Friday, April 30, 2010

The First Christian Church in Hawaii

A while back, I posted a layout of the first Christian church in Hawaii. Tonight I have another one, this time inside that church building. It stands across the street from Hulihe'e Palace (the historical vacation home of royalty, now a museum) on land near the harbor, given by the king.

We were fortunate to arrive at the same time as a tour group and were able to sit in on the guide's lecture.

The Mokuaikaua Church was founded in 1819 by missionaries who had traveled 18,000 miles for 164 days to settle here on the island. Their first building was started in 1820... native style with a thatched roof. Construction on the permanent stone building was begun in 1835. It is the present edifice and still serves an active church.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There were so many beautiful places to see and exciting things to do in Hawaii, but it was still good to finish our daytime runs and head back to the ship for dinner. There were several different places we could eat, but we generally went to the same place...made reservations ahead of time, so that we could count on the same table and servers each night. Teece and I usually 'dressed' for dinner...the guys put forth some effort as well.

I have no segway into this topic except perhaps: Arizona is tired of being the dinner basket for anyone who can manage to cross its border. Go Arizona! Isn't it interesting that Mexico is warning it's citizens it is unsafe to go to Arizona? Yipee.

Heard on the radio today: Arizona is advised to offer free passage to San Francisco for any illegal willing to move there. Sounds like a smart idea given that the city has come down hard on Arizona for passing the law reinforcing the right to ask for papers from those who break the law and the right to deport them if they are not legal residents of the USA. Seems fair to me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discriminating Taste

How did the wonderful word, 'discrimination' evolve into such an ugly word? In the sweet past, it was a good thing to be a discriminating person. One who was a discriminating art buyer, was educated as to the fine points of artistry. They knew which paintings were good and those whose work did not measure up to the rest. A discriminating shopper could find the best value for the money. A moral person could discriminate between right and wrong. Then some ugly person, probably a liberal, gave this great word over to a practice of judging people by outer characteristics, like skin color, nationality, height, freckles, etc. I don't know many people who don't realize that is a poor way to judge people. It is their character that makes them who or what they are. Even then we, as Christians, do not have to judge others. Our God in heaven will have that final say. We are only to love and respect our fellow man and treat them as we would want to be treated. After all that, I have forgotten why this layout reminded me of discrimination.

We did discriminate among the several companies who provided helicopter rides over Kauai.
We made a good choice and lived through it.

When we had our own little Cardinal and my hubby flew us around the country, I was petrified. I would hold on and pray myself to sleep. I have no idea why I felt so safe in this little aircraft. I never gave it a thought that everything wasn't just fine. I would do it again and again if given the opportunity. It certainly gave me a great opportunity for shooting pictures. Maybe that was it, I was so busy catching my breath over the beauty and snapping photos that there was no time for fear.

Perhaps if we stay on our toes in this fight for the integrity of our constitution, we'll have no time for fear.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ballet is for...

Ashley wanted to take ballet in order to do something the boys couldn't do. To her surprise, Aussie decided to go with her. The next year, she joined the Girl Scouts. Then she had some time with the girls. Now this year, you can see that Mason must have felt left out after saying for years that he did not want to do ballet. He looks like he is thoroughly enjoying 'dancing' with the girls. He may never look back.

Sometimes we just don't know how much we can enjoy something until we've done it. If you have never spoken to others about politics, you know it is not PC to do so unless you are a liberal, you should make an attempt. Many of us have decided that we can no longer keep quiet. We are ready to speak our minds. And you know what? It feels mighty good. Try it, perhaps you'll like it as well.

Join a Tea Party. You'll never meet nicer people anywhere. And who knows, it could help.
And God help us if it doesn't.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pirates for the Day

The triplets went to a birthday party last Sunday. Their twin friends just turned 7, or is it 8? I'll have to ask. They were happy to be pirates for the day. What fun kids can have!

I checked out my google dictionary and it limits piracy to the sea. I suppose the definition has been narrowed since my little Webster's desk dictionary was published in 1985. At that time it could mean a robbery on the sea or in the air. Now, we need to add more to the definition , since we have piracy in our national treasury as well.

What fun our congressional pirates are having looting our treasury....or what used to be 'our' money. It is only promissory notes now. They 'promise' they will come up with the money one way or the other when any debt is actually called. It is an imaginary game. There is actually nothing there.

