Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discriminating Taste

How did the wonderful word, 'discrimination' evolve into such an ugly word? In the sweet past, it was a good thing to be a discriminating person. One who was a discriminating art buyer, was educated as to the fine points of artistry. They knew which paintings were good and those whose work did not measure up to the rest. A discriminating shopper could find the best value for the money. A moral person could discriminate between right and wrong. Then some ugly person, probably a liberal, gave this great word over to a practice of judging people by outer characteristics, like skin color, nationality, height, freckles, etc. I don't know many people who don't realize that is a poor way to judge people. It is their character that makes them who or what they are. Even then we, as Christians, do not have to judge others. Our God in heaven will have that final say. We are only to love and respect our fellow man and treat them as we would want to be treated. After all that, I have forgotten why this layout reminded me of discrimination.

We did discriminate among the several companies who provided helicopter rides over Kauai.
We made a good choice and lived through it.

When we had our own little Cardinal and my hubby flew us around the country, I was petrified. I would hold on and pray myself to sleep. I have no idea why I felt so safe in this little aircraft. I never gave it a thought that everything wasn't just fine. I would do it again and again if given the opportunity. It certainly gave me a great opportunity for shooting pictures. Maybe that was it, I was so busy catching my breath over the beauty and snapping photos that there was no time for fear.

Perhaps if we stay on our toes in this fight for the integrity of our constitution, we'll have no time for fear.

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