Monday, July 31, 2017

Big Splash

Back in June, someone shot these pictures of the triplets and their friend Edie.   Am not sure why, but when they all jumped, Ashley was holding back, so Edie helped her out ( or maybe that is in) a bit.
It was a BIG splash. 

What is more fun than that? Well, at my age, getting to go to bed early is a very interesting idea tonight. It has been a long, long day, which started VERY early this morning, when Ron decided to take his truck on a 24 mile trek across town to return a scissor-lift he had rented. He would not have necessarily wakened me, but he was afraid he would have trouble with his truck...and would need me to rescue him. Well, I reluctantly got up very early (for me) and got ready for the call.  I didn't feel like making breakfast that early, so I just grabbed some orange juice and a hand full of nuts.  OH YES, NOW I KNOW. That was NOT a good breakfast choice and  I suffered with an upset stomach the rest of the day... as well as froze in the 80 degree heat. 

OK, I was up and indeed got the call that his transmission had gone out or something like that and he was having his truck towed and he wanted me to pick him up at the car repair. So I quickly finished getting dressed and waited for his call from the repair station.  No call, no call, no call. Then I saw a huge tow truck pull up in our driveway. The driver had dropped off the car and then proceeded to drive Ron home, since his next call was  in this direction. Boy is that service. Ron was having a fair day, except for the quoted amount to fix his old truck, which he doesn't use often. I was having a rough day after getting up very early and wasting lots of time. I never did get to rest and ended up sick all day...waiting for my doctor to call with my lab reports, to no avail. 

I'm very tired now...seems like you hear that a lot from me recently. Anyway, I'm headed to bed much earlier that usual. It is only 10:50.

As Red Skelton used to say in the 50's, Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


There is a big divide in our nation  today...both extremes: those who don't want to work and those we want to work all the time. Neither is good.

The Bible tells us that those who don't work shouldn't eat...II Thessalonians 3:10- For even when we were with you, we gave you this command:"If anyone doesn't want to work, they shouldn't eat."

It  doesn't say those who could not work shouldn't  specified those who DON'T WANT to work.

At the other extreme we have those who WORK, WORK, WORK all the time. The Bible also speaks of this.
Actually, though many of us  in this century don't do this, the first day of the week was set aside for rest. The rest is as important as the work.

Our granddaughter Lauren and Pat needed a break from their heavy work loads. They took a vacation with friends in late June.  They certainly deserved it.  Here are pictures of one place they stopped in New Jersey...Turdo Vineyards in Cape May.

Oh if we would just realize that all the commands that were given us in the Bible are for our own good as well as for the good of others. This would be a much more pleasant world, if we all would listen to God's words and follow his lead.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Part of a Really Fun Day

Julia has the idea. All she needs now is a team. Go, Girl, Go! All part of a really fun day.

My blogs keep getting shorter and shorter. That is because I begin work on it late each night and my brain doesn't keep going that long. It kicks out about an hour earlier than I want to go to bed.

I could fill up some space with mumbo jumbo, but I'm sure I would have regrets in the morning. It is a good thing I don't tweet. What I sent out for the world to see would be either shallow or so complex even I wouldn't know what it meant.

Present news at our house. We attended a memorial service today for a 102 year old friend, who had earlier this year ridden on a roller coaster...and that is NOT what killed her. She died peacefully in her sleep after eating her favorite meal of pepperoni pizza. So much for the modern thoughts about healthy living. She ate what she wanted and rode roller coasters.  It actually made me think that the roller coaster has something to do with longevity. We have another friend who rode roller coasters and other wild rides in his 90's. 

By the way, we have also had friends who did everything a health nut would do.  One constantly was attentive to what he ate and drank and the way he exercised. He died of cancer in his early 50's after telling us to forget everything he had ever said about carrot juice, etc. He said to eat what we wanted in moderation while appreciating what the Lord has done for us.  

I believe that is true. After all it is found in the Bible. I know it is true, yet I am always having trouble with the moderation part. 

Guess I did end up rambling. 

God Bless You and good night.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Loving Pets

It is heart lifting for me to see a child and  a pet who love each other. Well, I have to face it, I love pets, period. And it is good to see others who love them as well.  I really don't think we could have a better picture than this one. What sweet memories this photo will bring to Ava in years to come. 

I love you, Ava.

The following picture came to me by email this week and I feel the same way. Dogs are reliable  judges of people.


I'm also one who believes dogs will go to heaven. No, there is no way to prove it; but since we know that God is love, it must be true. Dogs are the most loving beings I know. If you have seen a dog that is not, well, then I say, not all dogs will go on to a wonderful eternity with us. Not all people will either.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Atlanta Belt Line

I just finished this layout with a photo taken last September. I didn't find the picture until April and just now remembered to ask about it. I love the art involved. Had never heard of the Atlanta Belt Line. It is an interesting way to promote new artists and give graffiti a better name. 

