Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Marsh

While Chelle and her family were in Florida in  early January, they walked out to the marsh. Chelle took this very colorful picture.

 God has made the earth so very beautiful, especially  at sunrise and sunset, when the colors are so vibrant.

The Bible mini series, showing on Sunday evenings on the History Channel will be leading up to Easter. We viewed  the first installment tonight and I would recommend it to all. If for some reason you missed it tonight, it is not too late.The first two hours of this awesome series will be shown again at midnight tonight. It will also be shown at different times during the week on the Lifetime Channel.   Better than just watching is recording it so that you will be able to review later. Check your TV schedule for local times.

May God bless you with time to watch this series and the will to do it.

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