Friday, March 15, 2013

Gun Control

I was delighted to get this awesome picture of Caleb and my magnifying glass. It doesn't seem long since I got close to the same pose with the triplets.  That magnifying glass is probably the next best 'toy' stationed in my living to the piano.

I've had  a fright this evening. I can't find lots of the pictures I took while Caleb was here with his mom and dad. I'm consoling myself though with the fact that Ron is an expert and will be able to find those shots. But it does bother me. How in the world do these things happen? I've never heard a satisfactory answer to that question.

Of course that is just a minor thing. There are much more important, even dangerous things going on in our world these days. A very big concern now is gun control.

What has caused the greatest loss of human life in history?
A clear answer is here : 

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