Sunday, April 18, 2010


I must confess that I don't wait as patiently as I should. I don't wait well. If I am running a few minutes early, I run an errand on the way. I suppose it is the patient part that does it to me. I have tried recently as I've dealt with relearning practically everything, while adjusting to a Mac and the newest version of Photoshop Elements. I was having terrible headaches from tension. So in an attempt to alleviate the stress, I've started leaving the room entirely, taking a few deep breathes and doing something else for a few minutes. It has helped, but I'm far from cured.

This picture reminds me of my need to be more patient. Beth is waiting so nicely for John to be ready to go. I'm not so sure what Rado is thinking, but he seems a little more a hurry up kind of way. I wish I could be that cute while impatient. But it certainly doesn't look so good on me.

And isn't that a sweet way to carry a small baby? Caleb seems to be quite happy in that cocoon.

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