Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Eyes

Is he seeking a sugar fix? I'm hoping Aussie is just delivering these cookies to his family. Any comment from his mother? It sure does make a cute layout.

Hope you all are encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the once 'silent majority'. Things are looking up for the fall election. Lets keep the ball rolling. Stay on the offense. Don't let those cookies crumble.

Monday, August 30, 2010

More in the Zone

This is not one of my favorite layouts...too cluttered, etc. but I had to finish that which I started last night and show you what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Zone looks like. Oh my! It did get our attention.

I'm not really familiar with Lawrence Kudlow, but I came across a quote from him that must be true or we wouldn't have done the things we have done to 'fix' our economy. Common sense doesn't allow you to spend your way to having more money.

"Most elected officials cling to their ideological biases, despite the real-world facts that disprove their theories time and again. Most have no common sense, and most never acknowledge that they were wrong." economist Lawrence Kudlow

It's time to tighten our belts.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Conspiracy Zone

I'm not sure how to take this. I pretty much agreed with all the signs in this neighborhood. They had a lot of courage to erect them here along the highway. However, it may be a little insensitive to some passing by there. I doubt if anyone felt love. I really don't think this is the wise way to get one's opinions out to those who haven't been paying attention. However, no one can doubt that these families feel threatened by the terrible things happening in their country and others will not miss their message.

I just hope it doesn't turn people off, so that they jump to conclusions and decide these thoughts are kooky.

Love is the answer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Another Birthday

If your family is big and you have lots of friends, you can celebrate birthdays just about any time. Here we of ORU fame are eating birthday cake again. Oh and it is a very special cake, a Peanut Butter Fudge that Sali baked for the occasion. We were told when it came out of the oven and it was all we could do to wait until after dinner for our trip to Phyllis' house to see her reworked kitchen all done up in a lovely yellow with white woodwork, new rippled glass doored cabinets and knobs of many different styles she has collected in her travels and to finally eat that cake. It was worth the wait. In Phyllis' inviting kitchen, the cake was cut and we were spoiled once again by one of Sali's creations. What a nice birthday for Jill and Robin. Now we just have to wait until September for our next celebration.

And did any of you see the wonderful get together of like minds at the Washington Monument today? It was covered by CSPAN. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin led the huge crowd (estimated at 400,000 to 500,000 ) in praising God and setting their eyes toward a renewing of our country. They called it Restoring Honor. They challenged Americans to go back to our Judeo Christian values, emphasizing faith, hard work, individual initiative, marriage and family, hope, charity, and relying on God instead of government.

They were also able to raise over 5 million dollars for student scholarships to be given to children of American servicemen and women.

It was an emotional as well as intellectual experience and I almost let time get away from me while watching; but realized how the hands were spinning on the clock, just in time to prevent myself from being late to the funeral of a friend's mother.

I pray that God will bless this endeavor and bless us as a nation once again. 'If God is for us, who can be against us?'

By the way, over 5 million dollars were raised for scholarships for the children of our servicemen and women.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Time Machine

A few days ago when I published a layout with Ron's high school picture comparing it to his picture today,
a friend commented that she saw a resemblance of that high school picture to our son John. I guess I'm not good at picking up resemblance in my own family even though I feel safe in saying I see likenesses in other families quite well. (I just recently realized I look something like my mother, even though I never saw it before.)

I pulled out one of John's pictures from '98 to compare the two. I don't see a lot of his dad in that picture.

As I looked at it, my mind went into time machine mode and I started that familiar trip back through the years. It doesn't seem like long since the picture was taken, but so much has happened in those 12 years. John went to Lipscomb University in Nashville and spent a semester in Vienna, Austria, transferred to Ohio State where he graduated, married a wonderful girl he met there and lived in Columbus a while before they decided to go to Bulgaria with the Peace Corps. That was a 2 1/2 year stint and we were able to go see them there and travel down to Greece and the Greek Islands. Back in the states, he was recruited by Colorado State for a Master's Degree. He spent a summer in Mexico with a bamboo project. His bamboo bike company came out of that last year. And as of February he is a father. Yes, it has been 12 years...12 busy years.

