Friday, April 2, 2010

Fear of MAC

There is no layout tonight. Hubby went to check out the Apple Macs today and came home with one. I'm delighted and fearful...perhaps scared to death would be a better way to say it. It took me months to learn digital scrapbooking and I did it mostly by reading everything I could find in the library (Yes, that's how low tech I am.) I even hate to get a new phone. And now this is at least 100 times worse. Now I have to adjust to PSE 8 and a MAC at the same time...while I have close to 3,000 pictures that are begging to be scrapbooked. How will I ever do it?

Our youngest said that within two weeks he thinks I will love it. But in the recent past few hours I've been having a trauma attack. At present I'm a little less leary. I have found that Mac has videos to help those who are switching from PCs. The one I viewed even made sense to me. If you are inclined to pray about trivial matters, I welcome that help. If not for anything more, please ask that I will approach this logically and with confidence.

I think I will just sleep on it for a while. Good night.

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