Of course we can always print more. Let's think about that option. We could print tons of it every minute. But then, we may as well just say that money isn't necessary anymore. All we need to buy necessities and even luxuries are leaves from trees. Wouldn't that be wonderful? We could see it growing by the road. And just think how much we could buy. Whoops. Think again. Who would labor to produce goods if all they would get for them is a bunch of leaves? Why, they could pick all they want for themselves.

It is a game our feds are playing...with our money and our minds. And they continue to act as if they have found a buried treasure and they can do with it whatever they want. Wasn't piracy against the the old days?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Super Weekend

Isn't this a super looking group of girls? These are the ladies who came to our Ladies' Retreat this weekend. We look for ward to this every April and this was our 25th year.

It was excellent...filled with deep spiritual meaning, prayer, friendships and humor.

Our main speaker is a missionary to Honduras. The concept of her lesson was spiritually stimulating and made God's words life giving. We should all have closer relationships with our Father in heaven while profiting from her incite. Her stories brought tears to many eyes...tears of total joy. I wish every one of you could have been there.

You might enjoy checking out her mission website at

Speaking of super...Introducing a new Super Hero... Super Caleb, our super grand baby.

Friday, April 23, 2010


The triplets had a great time at the zoo. It was cool for them to see bamboo growing. It made them think of their Uncle John and his bamboo bicycle company. As you can see, Aussie had to test it's strength. Not sure whether or not this is the type of bamboo they use for the bikes, since not all bamboo is as strong as theirs; but this at least took Aussie's weight.

John, Jacob and Mark are the company owners. Mark moved out of state long before this picture was taken last December.

Well, I'm off for a wonderful weekend with 'the girls' at a Ladies' Retreat... will have my Bible and camera, so I'm praying for good weather. The weather man isn't very encouraging...but I know it isn't up to him. Thank you God.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nashville Zoo

One of the great things about having six children is the GRANDCHILDREN. Any of you who have them know what I mean. We couldn't have loved our children any more; but there is something about their kids...they are always our eyes. Is it because of our age or because we don't see them every day? Or is is some other phenomenon? Is there a special name for it? Whatever, I have the best grand children in the world. Remember, this is my blog with my opinions!

My daughter, Chelle, is really good about taking pictures. Since she and her hubby chose to live far away from us (BWABWAWA), that is very important in keeping us connected.

I have pictures coming in like crazy. Now if I just hadn't gotten behind in my scrapbooking. Our trips to Hawaii and Colorado added quite a bit of material. I'm trying to catch up. this picture was taken in March...not too long ago.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monkeying Around

I'm thrilled to show you some new pictures of our new grand son, Caleb. Isn't he a happy looking little fellow?

I finally learned how to download his pictures from Flickr. So simple, but I had to ask Beth how to do it. After I got them into the Apple, I had more trouble. I don't understand why it has to take me two or three steps to do everything that I did in one on the PC. I'm hoping that I just don't know the shortcuts yet and eventually it won't be so time consuming to do simple tasks.

All You Apple users are probably thinking I'm just stupid. That could be my problem, but I'm not likely to admit it. After all, in order to make my opinions better received, I need to appear somewhat intelligent. You do realize when the left brings a person into a leadership role, they tout his/her credentials. Remember Hillary was the most intelligent woman in the least until she ran against the Harvard grad Barak Obama, who supposedly has the mind of a god, but who can't speak more than ten words without a teleprompter.

Evidently we are to believe these people are brilliant just because 'they' say they are.

I'm afraid we need to consider more about candidates than from whence came their diplomas. (And by the way, we have yet to see any of Barak's school records. Many who were supposedly in his classes don't even remember him. But that isn't important...or is it?) One thing we should consider is common sense. Then there are ethics, character...and most of all...intentions.
If they intend to rule the world, perhaps we should keep a close watch on them and NOT make them our presidents.

Hope you all are aware of Arizona's new laws to help them thwart illegal immigration in their own state. The states have been given many more rights than you might think. They each need to stand up against a power hungry federal government. God bless Arizona for showing us the way. Pray that more states will take back some of their rights. I'm sure the feds will strike out against them, probably refuse to throw money at them. Good. The only purpose for the federal government is defense from outsiders. Leave the states alone to supply whatever needs their citizens decide with their own tax money. That way it doesn't have to go through hundreds of hands before it does what it was meant to do.

Let Washington know to quit 'monkeying' around with our lives!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

How does time pass so quickly? It seems like I just smelled these flowers, yet I've been extremely busy time to smell How many hours has it been since we were in Hawaii? So MUCH has happened since then, but HOW? It is a timeless question. One that I trust will never be answered to my satisfaction. I was young and now I'm...well I'm not young anymore.