If time machines really worked, I'd crawl into one now with the dial set at January 2013, just in time to see the new president take the helm.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We've been married 43 years today... and still like each other. It doesn't take genius to make a good marriage, but hubby is a computer genius and I really appreciate his help. His good humor is a plus in day to day ups and downs. And of course my favorite thing about my husband is his morality. Let me count the ways I love him until the end of time.

This reminds me of a quote by An Wang that I read recently. "Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius."

Everything makes me think of the political situation these days. And speaking of genius. We have lots of claims of this in the NE, but I don't see the evidence. Common sense is lacking in Washington. It boggles my mind to think about some of the things that are going on there.

Boy we need to send bundles of common sense to the capitol in November. Search it out and vote it into office. You can find it in any party; but it is rare in the Democrat Party recently. Remember if it talks like a conservative and looks like a conservative, but votes like a progressive, run from it.

I would run for office myself, but I don't have time for all those vacations. LOL

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Save the World

The napkin says it all. 'How do it know?' LOL

We enjoyed an evening with just us girls celebrating a couple of birthdays. Amazing, both Robin and Jill turned 29. Would you believe it? I didn't think so, but figured that since you know me as on the up and up, a very truthful person, you would swallow it.

Guess with the administration we have now, you are getting a lot of practice trying to discern the truth in everything you see and hear. Good for you. It is an skill they don't want us to develop...and one we need to hone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Splish Splash

At six months, Caleb is liking his food. He also likes to feed himself. Might as well if you have to take a bath any way.

And of course Gramma just wants to fly over there and give him a big kiss on that messy cheek. Sure is hard being this far away, but the pictures cushion that a bit. And he is growing up in an IPhone household.
Hope he will like the telephone as much as his mom and dad think he will. I really am anxious to hear him chatter over that phone. Hope he is a talker like his dad, otherwise I'll have to depend on someone else keeping me plugged into the action out there.

And talk about action, have you noticed a lot of people have already headed toward Washington for a peaceful inspirational day on Saturday. Wish I were going. I really would like to tag along with friends who are. I wonder how many thousands of people each person attending will represent.

I sure do hope to see a lot about it on television. It would be really good to see the major networks cover it instead of trying to cover it up like other things they don't like. Oh my, it must have been rough under those socialist profs in journalism school. It must be hard to see things happening and yet be afraid to tell the truth to the people. It would be so much easier to report the news than to slant everything to support your own position or that of your boss at the newspaper or TV network.

But you know, if all you reporters (the ones with scruples) would just decide that you will 'tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth', your job would be so much easier and it would also be easier to live with yourselves...and an added bonus...you might save our nation from this progressive sickness that has taken hold of us.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jumping Through Hoops

Too tired to think. Have been jumping through hoops for the last few days. However, I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep and a more normal day tomorrow. Maybe we'll get to some of the new pictures taken this weekend.

Hope you are keeping up with the news. It is disheartening at times; but I really think people are starting to recognize that something is broken. And that is the first step to solving a problem. Pray that we fix our eyes on our goal and remain steady on the road to freedom. Don't fall for empty words. Don't be confused by a glib tongue, especially one aided by a teleprompter.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day of Rest

I feel like I look similar to this picture of Aussie right now. Aussie had a long day at the zoo and he needed a break. I've been running all day and I'd be willing to bet my expression is just like his. I'm tired too, but I want to get in a blog entry before midnight. Even though my day has been exhausting, just like covering the zoo, it's been lots of fun and very interesting.

I found out some cool things. For example, there is a group of ladies in town who sing just for fun and I would be welcome to try out some evening. I talked to a lady who will be traveling soon to Seattle with them to sing in an international competition. I would like to do that.

I was also reminded that as a senior citizen I could take classes at the U free. I would like to do that as well. Now for a person who uses every minute of her day, how in the world can I work these things, plus a photography class into my week??? Oh for more hours in a day.

The good Lord made the sabbath for man to rest. He himself worked six days, then rested on the seventh. I am hoping to do some recouping tomorrow.

Hopefully, I'll finally get some layouts with pictures from this weekend made on Monday.

I pray you will find a place to worship with others Sunday. The family of Christians is a gift of God that encourages us when we need it. And we definitely need to stick together right now, whether or not we've found the need before.

