Saturday, July 29, 2017

Part of a Really Fun Day

Julia has the idea. All she needs now is a team. Go, Girl, Go! All part of a really fun day.

My blogs keep getting shorter and shorter. That is because I begin work on it late each night and my brain doesn't keep going that long. It kicks out about an hour earlier than I want to go to bed.

I could fill up some space with mumbo jumbo, but I'm sure I would have regrets in the morning. It is a good thing I don't tweet. What I sent out for the world to see would be either shallow or so complex even I wouldn't know what it meant.

Present news at our house. We attended a memorial service today for a 102 year old friend, who had earlier this year ridden on a roller coaster...and that is NOT what killed her. She died peacefully in her sleep after eating her favorite meal of pepperoni pizza. So much for the modern thoughts about healthy living. She ate what she wanted and rode roller coasters.  It actually made me think that the roller coaster has something to do with longevity. We have another friend who rode roller coasters and other wild rides in his 90's. 

By the way, we have also had friends who did everything a health nut would do.  One constantly was attentive to what he ate and drank and the way he exercised. He died of cancer in his early 50's after telling us to forget everything he had ever said about carrot juice, etc. He said to eat what we wanted in moderation while appreciating what the Lord has done for us.  

I believe that is true. After all it is found in the Bible. I know it is true, yet I am always having trouble with the moderation part. 

Guess I did end up rambling. 

God Bless You and good night.

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