Monday, July 24, 2017

Old Friends

One half of these 'girls' have birthdays in July. My birthday  was last month, Sali's in February and Phyllis' in January. We are all old now, but I have to admit, I am the oldest. 

Last Friday, we are were able to get together to celebrate at Sarah's Vineyard near Blossom. It is very quiet at lunch time, making it a great place to just be ourselves joking around and sometimes getting a  little loud. 

They have recently done a lot of work on the grounds making it a very picturesque place. I think it made a lovely place for our group photo.

It was interesting when the first 5 of us beat Phyllis, who had another appointment earlier. All of us were wearing combinations of blue and white...and we  hadn't planned it that way. It was just a
fortuitous happening. We were congratulating  ourselves, since we figured that would make a nice picture. However, when Phyllis came in dressed in peach, that color scheme thing just seemed to fall apart. But a well  coordinated photo was still in the making, as we found out when we found the bench in the prettiest area of the grounds was orange and so were the lilies. Phyllis fit in well.

I take that back about all of us being old...Robin's actual birthday in Wednesday, so she is not old until then. 

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