There is another question I have that I doubt will ever be adequately answered? How in the world did our country get in such a mess? How did we let this happen? Why do so many no longer value free choice? I know it was a sinister plan that has been in the works for decades; but it just fell apart all at once, while we were busy just living, going to work, raising families. We weren't careful what was being sowed and now the harvest has brought forth WEEDS, plants foreign to our locale. Could we not find a real citizen to take the helm? Did we have to go out of our country to locate and raise a despot?

Monday, April 19, 2010


When is a stroke lucky? ... When it is a TIA and you had no clue you were even a candidate for a stroke. Ron considers himself blessed to have had his 'stroke'. Now he knows to take his meds. We also know what signs to look for and exactly what to do if we see a one. A TIA is a warning signal of an impending major stroke within a year if precautions are not taken.

This time I drove him to the hospital. He had passed all the little tests I had given him. But he just wasn't right. We caught it in time. He got worse after arriving at the hospital. If there is a next time, I will know to call 911 immediately so that they can administer anti stroke procedures much more quickly.

Ron was not happy to be in the hospital, especially during the bad days, but he did perk up when people came to see him and he was pleased to have Fox News.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I must confess that I don't wait as patiently as I should. I don't wait well. If I am running a few minutes early, I run an errand on the way. I suppose it is the patient part that does it to me. I have tried recently as I've dealt with relearning practically everything, while adjusting to a Mac and the newest version of Photoshop Elements. I was having terrible headaches from tension. So in an attempt to alleviate the stress, I've started leaving the room entirely, taking a few deep breathes and doing something else for a few minutes. It has helped, but I'm far from cured.

This picture reminds me of my need to be more patient. Beth is waiting so nicely for John to be ready to go. I'm not so sure what Rado is thinking, but he seems a little more a hurry up kind of way. I wish I could be that cute while impatient. But it certainly doesn't look so good on me.

And isn't that a sweet way to carry a small baby? Caleb seems to be quite happy in that cocoon.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rocky Mountain Elk

In February while in Colorado, we decided to take a day trip with John and Beth (& Caleb) into the Rocky Mountains to Estes. There is a National Park there, but we didn't aim for that, just the little town at the entrance to the park. It was beautiful for nature lovers. Here in the middle of town, we spotted this small herd of elk. They seemed quite comfortable with us there. As a matter of fact, I think they were as interested in us and we were in them. Of course we didn't try anything confrontational. We had come as friends. They could tell.

Our weather the last few days reminded me of Colorado. We were told they can have 5 feet of snow one day and 70 degrees the next. We just went through similar weather, only not quite as extreme. It was 81 Thursday and now tonight we are expecting a frost. It is 44 now at 10:30.

The big change is much like the difference in our country two years ago and now. The present makes two years ago look like Paradise in comparison. What was in our minds when we asked for change? Boy did we get it. Can we please go back? Even beggars lose out in the end when there is nothing left.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party

I promised to have some pictures here tonight of the Tea Party at John Carroll University yesterday. It was a smaller gathering, We were invited by a student group. Another much larger group of people met at the mall in downtown Cleveland. There was also a Party in Medina. Of course they were all over the states, but these three were our choices. Since Ron listens to Quinn on 640 AM every morning, he wanted to hear him speak, so we chose to go to the university. We arrived early enough to find a reasonably close parking space and take some pictures before everything got started. There were lots of signs, congenial people and even a dog that I loved. You can see him here. He was some type of shepherd and every time the crowd would cheer or clap, the dog, facing the speaker, would bark along, as if in total agreement.

It was a beautiful place and the people some of the nicest you could meet. Since the administration has been trying to describe us as violent, Bible clutching, gun toting wackos, everyone should go to one of the Tea Parties to see for him or her self. We are just the opposite.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Day in Kona

What a beautiful place. It's wonderful to be able to recall our trip to Hawaii. I do want to get all my layouts done and into a book; but it isn't quite as much fun to do them now that the weather is so splendid here. It was absolutely perfect today.

We were in Cleveland at the most beautiful school I've seen, John Carroll University . The temperature was in the low 80's, but it wasn't uncomfortable because of a light breeze.
I could have stood out there all day, but Ron tired and we came home after a couple of hours.
And why were we there? It was one of the Tea Parties in the area and we really wanted to hear the main speaker, Quinn who has a talk radio show out of Pittsburg. He is one of my top three conservative talk show hosts, he, Glenn Beck and Rush. All are so knowledgeable. That is a trait I admire today, since it is such a rarity. Most people just swallow hook, line and sinker all that is thrown to them. Few people actually read unadulterated history for themselves.
They just get the dumb-downed versions fed them in inadequate public school systems staffed with teachers controlled by the NEA. They believe everything they read in the mainline press and see on TV. They graduate ignorant and remain that way.

