as well. 

Hoping they are having a wonderful Anniversary.     

Love you both.

Monday, March 25, 2013


This is actually the second Frustration page. He first sat in his mother's lap to learn the game. When we finished playing, Caleb helped me put away the game board. Ron made it out of thick wood.  It is quite heavy.. a man's job.  

I'm not sure why we play Frustration so much, except that it is the one game Ron will play besides Eucre.  We do like it. There isn't a lot of heavy thinking involved since a lot of it is in the roll of the die. 

It seems that Caleb will be a game player, like his Gramma. He does really well for having just turned three.  He doesn't throw a fit like some do if they don't win. Do you understand why people allow that type of behavior.  I most certainly do not. In the 'game' of life, one cannot win every 'bout'.  We have to learn to lose gracefully, but try our best to win at the same time. 

I can't wait until Caleb can play one of my favorite games, Rummi-Kub.  It shouldn't be long.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day Einstein Feared

Evidently Pocket Life is a new rage in scrapbooking. There is even a digital version of it. I bought my 'pocket pages at This layout is the first one I've attempted.  I'm not sure of the purpose, but it seems it would save time by just dropping photos and cards into the plastic pockets.  Of course the digital ones just mimic that look with fake pockets.

These pictures were taken while Caleb and family were in Ohio.  We visited Amazone one day. His mom crawled through the tunnels with him to get these great pictures. What a woman!

It seems Albert Einstein sort of predicted what we would be doing in the last picture in the set below.
The day that Albert Einstein most feared has finally arrived..
 A day at the beach.
 Cheering on Your Team
 Having dinner out with your friends.
Out on an intimate date.
Having a conversation with your BFF
A visit to the museum
Enjoying the sights
Family Visits

It's Here.

Did you catch it above? Beth, John and I were sitting there at the restaurant with our iPhones while Caleb waited his turn.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wedding Fun

It was a beautiful wedding. Everything went as it least it seemed that way. It was Phyllis' son, Evan who married the lovely bride.

The ceremony was done so well. As a matter of fact, I had never heard such a wonderful talk given by the minister. Such sage and loving advice it was. If we  all would listen and live like that, there would never be even  one divorce. I wish I had a copy of it to print here. All of us who are married or plan to be married should think about  what was said and try our best to practice thus.

Everything was good at the reception as well.  the reception hall itself was beautiful and very tastefully done. Three of us ORU girls and another friend of Phyllis, whom we had met before and the minister and his wife were at our table. We all found plenty to talk about. And the food was great.

And to top it all off, there was a photographer set up with super lighting and props for taking photos. Ron and I had ours taken and I'll probably do a layout one of these days.  The layout here features we girls of ORU.  Paulette had to leave after the wedding itself, but there were still 4 of us for the pictures. We were given directions as to what to do.  Otherwise, I doubt we would have stuck out our tongues, for example.  But we did and it made a funny picture.

I'm having trouble thinking how to tie this quote into tonight's post.  . Maybe we could just realize that Satan is working in the world in every way he can to turn us away from God and clean living.  He works in our marriages, trying to get between husbands and wives and make them less loving, less forgiving, less kind, etc.  We must always be on alert, wearing our armor so that we  do not fall into Satan's trap.

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." Ephesians 6 :10-11

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gramma's Joy

I'd like to have made the title: Gramma's Boy, but I think you've heard before that Caleb insists he is PaPa's boy no matter where he is, and to whom he is speaking.  Since I believe the reason is...HE IS IN LOVE WITH PAPA'S TRACTOR....I tried to bribe him with Gramma's lake and Gramma's boat. That seemed like it might work until PaPa spoke up and said, Papa's lake and PaPa's boat.
I'll just settle for Gramma's Joy as he most certainly is.

"For no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him!"   1 Corinthians 2:9

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The boys, Mason and Aussie dressed in green for St Patty's Day photos. While anyone can be Irish on St Patrick's  Day, Aussie looks the part with his reddish hair...he takes that after his grandmother. They do have Irish blood as well as Scotch, English, Dutch, German and three different American Indian tribes on their mother's side. Add Greg's side and we find French as well.

Now that we say that, does it really make any difference? No. Blood is blood.  It's all the same. God created Adam and Eve and all people are descendants of those two.

I pray that those who insist on driving a wedge between the races realize the damage they are causing and stop it.

"For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

We are all children of God.  We must all listen to his call for us to love God, keep his commandments and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seasoned Traveler

This little one has it down pat.  Pack your suitcase, drive to the airport, check your bag, settle down for a movie with your blankie, fall asleep, get off the plane, pick up your suitcase, find your car, drive home. See, nothing to it.  No worry, Mama and Dada. Caleb is a seasoned traveler now.

