Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes, the triplets are back in school with really good attitudes I've been told. Ashley, Mason and Aussie are in third grade and they are ready to tackle those books. I'm anxious as always to hear what they are learning. Guess it is the school teacher blood in my veins. Glad however to not be teaching now, but sitting at my computer. It's much easier than dealing with parents who want the schools to do everything, but will not believe that their child would ever step out of line. Back when I taught that wasn't the least where I taught here in Ohio. Children could be disciplined and because of that they didn't have to be often.

Where did you last see backpacks? I saw them worn by illegals crossing the border into the states with a 'tour guide' no less. No, I wasn't there in person...too dangerous. But hidden cameras were filming.
You would think our government would do something more than talk about this problem and pass stupid little laws that will not be enforced. Arizona has its hands full fighting to protect all of us from the invasion of illegals.

I noticed in our newspaper yesterday that a lot of border guards are committing suicide. The officials investigating have no idea (they say) why this is happening.

Let's say you are hired to guard a bank vault and you have your own money and all your family's money in there. You are intent on keeping that money safe. Right? But let's say that your boss comes to you and says, "If a bank robber gets hurt here, you will be in trouble. You can carry a handgun, but don't use it. The president of the bank doesn't want you to cause trouble. You will be prosecuted if you do." And of course more and more bandits are coming in every day and you know that many or most of them are carrying weapons and are not afraid to use them. (They are already law breakers.) As a matter of fact, many are walking into that vault everyday (It isn't even locked.) and grabbing what money they can get. And there you are, the only guard on duty. Would you be stressed???

Perhaps we could substitute a more PC word 'backpackers' for 'wet backs'.

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