Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day Einstein Feared

Evidently Pocket Life is a new rage in scrapbooking. There is even a digital version of it. I bought my 'pocket pages at This layout is the first one I've attempted.  I'm not sure of the purpose, but it seems it would save time by just dropping photos and cards into the plastic pockets.  Of course the digital ones just mimic that look with fake pockets.

These pictures were taken while Caleb and family were in Ohio.  We visited Amazone one day. His mom crawled through the tunnels with him to get these great pictures. What a woman!

It seems Albert Einstein sort of predicted what we would be doing in the last picture in the set below.
The day that Albert Einstein most feared has finally arrived..
 A day at the beach.
 Cheering on Your Team
 Having dinner out with your friends.
Out on an intimate date.
Having a conversation with your BFF
A visit to the museum
Enjoying the sights
Family Visits

It's Here.

Did you catch it above? Beth, John and I were sitting there at the restaurant with our iPhones while Caleb waited his turn.

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