Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party

I promised to have some pictures here tonight of the Tea Party at John Carroll University yesterday. It was a smaller gathering, We were invited by a student group. Another much larger group of people met at the mall in downtown Cleveland. There was also a Party in Medina. Of course they were all over the states, but these three were our choices. Since Ron listens to Quinn on 640 AM every morning, he wanted to hear him speak, so we chose to go to the university. We arrived early enough to find a reasonably close parking space and take some pictures before everything got started. There were lots of signs, congenial people and even a dog that I loved. You can see him here. He was some type of shepherd and every time the crowd would cheer or clap, the dog, facing the speaker, would bark along, as if in total agreement.

It was a beautiful place and the people some of the nicest you could meet. Since the administration has been trying to describe us as violent, Bible clutching, gun toting wackos, everyone should go to one of the Tea Parties to see for him or her self. We are just the opposite.

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