Friday, August 20, 2010

High School Reunion

Here I am with my camera, I always have it with me. I'm crippled without it. Yet tonight we went to my husband's 50th high school reunion. Everyone was snapping pictures. My battery was dead! I was crushed. All I could do was pose. I hope that someone will think to send us a copy of Ron and me there.
50 years worth of memories for him and quite a few for me as well. Since his class has had numerous reunions, I know them better than the class from which I graduated. And next year, I can hardly believe this, I will have my own 50th. How can that be? I just had my 49th birthday, or did I lose count?

Although one husband there had been warned to not talk politics, I got him started and we had a great time, postulating on how to fix the problems in this country once we 'vote the bums out'. Of coarse others got involved. It is a popular sentiment now.

As we were traveling this afternoon, we passed a place called 'Conspiracy Theory Zone'. All the signs were so right on and entertaining that we parked the car and took pictures. I have 12 in all, plus a picture of a Don't Tread on Me flag on a house there. I hope to get some on the blog tomorrow.

I understand that on Martha's Vineyard, where the president and his family are vacationing at their beach house, the hottest selling T shirt this year has a picture of George Bush smiling and waving, with a caption, "MISS ME YET", then "How is that hope and change thing working out for you?"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Put on a New Face

There isn't a lot one can do for an old house short of remodeling it. But Ron decided to paint it to make it look better.

I think our president had a pretty good paint job before he ran for office. They managed to cover all the old stuff with a nice suit, a smile and a teleprompter. They did a good job of misleading many people who voted for his catchy, but empty slogan, 'Hope and Change'. Many voted to prove they were not prejudiced. Very few knew his background. He has spent millions of dollars covering his trail. But we do know what he wrote in his book and about his life as a child. And we know the corrupt group with which he worked as a community organizer. We also know what he has done since he became president. We remember how he slipped when talking to Stephanopoulos and said, ""John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith." Stephanopoulos stopped him and said, Christian? Many people saw it televised and the recording still exists. Yes, it could have been mistake. But do you know another Christian who might make that same mistake? Would you? I don't think so!

I heard a clever question on the radio today. If it was okay for us to call Clinton the first black president, why wouldn't it be okay to call Obama our first Muslim president?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes, the triplets are back in school with really good attitudes I've been told. Ashley, Mason and Aussie are in third grade and they are ready to tackle those books. I'm anxious as always to hear what they are learning. Guess it is the school teacher blood in my veins. Glad however to not be teaching now, but sitting at my computer. It's much easier than dealing with parents who want the schools to do everything, but will not believe that their child would ever step out of line. Back when I taught that wasn't the case...at least where I taught here in Ohio. Children could be disciplined and because of that they didn't have to be often.

Where did you last see backpacks? I saw them worn by illegals crossing the border into the states with a 'tour guide' no less. No, I wasn't there in person...too dangerous. But hidden cameras were filming.
You would think our government would do something more than talk about this problem and pass stupid little laws that will not be enforced. Arizona has its hands full fighting to protect all of us from the invasion of illegals.

I noticed in our newspaper yesterday that a lot of border guards are committing suicide. The officials investigating have no idea (they say) why this is happening.

Let's say you are hired to guard a bank vault and you have your own money and all your family's money in there. You are intent on keeping that money safe. Right? But let's say that your boss comes to you and says, "If a bank robber gets hurt here, you will be in trouble. You can carry a handgun, but don't use it. The president of the bank doesn't want you to cause trouble. You will be prosecuted if you do." And of course more and more bandits are coming in every day and you know that many or most of them are carrying weapons and are not afraid to use them. (They are already law breakers.) As a matter of fact, many are walking into that vault everyday (It isn't even locked.) and grabbing what money they can get. And there you are, the only guard on duty. Would you be stressed???

Perhaps we could substitute a more PC word 'backpackers' for 'wet backs'.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Spender

If you know Ron, you know I'm being facetious. Ron is the antithesis of a big spender...he is a penny pincher and proud of it as well. I love him anyway; even though sometimes he gets me uptight about things I have to purchase.

