Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Spender

If you know Ron, you know I'm being facetious. Ron is the antithesis of a big spender...he is a penny pincher and proud of it as well. I love him anyway; even though sometimes he gets me uptight about things I have to purchase.

Wouldn't you like to have him in Congress? We need to make sure that the people we send to Washington in November will be careful with spending...because, after all, it is your money. And it is mine, so I'll be checking out everything about a person before I vote for him or her. And I won't go by what they say. I'll have to know what they do. What is their record? We can't let the wool be pulled over our eyes again. We are in way too much trouble to be lax.

We can't vote a party line. There are conservative people in both parties. So I'll just forget about the party. I'm going to vote for the person. And again, I won't be fooled by how they look or by what they say, no matter how good they are with words.

It's in the interest of everyone that we get some control over the money going out. We can't just pay higher taxes. And remember companies are just like you and me. They can't keep paying out more than they bring in. It just doesn't work!

Notice what is happening in Europe. Things are crashing. They are trying to warn us that we are on the same path and driving faster every day. There will be a wreck if we the people don't get control of the wheel and step on the brakes.

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