I have lots of pictures of the Tea Party which I have not yet had the time to peruse. Am hoping tomorrow to give you a glimpse of what we saw.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Fool'n

Ron has been home from the hospital two whole weeks now and is doing great. I've said he hit the ground running and that is just what he did. April 1, the day after he got home in the afternoon, he called a friend to help him fix the sump pump that had gone out and was threatening to back up water into the basement. They had to replace it after quite a bit of work. He pretty well wore himself out. Then for several days, I would catch him napping off and on in his chair. But he didn't let it slow him down socially. He didn't miss a meeting or occasion or any kind. I think that now he really has recovered. Tomorrow we are planning to attend a local Tea Party.

It really encourages me to see all those solid citizens finally paying attention to politics. We are no longer a silent majority, but a live, vocal majority.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brittanie Leaves Ohio

I have waited a couple of days to blog this layout because it screams for a title. It just isn't screaming loud enough for me to understand what it is saying. The startled, ornery look on Tim's face doesn't lend itself to a simple word or two that would also tell us that Brittanie is leaving Ohio.

Tim and Brittanie stopped by before leaving for Florida. Tim was just here a few days and now he is taking our grand daughter (his daughter) back to Florida with him. We hate to see her go. We don't see her enough as it is. But we pray she will do well there. She has a job waiting for her there. She's a hard worker and has been handling three jobs here. Tim is happy to have Brandon and her both there now.

Florida is looking better and better to us now, since all of our kids have scattered all over the USA and Ron's brother has now bought a winter home at The Villages there.

Speaking of The Villages. We got a glimpse of the Sean Hannity Show tonight right before watching American Idol. (Go Crystal ,Sioban , Lee and Mike.) They were televising a Tea Party rally there. It's a beautiful place with lots of good true blue Americans. Doubt any of them would bow to the king of Red China.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Being on a cruise has its ups and downs, literally. At least we were on a 'smooth' one so the ups weren't that different from the downs. However eating was never a downer. We ate in the same dining room night after night so that we would get to know the servers and it paid off, as you can see. Alex was our head waiter and he certainly did take good care of us. Here we are at 'our' table. And of course I had to capture the close attention Denny was getting .

It is so good to be served, but it is also important to learn to serve others. Christ gave us the example while on earth. And in his scripture:

"... Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." Mark 9:35

Enjoy the good things God's creation offers, but keep all things in perspective. God and his purposes must come first and you are to love others as much as yourself.
Service is not an option.

If anyone of you has been contemplating running for office, I applaud you. If you
can serve our country and honor it, serving sacrificially with love in your heart for the United States of America and its citizens, then for the sake of all of us, do it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Big Secret Comes Out

Friday I showed you two old birds in Lahaina...birds of a feather. So tonight I've decided to let you in on a secret of mine. Something I hate to admit. Are you ready?
I'm afraid of birds. Yes, they are beautiful and sound so pleasant...most of the time. But since I was a small child and a big mean goose chased me all around a farmyard, I've had a fear of all feathered creatures. I've tried to face that. I feed wild birds, or at least I have in the past. I like to look at tame ones in cages, but just don't let them out. I know it is irrational. I know it is a phobia, but my emotions take over for my brain when their wings flutter in my direction.

This day in Lahaina, a gentleman had his pet parrot perched on his shoulder and was offering the chance to make a picture with the bird. Wow, what a scrapbooking opportunity that was. I couldn't turn it down. I faced my fear...and you know what? I lived through it. I might even do it again. But I am ashamed to admit that the next time I'm near one of those feathered friends, my feelings could take over once again.

It's much like some of our voters now...they are voting with their emotions because of something that has impressed them as a child or just because of what they have always heard from their friends or on TV. It is a feeling that has been engrained in their subconscious somehow. Perhaps they have heard that Republicans are rich and greedy for example. If this was once true, I don't know. But I do know this, the very wealthy are most often Democrats at this time. They think they are so smart and that we, the little people are so ignorant that they have to take care of us. they feel a need to make laws about every little thing for us. They are taking away our freedom so quickly now that if you keep up with what is happening daily, you'll see that it is like a strong wind, consistently blowing everything right out of our hands. Take a look around you. Think for yourself. I for one would not vote for any party right down the line. I want to find people who believe I am capable of making my own decisions. I don't want to be lead around like a puppy of a leash. I will make mistakes and learn from them. Just let me be!