Wouldn't you like to have him in Congress? We need to make sure that the people we send to Washington in November will be careful with spending...because, after all, it is your money. And it is mine, so I'll be checking out everything about a person before I vote for him or her. And I won't go by what they say. I'll have to know what they do. What is their record? We can't let the wool be pulled over our eyes again. We are in way too much trouble to be lax.

We can't vote a party line. There are conservative people in both parties. So I'll just forget about the party. I'm going to vote for the person. And again, I won't be fooled by how they look or by what they say, no matter how good they are with words.

It's in the interest of everyone that we get some control over the money going out. We can't just pay higher taxes. And remember companies are just like you and me. They can't keep paying out more than they bring in. It just doesn't work!

Notice what is happening in Europe. Things are crashing. They are trying to warn us that we are on the same path and driving faster every day. There will be a wreck if we the people don't get control of the wheel and step on the brakes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dressed Alike

If you double click on this layout, you might get a chuckle out of the boys. Wouldn't you love to know what is being said? I have my opinion, as usual. I would guess Mason is saying in a sarcastic way, "Oh isn't she cute." Just like any brother would when his sister is getting more attention than he. But then, I hope I'm wrong. I'm generally pretty good though at interpreting looks.

Looks to me as though the Imam in New York city, who already has a mosque about 12 blocks from ground zero, is wanting to slap us down once again, by putting an Islamic Center near the hole in the ground that was the twin towers. Hope I'm wrong, but generally I'm pretty good at interpreting looks.

The Imam is dressed like a terrorist, looks like one, sounds like one, acts like one...and I would guess he smells like one as well.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boys Will be Boys

When we took the triplets to Firestone Metro Park, they were full of energy which had remained pent up while playing video games. Now was the time to let it go...and they did. It was fun following them around with a camera and all the while wanting to do some of the same things they were. But when you get a certain age (I guess it is different for each person.) you stop doing some 'on the edge' things in fear of breaking something. I wonder if that attitude is what makes one old. Whatever, I've arrived. I would no longer walk the log across the river. Probably would be all right, but who knows?

I'm sure you have guessed Mason isn't four people... I've used a little photoshopping here to show his walk along the wall.

I still like the saying, 'boys will be boys'. I wouldn't want it any other way. And girls, God made them different. Not better, not worse, but different just the same. Ashley is our feminine little girl.
We are glad she has a mind of her own. We have a good time being with these grand children. Boy, I hated to see them go home.

Boys will be boys and tyrants will be tyrants. This is a free country and we are permitted to worship as we please, but we are NOT permitted, or should not be, to ram our choice of religion down the throats of others. And please...How many of you know it is the modus operandi of pork haters is to build a mosque at the site of their conquests? How very offensive it is to see them even suggest erecting anything near the site of 9/11. It was an act of unholy terrorism perpetrated by them. And how utterly disgusting for our president to give them his blessing.

There are way too many people nowadays who are offended with every little thing. But I have to say, this offends me. How about you?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Christian Holiday

I'm putting together another book and my deadline is Wednesday. As always, nearing the time to submit my pages, I'm busy making more so they add up to 100.

I've gone back to Easter. Here are the triplets in their new Easter outfits and their baskets. I love it. I think it is their best Easter picture ever.

Easter, hmmmm. Isn't that a Christian holiday? And in this country it is one of the biggest celebrations... and Christmas is another.

It is difficult for me to understand why our president made the statement that this is not a Christian nation. I always thought it was, didn't you? Why deny it?

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day in Third Grade

It seems like the kids are heading back to school earlier in the fall year after year. I'm not sure what day the triplets started their home schooling...did they ever stop? But their first day back to co-op was August 6. What happened to summer. Didn't we just celebrate July 4th?

As stressful as this year has been, with so many losing their jobs, etc. I still hate to see summer come to an end. I love fall and of course am looking forward to election day in November; but I would like to stretch out June through August each year.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bloom Has Gone off the Rose

Home is where your flowers grow. I love my flowers. But, alas, evidently I don't love them enough. This picture was taken in June. Now everything is scorched. Even though our sprinklers come on every morning to water the grass, it doesn't stay on long enough to do the job in this heat. And even worse, it doesn't spray the flowers. They are all dependent on my dragging hoses around the yard...and it's been too hot for that. To me it is hot when it reaches 76 F degrees. It has been in the 90s a lot the last couple of months. I'll have to remember this when there is snow on the ground and it is 10 degrees. But as I have always said, you can always put on more clothes, but you can't take off enough.