The subject here is Leah, our oldest granddaughter. Leah is not an artist, as one might think of art. She is, however an actress, which is a different form of art. 

Soon, I will be posting a layout of a picture from her last movie shot in Wisconsin this summer. Now, just enjoy the arty feel of this layout, while I celebrate the fact that she loves her new job and Raleigh where she now resides.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Memories to Keep

It was time for a photo shoot and I'm happy to see these professional pictures. In my book, they should all be models. What beautiful smiles they have.

We are truly blessed to be part of this family. We enjoy the roll as grandparents. Just wish we lived closer to them. However, pictures like these, email, FaceBook and FaceTime make the distance much easier to take.

May God bless the USA and all the families who follow his lead.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Old Friends

One half of these 'girls' have birthdays in July. My birthday  was last month, Sali's in February and Phyllis' in January. We are all old now, but I have to admit, I am the oldest. 

Last Friday, we are were able to get together to celebrate at Sarah's Vineyard near Blossom. It is very quiet at lunch time, making it a great place to just be ourselves joking around and sometimes getting a  little loud. 

They have recently done a lot of work on the grounds making it a very picturesque place. I think it made a lovely place for our group photo.

It was interesting when the first 5 of us beat Phyllis, who had another appointment earlier. All of us were wearing combinations of blue and white...and we  hadn't planned it that way. It was just a
fortuitous happening. We were congratulating  ourselves, since we figured that would make a nice picture. However, when Phyllis came in dressed in peach, that color scheme thing just seemed to fall apart. But a well  coordinated photo was still in the making, as we found out when we found the bench in the prettiest area of the grounds was orange and so were the lilies. Phyllis fit in well.

I take that back about all of us being old...Robin's actual birthday in Wednesday, so she is not old until then. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Let's Do It

Things have been slowing down for me so much recently. Not time, but thinking and moving. Time is still flying. Several days have passed since I've thought to post a layout here on the blog. I do have pictures, not a lot, but a few; but I've felt rushed, even though I'm not actually doing anywhere near as much as I did.

So is this what old age is like? How have I gotten here so quickly?

I feel like I need a vacation, but that sounds like too much work. Strange, isn't it?

This is a layout I made of Caleb, Oliver and Julia some time ago, before I seemingly lost track of time. It is dated  June 12th of this year, so it wasn't really too long ago. It is just that lots has happened here since then.

We are looking forward to seeing one of our daughters tomorrow for a short time. That will make a pleasant afternoon.

As I sit here and think what needs to be done, I remember John F Kennedy's inaugural address, in which he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." That is still very good advice.

Let's do our part. Start where you are. Smile. Treat people with kindness and dignity, as you would have them treat you.  This is the first step to making our country great again.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Water Play

I just found the picture last week and was anxious to get in into a layout. It is a beautiful area for photos. I'm not sure of the location, but I do know it is in Colorado.

Oliver  and his friend seemed to be having fun in what is probably pretty cool water. They are so cute.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fun in the Backyard

Caleb, Oliver and Julia have lots of fun all around their home, but sometimes they enjoy the outdoors right at home in their own backyard. That was what was happening here. The sandbox the boys helped Daddy make in a previous year served to keep them all entertained a while.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Red, White and Blue

Chelle took these pictures with her iPhone and then added the app. They were really cute, but I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I added some scrapbook elements and papers from a Scrapgirls kit by Elisha Barnett called Born in the USA.  So here we are looking very patriotic with our red 'white' and blue.

We enjoy having her and her family come, especially in early July, because we all really appreciate the fireworks and the trip out on the lake to see them. With lots of snapping photos and  a little photoshopping, its even more fun.

God Bless America, Land of the Free

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Freedom to Accept Others

Ava's picture is a little overwhelmed by the large flowers, but I wanted to show the many tire tracks in the sand. She was at a local beach looking like she was going to show off some of her gymnastic skills. Cute. It was for sure a pleasant place for her to be on that nice day in early June.

Well you are now witnessing a first time ever. Still don't know if I'm satisfied, but I had to add a copy of Ava to the layout. It was just too hard to see her sweet face and expression. I'm leaving the first layout, so that you can compare. It would be interesting to see how the comments compare. Here is the newer layout.

It may still be difficult to see her face well without enlarging it. I hope you can.

I'm sure there are differing opinions on which layout is better. I'm sure some don't like it at all for varying reasons. That is the way we have been created. We all think differently. That is ok. It is fine. Actually it is great. That way we can learn from each other. We must never get to the point that we insist everyone thinks like us. We should be able to agree to disagree. If you have not learned to accept other's opinions as their right...then you need to rethink your whole existence and purpose. If we were all alike, all of us would want to do the same things at the same time, eat the same things...leaving other foods uneaten, etc. What a sad world if we were all pianists and there were no painters.