If you haven't examined anything that has been poured out on you by the media, stop and think. What are their motives? What do they want for you and your country? What do you want for you and your country? Then DON'T BE A BIRD BRAIN! Vote with every bit of intelligence the good lord has given you. We need every vote to cast off the oppressive regime.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bubba Gump

We have always liked the movie "Forest Gump". We've been here to Bubba Gump's in Lahaina on two trips to Hawaii. While sitting on this wall, we met a fellow who now lives in Hawaii and talked to him for a while. Never know a stranger, that's my husband...and I guess I'm pretty much the same way.

In my opinion if Forest were still alive and asked about our government today, he would say, "Stupid is as stupid does." He was't as dumb as he looked.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Not sure why, but for some reason tonight this site is preventing me from writing in the same post as my picture. I'll never understand the vagaries of computerland.

Ron has never met anyone whom he didn't treat like an old buddy. To illustrate this point I must tell you the laugh we had when the head nurse at the hospital asked us once after days of a steady flow of visiters, "Is there anyone in the state of Ohio who doesn't know him?"

He makes friends with everyone he meets...including this dummy in front of a shop in Lahaina. Two old seafarers one would think. It so happens that Ron is a Captain. All my girlfriends call him that and they once gave him his very own captain's cap emblazoned with Captain Ron in white letters across the navy cap. He looks quite cool when he boats us around the lakes...actually better than this old sea dog.

Perhaps he should run for office. He has a lot going for him, but at the top of my list is HE IS NOT CORRUPT. He loves the Constitution. We need to go back to regular citizens serving as congressmen then returning to the real world to live under all the laws they have passed. No more of this separation of those who serve and good common sense.

NO more passing laws, like the new (un) healthy deal they just made to take away our choice, to which they themselves are exempt!

Birds of a Feather

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Poses

I am elated. Not only did I finally get an Easter layout done of the triplets, but I have figured out how the Mac works and am all right with it. I do miss my ACDSEE tagging system being on my computer, but I've come up with a solution until ACDSEE comes up with a way to transfer my PC tags to Mac. I have my laptop right here with me and look up everything on it. IT WORKS!

Looks like the real educated brains in our nation are working out a way to defeat this socialism which has taken control. If you have not yet, please watch Glenn Beck on Fox News Network at 5:00 EST. I promise you will learn something very interesting every day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kayak Without a Wallet

Sorry Apple, but I can't yet sing your praises. I'd go back to my PC if I had anything to do with it. I'd sell this thing at the first chance. Actually I've dreamed about throwing in the lake. Everyone I know who uses a Mac tells me I will love it once I learn to use it. That's possible. It's just doubtful at this point that I'll ever have the brain power to do that, since I've been steadily losing what I had due to intense stress.

It's a good thing I had been working steadily on my Hawaii book before my computer crash.
I still have several layouts that can be blogged. I'd much rather show you my darling grandchildren and other daily pics, but ...

Here we have our traveling companions taking out a kayak in Maui. I love canoeing...down a river, but it isn't my idea of fun to head out to sea in a kayak. So we saw them off and drove on down the coast to do a little sight seeing and eat some ice cream in town. When we had parked the car, we jumped out to put some things in the trunk before walking around. On the bumper was Denny's wallet! It had remained there all the way into town.

Don't tell the left wing gang, but also he had money in it. Remember that green folding paper that we carried with us before the Obama administration started grabbing it. If things keep going in the direction we are heading, it will not be long until no one has any except for the top party leaders. We've seen it happen over and over again in other countries, but they can't learn. Either that or they prefer it that way. Dictatorships do profit the ruling few.

I heard a lady say the today that she would not have to pay more taxes this year because she makes less than $200,000 a year. Yes I remember Barak saying that BEFORE the election, but he quickly changed his tune. Have you stopped to count all the taxes that been raised since he took office? Just take the cigaret tax for one example. I don't smoke myself, so this doesn't affect me, but I am sure that not all cigaret smokers make more than $200,000 yearly.

If you really haven't noticed any new taxes. You are either not paying your bills, or you are in a coma. Check out the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News Network, daily at 5:00 EST, you'll learn about that and all the other roadblocks that have been put up for us. He will also give you hope for a better day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Human Fountain

I'm Reaching back to Hawaii for tonight's entry. Still struggling with the difficulty of doing anything at all on the computer and have a Mac induced headache.