If it were only that easy. It would be if we would only read the word and follow the rules.  The complications come in when we don't listen. We want to do things our own way, so we don't even consider God's way.  And of course, anything that is not God's way is Satan's.  When we allow him to control us. we beg for trouble.

We should all pray that God will protect us from those who would destroy us, especially one who will destroy both body and soul.

Read the Word. The truth will set you free.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cross Fit Irish Style

A girl has to do what a girl has to do.  That goes for Lauren who is climbing the wall Cross Fit Style.
I just had to find a picture for my Irish layout. Lauren told me she had been studying all day. I believe it, since she is a great student and was studying for her finals and she has already been hired to a full time job in her field.  I'm not sure what day this picture was taken, but she does look Irish in that emerald green shirt.

News: Read up on Michael Bloomberg. He is becoming a serious offender of freedom.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Parade of Green

John, Caleb and his little friend, Colton enjoyed the St Patrick's Day parade in Fort Collins on Saturday.

I wish I had taken our kids to more parades.  I only remember going to one. 

In July, the boat parade often comes by our house and I remember the grandkids running down to the lake to see it closer. I didn't care for parades, but I think the kids would have.

We have many regrets in life. We wish we'd done things we didn't do.  For example, we wish we had finished what we started. But I think more often than not, we wished we hadn't done what we did do.

I wish I'd been more patient. I wish I'd controlled my tongue. I wish I'd not broken a promise. But 'What's done is done.' There is no undoing it. 

Max Lucado quotes the apostle Paul, "The wages of sin is death." Romans 6:23. Max  continues..."He didn't say, The wages of sin is a hard day.  Sin is fatal."

I can't go back and do it again, but my God in heaven will forgive me. I must be truly sorry ...and HE WILL FORGIVE ME...and give me life everlasting.

He will do the same for you.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Even though I didn't even dress in green until after church this morning,  the luck of the Irish was with me. I received pictures of all my youngest grandchildren. We'll probably have an Irish week here on the blog.

The layout is of Chelle and her triplets. She really did it up big with her photo shoot today and I have LOTS of great green pictures to play with this week.

Not being Catholic, I hadn't really heard the story of St Patrick, but today in church we saw a short video of his life. I was duly impressed.  So, even though I don't usually dress in green to celebrate, this afternoon I went all out.  I wore a long sleeved shirt with green stripes, a green sweater vest and a green coat to top it all. And they were not what I call an anemic green, but a true kelly green to match the lush grass on Downton Abbey. I really should have gotten my picture.

I just ran out to WalMart and Target, but was surprised to see so many sporting the green.

Now if our luck continues, we will be able to defund Obamacare.  Listening to a famous neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC Saturday, one would have come away with great incite into the amount of control the federal government would have over us with National Healthcare.  He warned, "Healthcare is one-sixth of our economy. If the government can control that, they can control anything."

He said there are things that need to be fixed, but there are other ways we can do it without bringing in a third party or bureaucracy that will suck out at least a third of the money.

Yes, he gave examples.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Believe Everything?

You can't believe everything you hear.  For example when this three year old was asked his age a couple of weeks ago, he replied, '18'.  It doesn't take a lot of reasoning ability to ascertain that he is definitely not 18.

One of our very best tools to get us through life is the ability to rationally look at the evidence and come to conclusions that will help us to make good decisions.  It is my opinion, that parents and schools have fallen short in the last decades in teaching that skill. We have actually been programmed to go along with the crowd, instead of standing out.

Of course, knowledge is necessary.  We need to know facts, not theories, but facts. 

Because of this failure on our part, many these days will believe anything they hear on the news, for example, or read on the internet.  Naturally, that is a big mistake because there are many people and groups of people out there with agendas who are willing to slant the truth or out and out lie to us.

Those of us who know better than believe all we hear have an advantage all the way through life.  
"Do you believe everything you read online? Of course not! Do you believe everything you watch on TV? No. Do you believe everything you read in the newspaper and in “People” magazine? No. Why do we spend more time reading and watching what we know is a lie than reading what we know is the truth? " 

The above quote of  Rick Warren tells it like it is.  Why do we continue to spend much of our days reading and listening to things that we know are or may be untrue? Sometimes it is easier just to let down our guards after a busy day.  But is it wise?  I think not.

If you are looking for something that is true, try the Bible. You will find advice that will serve you and others in a real way. Try it. It will do you no harm and will bless you richly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gun Control

I was delighted to get this awesome picture of Caleb and my magnifying glass. It doesn't seem long since I got close to the same pose with the triplets.  That magnifying glass is probably the next best 'toy' stationed in my living to the piano.

I've had  a fright this evening. I can't find lots of the pictures I took while Caleb was here with his mom and dad. I'm consoling myself though with the fact that Ron is an expert and will be able to find those shots. But it does bother me. How in the world do these things happen? I've never heard a satisfactory answer to that question.

