Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deep Roots

Evidently these flowers I planted near the lake and drought tolerant. It has been so very hot this summer...too hot for me to lug hoses all over the place to water flowers. Most of the things that are growing well this season are weeds. They love this weather. They don't have any competition from the cultivated flowers that just can't manage to grow the roots they need to get down to the water level.

Just like the flowers who don't have strong roots and wilt in a drought, our children who have been coddled and protected from hard knocks often do not have the deep roots to keep them growing healthily when hard times come along.

We will all have hard times. There has been no time in history when people had no cares whatever. We need the skills to be still and listen, to make good decisions and have the strength to stand our ground when it is shaking beneath us.

This is the roughest time our country has seen in many, many years. The toughest in my lifetime. Do we have the skills to make it through, or will we be hoodwinked into giving up our freedom for a handout?

It is hard enough for any of us, but we must pay special attention to our young generations, many of whom have not been provided a good education in history, Many have not been taught the very skills they need for making decisions. Some can not tell right from wrong. Don't write off these young people. They need a free country in which to grow and flourish, one in which they can support themselves and any family they choose to have. You may not make any headway with some, but we must try to reach them. They have more to lose than we do...or at least more than I do at my age. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones slaving away day after day trying to pay all the debt we've been racking up since the stimulus bills started passing and our politicians have been throwing money around like we had it.

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