Have you heard of a human fountain? I had not and it is a strange presentation, but quite entertaining. You can see what I mean in the layout. These actors had mouths full of water which became 'fountains' during this 'dance'. It sure was worth a laugh. I guess this is the type of thing one comes up with when trying to entertain a ship load of people for days on end. Thought you might enjoy seeing it and the picture of Teece and me with a couple of these actors actually showing their faces after this performance.

I just realized that I have the same layout on April 1 and April 3. I know it has been rough around here, but that is worse than I thought. I'm not sure how I did that. Maybe I've lost more than a computer!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Remembering Pearl Harbor

I know this isn't the right time of year to show layouts of Pearl Harbor, but any time is a good time to remember. Our country has been strong because of all the men and women who have served and who are now serving, in the armed forces. We are indebted to them and their families who endure so much.

When we were in Hawaii, we made our third visit to Pearl Harbor.

Due to overwhelming fear of my new Mac and the fact that ACDSEE does not work with it, I have not made any new layouts today. I had hoped to show you some of the superb pictures, now in my possession, of my grand triplets on Easter. They are wonderful and I can hardly wait. I'm praying that things pull together for me well enough that I can do at least one layout tomorrow.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yes it is Easter and it was nice to get back to church since Ron had been in the hospital last Sunday. Service was a wonderful remembrance of Jesus giving his life that we might live eternally.

The layout, however, has nothing to do with Easter. I'm sorry. I don't yet have pictures of my grandchildren in their Easter finery. It's not easy living in a different state from all our children.

In the meantime, I also have a new Apple computer with which I'm fighting, trying to turn out layouts. And I'm sorry to say I am unable to keep my composure. It isn't pretty when I am completely frustrated by tech stuff.

This is a layout from the trip to Hawaii. Look at all the cameras. If you are counting, you must know that I am wearing one around my neck. And don't forget that there is a man taking our picture head on as well.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ron and the Monk Seal

What an adventure Ron had scuba diving. Who would ever think a monk seal would be so curious that he would come right up to Ron for a close up look? And of course Ron was just as curious. The animal lover he is, he started to reach out to pat the fellow, but was quickly stopped by everyone in the know yelling for him to draw back. He wasn't a whale. Ron wouldn't get swallowed. So what's all the fuss? The big guy is on someone's endangered list and shoot, Ron just might kill him or something. He didn't get a touch, but he has a great memory of the time he met a real live monk seal off the coast of Hawaii.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fear of MAC

There is no layout tonight. Hubby went to check out the Apple Macs today and came home with one. I'm delighted and fearful...perhaps scared to death would be a better way to say it. It took me months to learn digital scrapbooking and I did it mostly by reading everything I could find in the library (Yes, that's how low tech I am.) I even hate to get a new phone. And now this is at least 100 times worse. Now I have to adjust to PSE 8 and a MAC at the same time...while I have close to 3,000 pictures that are begging to be scrapbooked. How will I ever do it?

Our youngest said that within two weeks he thinks I will love it. But in the recent past few hours I've been having a trauma attack. At present I'm a little less leary. I have found that Mac has videos to help those who are switching from PCs. The one I viewed even made sense to me. If you are inclined to pray about trivial matters, I welcome that help. If not for anything more, please ask that I will approach this logically and with confidence.

I think I will just sleep on it for a while. Good night.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amazing Adventure

Not everyone gets to see a monk seal up close and personal. He seemed to have a pleasant disposition and looked sweet and friendly; but the monk seal is on the endangered list and thus 'shall not be petted'. Of course, not being a 'tree hugging, over the top animal rightist', Ron didn't know this. He wouldn't hurt it for anything and he trusted it's intentions were good as well. Everyone on board the boat yelled for him to draw back from it. I'm sure if they would have minded their own business, Ron and the monk seal would be good friends today. They would probably be planning another visit.

Speaking of Ron, he was released from the hospital yesterday. He had an ITA on Saturday, but had his memory back by Monday evening. He has no damage but does not remember Saturday or Sunday. I told him it was a good thing, that he wouldn't want to know. It was not pleasant. He struggled to get out of there, but could not talk more than a few disconnected words. A friend told Ron that he had promised to loan him a few thousand. And another said he had danced up and down the halls naked. It is a good thing I was there to verify that indeed he had not.

It's great to have him back, body and mind.