Friday, August 6, 2010

Wish to Baby Sit

Several of my friends are now baby sitting their grandchildren during the day. It really ties them down.

His mama would like to be home with him as well. Perhaps that will become possible in the near future.
We'll add to our list the prayer for his mom to get that opportunity. We were able yesterday to take John's job search of the list. He was hired to do the only job for which he had applied. Praise God.

He will continue his involvement with his bicycles as needed. They have been able to hire good workers who are doing the labor and sales now. I'm glad they have made jobs available for others.

Government has been throwing around lots of OUR money (YOURS and MINE), but they have not really stimulated job growth. It is the private company owners who supply jobs...not the government.

This economy is the worst since the great depression... and some thought it was bad during the last year of the Bush administration. Now, most would gladly go back.

Have a good day and remember, 'the sun comes out tomorrow'

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