Of course that is just a minor thing. There are much more important, even dangerous things going on in our world these days. A very big concern now is gun control.

What has caused the greatest loss of human life in history?
A clear answer is here : 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo Booth

More and more I find myself making excuses for my blog. I guess it is time to abandon it, but for some reason, I still feel a sense of duty here.

The layout tonight includes pictures that were taken at least a year ago with Photo booth on my Mac. The date I had for it was March, 2012, but I think in fact it was taken in 2011, for that is when this computer was new, I was learning some of its features and when I wore those jeans.

In any case, it is nice to have children who can assist me with technology. (My husband is an expert, but the kids are often ahead of him on new developments.)  Both John and Chelle have helped me a lot with the computer, my iPhone and things like FaceBook and Apps.

The next thing on my list to learn is how to use apps to digitally decorate my iPhone pictures. I'm sure it isn't hard, but it certainly looks daunting when I see all the supplies I could purchase to achieve some of the looks I like.

There is always something more we 'need'. As humans it is very difficult to be completely satisfied, yet the Bible hints that we should learn to be content.

Philippians 4:12 "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is  to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

Hebrews 13:5  "Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life Group

I've been meaning for months to take pictures at Life Group, but I've just been too busy. But last night, I remembered, popped out the camera and everyone cooperated...after a little coaxing.  I love this one of the guys.  They are  a joy to know.  

So what do we do in a Life Group?  We eat, eat and eat and talk, talk and talk. And it is all fun as well as encouraging.  It is meant to be a place to learn, but most of all a place to feel welcome and loved.  We are forging close relationships and becoming great prayer buddies. 

Hoping soon to have a page about the female half of our bunch. 

May God bless our group with joy and peace. May he give us the time we need to be together and to help each other whenever needed.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's a Girl Thing

Our granddaughter Ashley got a lot for Christmas, much of it Barbies and accessories. It's a girl thing for sure.

I  bought some of them myself.  Wish I could be the kind of grandmother my mom was to my girls. she made them the most wonderful Barbie clothes of all kinds. They were tiny little things from a great variety of fabrics, even fur and with delicate details. I'm lucky to be able to put in a make shift hem in a pair of pants...and I don't mean Barbie sized ones.  

Tonight was our  life group here. As usual I ate too much and am feeling quite sleepy. It was a great night and I have pictures for a layout or  two.  

We were also quite happy to receive on iPhoto pictures of Caleb and the big 5 inch snow in Colorado which both came and melted today.  Caleb built a snowman. 

May the Lord  bless you and keep you.  And I pray that each one of us will be still and know that He is Lord. Speak to Him about your guilt and fears, tell him your concerns and trust that He will furnish you with everything you NEED.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Raise the Debt Limit

It was an exciting day for our three year old grandson, Caleb. We ran into Santa and Mrs, Claus at dinner. It was March  the second, but Caleb could not 'be fooled'. He would have recognized Old Saint Nick anywhere, especially with the Christmas vest Santa had donned for the evening. 

You can read more about it on the layout itself.

On a more serious topic...While our government is running around trying to play Santa Claus to practically everyone on earth, it is (we are) running out of money. There is only so much of it to go around, especially while they are making it more difficult all the time to make products and thus jobs within our borders. 

The solution some of the more liberal in government has found is to raise the debt limit so that we can borrow more money from other countries.

I am linking  to a very good explanation of how that works. Check it out  here.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

1881 Steam Fire Engine

We are back at the Fire Station Museum with Caleb. He is standing by an 1881 Steam Fire Engine, a far cry from the trucks of today. 

Now for my public service announcement.  9 out of 10 of you may be guilty of  referring to the change in time as daylight savings time. I've been asked to set you straight. The correct word is 'saving' singular. It is not plural or possessive.  It is daylight saving time

Teresa, thank you  for your insight. I feel much better knowing that at least my friends are now informed. I have done my duty to God and my country.

 All is well... And if you believe that, we need to wake you to what is happening in Washington hour by hour.

Speak to our father in heaven who is waiting to hear from you.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

From Trampoline to Computer

Not only am I sick with a BAD cold tonight, but we are turning the clocks ahead one hour.  Therefore, I'm leaving you here with our grandson, Aussie to entertain you.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

I hope you didn't spend too much time trying to find something wrong with this picture.  But even more, I hope you didn't find anything amiss. This is our little Caleb at the Fire Station Museum. Naturally, he had to dress like a fireman and he surely is the cutest fire fighter I've even seen.

Now to address the title.  I no longer take the local newspaper because I don't want to help support their left wing journalism.  However, I do manage to read much of it. One of our cool neighbors saves it for me.