The poor flowers are drying on their stems. Only a few of the more hardy and drought resistant ones are still perky and colorful. The bloom has gone off the rose.

And so it is with the glory of the 'new' administration. The bloom is gone. It has faded into despair. Jobs are diminishing, property values are falling, taxing are escalating. Joy...where is it? I guess it all went to Spain with Michelle.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After noticing that I had a very large file of Scrapgirls freebies, I decided this morning to make a layout entirely from those pieces I've collected for some time. Generally, I select the photos I want to use, then decide a theme and color scheme. Last of all, I put them together moving things here an there until it pleases my eye.

Today, I chose 7 (the perfect number :) freebies and began the process. I liked the colors in the paper, frame, journaling label, ribbon and pitcher. But the colors in the corner piece, and MEMORIES label were not just right, at least not to me. I went into PSE Enhance and changed those hues to suit me. Then I finished off with some nice shadows. Oh yes, that is what got me started this morning. In the Scrapgirls newsletter (along with a freebie) was a lesson on making unique shadows. I'm happy with the one I did for the pitcher.

Just like the kids, I have to keep my eyes open to discover new things. I love being at this computer, but I don't want to stagnate. There are always new things to learn. I probably should have explored the shadow style settings in PSE long ago, but didn't. I was satisfied with what I knew. Mistake. Never be satisfied. Keep learning.

So you think you know your history, world and American? Why not sit down with this book The Discoverers: A History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself
by Daniel J. Boorstin? You might discover something you didn't know...or you just might feel great that someone else understands it like you do.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deep Roots

Evidently these flowers I planted near the lake and drought tolerant. It has been so very hot this summer...too hot for me to lug hoses all over the place to water flowers. Most of the things that are growing well this season are weeds. They love this weather. They don't have any competition from the cultivated flowers that just can't manage to grow the roots they need to get down to the water level.

Just like the flowers who don't have strong roots and wilt in a drought, our children who have been coddled and protected from hard knocks often do not have the deep roots to keep them growing healthily when hard times come along.

We will all have hard times. There has been no time in history when people had no cares whatever. We need the skills to be still and listen, to make good decisions and have the strength to stand our ground when it is shaking beneath us.

This is the roughest time our country has seen in many, many years. The toughest in my lifetime. Do we have the skills to make it through, or will we be hoodwinked into giving up our freedom for a handout?

It is hard enough for any of us, but we must pay special attention to our young generations, many of whom have not been provided a good education in history, Many have not been taught the very skills they need for making decisions. Some can not tell right from wrong. Don't write off these young people. They need a free country in which to grow and flourish, one in which they can support themselves and any family they choose to have. You may not make any headway with some, but we must try to reach them. They have more to lose than we do...or at least more than I do at my age. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones slaving away day after day trying to pay all the debt we've been racking up since the stimulus bills started passing and our politicians have been throwing money around like we had it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Play by Ear

What fun it is to have guests over and take a boat ride. Most of the friends we take out in the boat don't live at the lakes and enjoy getting away on the water. It can get rote for us, except for liking to see our pals have a good time.

Last night, was particularly fun. Our guests brought lots of goodies to eat and then when we came back to the house, Al agreed to play for us. He is such a talent. He'll play whatever we name, it doesn't matter what. He doesn't need the music, just plays by ear. Thanks to all of you for coming and sharing the evening with us.

You should have seen our driveway. Five of our guests arrived on motorcycles. It was a real biker parking lot out there. Wish I had gotten a picture. That would have made a great layout. I'll be on the alert to get one next time.

