Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Game Brain

I love these pictures. Ashley's smile is radiant. She surely likes her Daddy.  The colors of her shirt,  the wall and a frame on the wall gave me a vibrant color scheme. Even though the pictures were taken on St Patrick's day , I felt  like I had to go  with these colors.

Just a note...yesterday and today, while the kids are on spring break, Ashley has been honing her game playing skills and beating her mother, who is a terrific player herself, at Othello and Rummy Kub.  

One thing I know is that is takes a special type of brain to quickly assess  a plan of action with these games and quickly win.  I'm pleased that Chelle and Ashley share that ability.

Following is a video which has been circling the internet bringing a very valid and important message to families.  Check it out.

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