This morning as I read the news from the past few days, it hit me hard.  While many are crying big tears about having to make small cuts in our budget and with our president  slashing the number of border guards...WE ARE GIVING EGYPT $250 million.   I've heard higher estimates of what they are actually getting, but that is bad enough.  What is wrong with us that we would cut our defense budget, make our borders less safe and at the same time ship loads of money out to a country that has not been our biggest ally?

I know we have four more years to go under the 'leadership' of our president, but there must be a change. Please pray that our leaders will make an about face and guide their footsteps according to the will of the one true God.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fire Station Museum

When I realized I had 5 days to finish my next book, I was excited, thinking I could include Caleb's last few days here with us.  However when I counted, I found 90 pages completed and ready to go.  There is no way I could use all the wonderful photos we got since last Saturday in 10 pages. I also found that there are enough pictures to fill all 100 pages with layouts without using any taken this week.
Therefore, I will most likely complete a book by next Monday night.  Then I'll begin the next volume with this week's fun  with Caleb. It may be three, four or even five months before I'll publish another book.

Caleb and his mother visited her people in Columbus before John joined them and they met us half way for dinner and came home with us for a few days.   Beth took plenty of pictures while they were in central Ohio.  This layout focuses on Caleb at the Central Ohio Fire Station Museum. There are more pages  to come with pictures of him there and at the Columbus zoo.

I've augmented the layout from yesterday. Just needed to add something  to help one focus  on Cowboy Caleb.

In the meantime, in Washington, DC there was  finally a positive happening.  Even though Congress voted to install Brennan as head of the CIA (which is definitely not good) Rand Paul succeeded in getting in writing that it is not legal for our government to kill Americans in this country with drones. It wasn't easy, since Obama's group had stated that they could do that and had suggested possible targets.  Senator Paul filibustered for 13 hours before he got that promise for Americans.

It is frightening that an administration would even consider such a thing, let alone okay it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pretend Cowboys

Colton and Caleb are good buddies who get to play often. Here they are pretending to be cowboys.

I'm now enjoying visiting with Caleb and am getting lots and lots of pictures, enough to keep me busy for quite a while.  However, I'm not having time to make new layouts.

Soon you'll be seeing pages from the good times we are having.

Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 2:2.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Marsh

While Chelle and her family were in Florida in  early January, they walked out to the marsh. Chelle took this very colorful picture.

 God has made the earth so very beautiful, especially  at sunrise and sunset, when the colors are so vibrant.

The Bible mini series, showing on Sunday evenings on the History Channel will be leading up to Easter. We viewed  the first installment tonight and I would recommend it to all. If for some reason you missed it tonight, it is not too late.The first two hours of this awesome series will be shown again at midnight tonight. It will also be shown at different times during the week on the Lifetime Channel.   Better than just watching is recording it so that you will be able to review later. Check your TV schedule for local times.

May God bless you with time to watch this series and the will to do it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Santa Claus

This evening our son John, his wife Beth and Caleb met us (1/2 way between Beth's mother's home in the Columbus area and our's here at the lakes) at an Amish restaurant.  While we were eating dinner, Caleb interrupted our conversation to exclaim  that Santa Claus was there.  Sure enough he and Mrs Claus as well were eating dinner at a table diagonally across the aisle from us.

At first we tried to keep him quiet, so not to embarrass anyone. But he was so insistent. He wanted to ask Santa about his reindeer that fly high up in the sky.  After considering that Mr Claus was wearing a Christmas tree vest in March, we decided that Old Saint Nick would most certainly welcome the 
'intrusion'. We were right. As Caleb approached him, we could see that Santa loved children and was pleased to talk with Caleb. Santa spoke to him very kindly about being a good boy. He  pulled out his wallet and first of all gave Caleb his card.  Then later, he pulled out another card that was a photo copy of his 'drivers  license' issued to Kris Kringle of Hudson.  After speaking with him more, he pulled out his wallet again and gave Beth a card with the number to reach him in  case Caleb was not behaving well.

It certainly was the high point of our day...perhaps week...time will tell. None of us had any idea we would meet Mr and Mrs Claus at dinner.  

Now when we ask Caleb where Santa lives, he no longer  spouts out North Pole, but now says emphatically, OHIO. 

On the long drive home, Caleb continued to talk about Santa. He wanted his wallet, so he could put Santa's  'tickets' (cards) in it.  You could tell by the way he held them that they were very precious to him. It was an eventful night for a three year old boy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Bible

Caleb ran from one animal to the next, but when he got to the carrousel, he was really pleased to hop up on it for a ride.

I'm changing the subject abruptly because I'm very tired and I want to make sure all my friends are informed   of the new TV mini series starting Sunday evening. It is the Bible in 10 hours. I want to encourage all to see it on the History channel. I understand from those who have previewed it that  it  is quite well done.   Ron and I will be watching it.

Get more information here