Now, it is my time for me to 'play it by ear'. I think I'll just phone a bunch, maybe 40 of my friends and fly out on a vacation to Spain. Since our president is in such a generous mood with our money right now, I would think he will be glad to furnish his jet. It only uses $11,000 worth of fuel an hour. We won't be gone long, but probably long enough to return the jet to the states until time for us to come home again. The reason we won't be there too long...maybe a month, is because we are such conservatives that the cost of 5 star hotel rooms for each of our guests just seems a little extravagant. Oh I know, Mr. President doesn't mind. He's weighing the value of our votes in November. How many want to go along? On, I forget, some of us still have jobs. Silly me. I'll keep working on this. I'm sure it will work out some way or another. As the progressives say, 'the end justifies the means'.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Picture...That Smile

Our daughter, Chelle, and her family are missed. It was fun having them here.

Even though the definition of 'family' has been rewritten in the last few years, as far as I am concerned it is a mother and father and their children. This was God's plan from the beginning when he created Adam and then Eve for his helper. We promise in our marriage vows to live together until death. Read the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible. The mother and father were to procreate and populate the earth.

There are times when a husband or a wife dies. God gave us instruction to take care of the orphans and widows and we should take that seriously.

I know there are very many now who would rather see it another way, but that was God's plan. And when it is followed, we as people are happier. The rules He sat down are for our own good. When we 'do it our way', we may feel better temporarily, but in the end there will be more sorrow.

If you are considering marriage, think it through. Don't just jump in saying, as I have heard,"If it doesn't work out, we'll just get a divorce." There is always scar tissue left behind a failed marriage and it can be far worse on children who really just don't understand.

It isn't easy being married. But it can be much better if you try to give a little. And the old saying about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence is a fallacy. It only looks greener until you are standing in it.

Back to Chelle and Greg. We are so happy they love the Lord and have established a good atmosphere for their children, in a family with love at its core, and with parents who love each other.

Is your family not perfect? No one's is. But we must work at making things better...for our own good health and the lives of our children.

God loves you. Trust Him to show you the best road for you.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Biker Babe

Since our lives have been a little less than exciting here this week, with Ron painting the rentals and me trying to sort old family photos for a book, some members of our life group have provided some WOW.

This should make for a more interesting blog. Here you meet Mary Sue. She's ready to put a little 'fire' in her life. She has been spending the summer getting settled in her new place...so it is time for some fun.
Jeff has the cycle and he is willing to show her the road. Looks like we have a brand new Biker Babe.
Glad you are having fun, Mary Sue. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wish to Baby Sit

Several of my friends are now baby sitting their grandchildren during the day. It really ties them down.

His mama would like to be home with him as well. Perhaps that will become possible in the near future.
We'll add to our list the prayer for his mom to get that opportunity. We were able yesterday to take John's job search of the list. He was hired to do the only job for which he had applied. Praise God.

He will continue his involvement with his bicycles as needed. They have been able to hire good workers who are doing the labor and sales now. I'm glad they have made jobs available for others.

Government has been throwing around lots of OUR money (YOURS and MINE), but they have not really stimulated job growth. It is the private company owners who supply jobs...not the government.

This economy is the worst since the great depression... and some thought it was bad during the last year of the Bush administration. Now, most would gladly go back.

Have a good day and remember, 'the sun comes out tomorrow'

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fallen Tree

I hope you can follow this. I isn't exactly left to right. That would have made it easier.

Our neighbor, Norm, is an eccentric old guy in his 80's. Poor fellow doesn't get around very easily any more, but that does not stop him. He just keeps going. As a matter of fact, he drives around his yard on a mid sized tractor. He's not going to be left sitting in the house on a nice day. I love his spirit.

He often is doing something (often noisy) next door when we have company for dinner. This night, he had decided to cut a tree in his yard...why, I don't know. It was a perfectly good tree and I don't think it was in anyone's way. But I digress. He had hired a man who helps him now and then and gave him a chain saw. Norm, a master of leverage, etc. tied the tree by a big rope to a pulley and cranked it tight, then shouted for his worker to cut the tree. I don't know if he miscalculated or what, but the tree fell across our yard and just missed one of our rental houses...but is did miss the boat house. There wasn't much damage done. Just blocked our way to the lake and naturally we had a boating party ready to go down to the boat. This is the same night we had our friend out who had polio as a youth and needs some assistance getting down to the water.

Everything worked out fine and Ron went over and helped him clear the mess that was left the next day.

It's a blessing to have good neighbors, but they just don't happen.