We must learn to give others room to be themselves. It is called freedom.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Family at the Lake

We didn't get many pictures on the fourth itself. Here at the lakes, the fireworks show is a different day. We have always done it that way. I just recently found out the reason. We get a super discount on it that way. Suits me fine. I'm all for a bargain...and our fireworks are paid for by local people and companies. It is a really nice, big, long show and it doesn't matter that it is a day or two before the actual holiday. This year it was three days before, which made it on Saturday night. And that worked out well for us.

Here is one of the photos taken on July 4. I wrote about this picture on the page itself, but it may be hard for you to read that way, so here is the journaling:  Chelle took several photos, trying to get one with our eyes open, etc. (I can work on those digitally, but it takes time.) She finally got this one, just as Maggie decided to kiss Ashley.  I would like to see her looking at the camera, but the kiss is even cuter.     Aussie, Grampa, Maggie, Ashley, me (Gramma) and Mason. July 4, 2017

Well, I didn't get to see my favorite show until late tonight, since Ron was working on his new sprinkler system until it was nearly dark.  I am still giggling once in a while as I envision Tucker's amused expressions and chuckles. I can't think of a more entertaining show than Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Station.  You'll not know what you've missed until you tune in at 8:00 PM weeknights.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Too Cute

I got the biggest kick out of this picture of our grandson. It really didn't need to be in a layout. The picture itself was enough; yet I just had to mess with it a bit to make a page for my book.  It was a successful shot...all by itself.

As usual I've been plugged into the news. It amazes me the differing opinions involved in the political realm. Pretty much all of us have the same goal...a better life for ourselves and families. However, some of us have no idea what it takes to get there. Just look around. Some are burning buildings and stores to help their neighborhoods!  The only thing that helps is keeping the fire department working. It helps a few insurance companies stay in business...unless too many buildings are burnt and then those people lose their jobs as well. This goes on and on. People do just the opposite of what they should do, while really wanting the same thing their neighbors want. It is strange they can't figure it out for themselves...but many have been taught from the beginning to group think, to do as they are told and not think for themselves.

We must continue to pray for our nation. We have a good president now. We have many good congressmen and senators, but we need more.

Remember God wants the best for us. While you pray, let's consider our own lives. This verse in Proverbs seems to suggest He looks more favorably on a nation that is well behaved.  Proverbs 14:34 "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people."

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cute Little Julia

Our cute Julia is a happy little girl. Although this is not the best picture, I love it. We often get some of the sweetest shots when we are not trying, but are quick on the draw. Thank heaven for little girls and cell phone cameras as well.

Just have to add a comment about our  president's warm welcome overseas. Glad to see those people respect him, since there are so many here without the manners to at least pretend they do.

A Bible verse published by Bible Gateway July 3rd is one I understand the gravity of, since it's message is so important in our world today.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people." Proverbs 14:34

Friday, July 7, 2017

The 4th

Ron is the 4th in the picture, no matter on which side you start. However, that has no significance and is not the purpose of this photo.

As most of you know,  the 4th of July here in the USA is a significant day. It is the date on which our Independence was declared back in 1776. Of course, declaring it was not enough. We fought for that independence and now we celebrate it.

Our youngest daughter and her family were here from out of state for our nation's birthday party. Here at the lakes, we celebrate in a big way with a very cool, and expensive, fireworks display, which is financed by private donations. No political group is involved.

Year after year is seems to top the last display. We are all thrilled by the trip out on the boat to the location of the blasting site. It helps us to see the fireworks explode over our heads...well not really; we hold back so that we have a perfect view of all the action.

Recently there have been a few changes, some good and some not.  It seems like each year there is a new color or pattern to some of the fireworks. There have been additions to the fireworks brought by individuals, such as lighted 'lanterns' drifting in the wind overhead, for example. The one bad thing that  really bothers me is that this year and last, and perhaps the year before, there has been no patriotic music. Here we are to celebrate Independence Day and there is really no evidence of that. In years past, a local radio station would play patriotic music and many of us would blast it out of our radios, so that the atmosphere made the firework blasts  more meaningful. I'm not sure what happened with that. Who could object? At least what citizen could object? And it is OUR fireworks, not set off by a dissident political party. I feel like we need to get to the bottom of the problem before next year and remedy the situation...making it a celebration of our nation once again.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Paddling on Portage Lakes.

There were lots of puffy clouds today. It made for a lovely day on the lakes. Greg, Mason and Ashley took advantage of the shadowy, but fine day and went for the paddle boat. Greg cleaned it off well, since it is stored outdoors and collects a lot of dirt. Then came the fun of loading it and paddling around the lakes area.The kids seemed to have fun and are planning another trip.