Friday, April 9, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Not sure why, but for some reason tonight this site is preventing me from writing in the same post as my picture. I'll never understand the vagaries of computerland.

Ron has never met anyone whom he didn't treat like an old buddy. To illustrate this point I must tell you the laugh we had when the head nurse at the hospital asked us once after days of a steady flow of visiters, "Is there anyone in the state of Ohio who doesn't know him?"

He makes friends with everyone he meets...including this dummy in front of a shop in Lahaina. Two old seafarers one would think. It so happens that Ron is a Captain. All my girlfriends call him that and they once gave him his very own captain's cap emblazoned with Captain Ron in white letters across the navy cap. He looks quite cool when he boats us around the lakes...actually better than this old sea dog.

Perhaps he should run for office. He has a lot going for him, but at the top of my list is HE IS NOT CORRUPT. He loves the Constitution. We need to go back to regular citizens serving as congressmen then returning to the real world to live under all the laws they have passed. No more of this separation of those who serve and good common sense.

NO more passing laws, like the new (un) healthy deal they just made to take away our choice, to which they themselves are exempt!

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