Monday, August 9, 2010

Play by Ear

What fun it is to have guests over and take a boat ride. Most of the friends we take out in the boat don't live at the lakes and enjoy getting away on the water. It can get rote for us, except for liking to see our pals have a good time.

Last night, was particularly fun. Our guests brought lots of goodies to eat and then when we came back to the house, Al agreed to play for us. He is such a talent. He'll play whatever we name, it doesn't matter what. He doesn't need the music, just plays by ear. Thanks to all of you for coming and sharing the evening with us.

You should have seen our driveway. Five of our guests arrived on motorcycles. It was a real biker parking lot out there. Wish I had gotten a picture. That would have made a great layout. I'll be on the alert to get one next time.

Now, it is my time for me to 'play it by ear'. I think I'll just phone a bunch, maybe 40 of my friends and fly out on a vacation to Spain. Since our president is in such a generous mood with our money right now, I would think he will be glad to furnish his jet. It only uses $11,000 worth of fuel an hour. We won't be gone long, but probably long enough to return the jet to the states until time for us to come home again. The reason we won't be there too long...maybe a month, is because we are such conservatives that the cost of 5 star hotel rooms for each of our guests just seems a little extravagant. Oh I know, Mr. President doesn't mind. He's weighing the value of our votes in November. How many want to go along? On, I forget, some of us still have jobs. Silly me. I'll keep working on this. I'm sure it will work out some way or another. As the progressives say, 'the end justifies the means'.

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