Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Family at the Lake

We didn't get many pictures on the fourth itself. Here at the lakes, the fireworks show is a different day. We have always done it that way. I just recently found out the reason. We get a super discount on it that way. Suits me fine. I'm all for a bargain...and our fireworks are paid for by local people and companies. It is a really nice, big, long show and it doesn't matter that it is a day or two before the actual holiday. This year it was three days before, which made it on Saturday night. And that worked out well for us.

Here is one of the photos taken on July 4. I wrote about this picture on the page itself, but it may be hard for you to read that way, so here is the journaling:  Chelle took several photos, trying to get one with our eyes open, etc. (I can work on those digitally, but it takes time.) She finally got this one, just as Maggie decided to kiss Ashley.  I would like to see her looking at the camera, but the kiss is even cuter.     Aussie, Grampa, Maggie, Ashley, me (Gramma) and Mason. July 4, 2017

Well, I didn't get to see my favorite show until late tonight, since Ron was working on his new sprinkler system until it was nearly dark.  I am still giggling once in a while as I envision Tucker's amused expressions and chuckles. I can't think of a more entertaining show than Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Station.  You'll not know what you've missed until you tune in at 8:00 PM weeknights.

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