We need to get along to some extent. Poor Arizona is suffering terribly because some in our government have decided that whatever our neighbors to the south do to us, we will just turn the other way and ignore them, hoping crime will go away and they will start liking us and everything will just be peachy. It doesn't always work that way. Often neighbors will take advantage of us. In the case of Arizona. They've been over run, robbed and even killed by those who have no respect for a country that fails to enforce it's borders.

Arizona has a big problem and it is bigger that Mexico...it is our federal government.

The Patriot Post sent out a quote today from Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833.
"In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter cannot exist without them."

In other words, those in Washington had better fear losing their states. They need to 'wake up and smell the coffee'. Some states are mad as heck and they 'aren't going to take it any more'. I'm praying more of them stand up and talk back to the tyrannical rule from the big fists in Washington. They can live without Washington, especially since they are not being protected from illegal aliens by them. But Washington cannot exist without states to govern.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Thunder and Lightning is coming, so I'll just post this layout and get back with you. Don't like to work on a computer in a storm.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh My Deer

When I like something, it stays, no matter how out of date it is. My fireplace in the great room is an example. Before we moved in, several who are in the know, advised me to paint the brown brick. But I like brown and to me it lent to the feel of the room. I know it is 'in' to paint them. I appreciate the look. But I am not a slave to home deco fashion. I'm sure many would think my scheme is dated. I like it.
My mother in law constantly decorated, built on, changed, changed, changed. Every time I entered her house, which is now our house, the furniture had been moved. It didn't matter that the pictures on the wall didn't line up, or if the traffic pattern was awkward. She just needed the new look, the change. I like to find the best arrangement and pretty much leave it that way. Everything has to look balanced to me.

So this is going on out in the yard as well. Before we moved in, my hubby decided (on his own) to have 14 trees cut from the landscape. They brought in some heavy equipment to do the job. My mother-in-law's deer had to be moved out of the way. With that machinery, the men were able to move them across the yard to a spot behind a flower bed which we see from our 'picture' window. They told us at the time that the deer weighed 600 pounds a piece. I haven't had them on any special diet, so I suppose they are still that heavy. To put is simply, it would not be easy to move them again. It is a good thing I like them...no matter how many comments I get. Yes, I know they are weathered and and I know they are passe'. Those deer aren't going anywhere. I hope (and have been hoping for 5 years) to paint them so that they look like real deer and maybe people will like them. Who knows. It could happen that they will become the thing in yard deco fashion again some day. Then they will be de rigueur. Until then, I'll still be happy.

Many of us wanted change for the sake of change in '08. Many voted for the candidate who promised 'change'. It is sad that we've had to learn from experience that change is not always for the better. Now, over 1/2 of us want to change back. Things were so much better before. We didn't (at least most of us didn't) have any idea what the 'change' was going to be. Now we are willing to give back the change, which turned out to be the little bit of money left in our pockets.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Necessity, The Mother of Invention

Problem, getting Bob down to the lake for a boat ride. Leave it to Ron to come up with a way. A little amateurish at best, the lawn chair strapped to a small two wheeled cart, pulled by his tractor worked.
Scared me half to death. I prayed like crazy. Everyone lived through it and had a good time 'cruising' around the lakes.

It wasn't the first time Bob has trusted Ron to get him to the boat. He is a brave man.

Several of our old friends from church made the trip along with our neighbors Hugh and Kay.

And speaking of praying...a call has gone out to fast and pray for the event in Washington D.C. on August 28 when Glenn Beck will be there at the Restoring Honor Rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
If you can't possibly go, please pray and fast that day for the restoration of our great country.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

April in July

Tim was out of the country and Lauren on a break at the beach, so April drove to Ohio by herself for the fourth. We all love the fireworks and she hadn't seen Chelle or the triplets for several years.

She drove her sports car that they purchased used and she calls it her Little Bomb...or something like that.
On the trip she collected lots of insects on that tiny car. So many that I had to give her car a photoshop wash in this picture. Not easy, but well worth the trouble. Here she is, first at the boathouse, with another photoshop trick, holding a small bouquet of flowers... better that the corn cob she actually had in her hand.

Then at the bottom, she is posing with the triplets in her little foreign auto.

Independence Day, may it live on and on.