Sunday, May 31, 2015

Do We Have to Be Serious?

I haven't had as much time to do my scrapbooking as I would like and then when I did get time, I got a creative block. Nothing was coming together to my satisfaction. But today after some rest, I sat down and just had some fun.

In the top picture, I found two photos that were taken at the same place as the big duck. However, I really don't know what the conversation was about or what was going through their minds. It was fun to 'put words in their mouths' though.   

Sometimes it is a challenge to get a group picture.  In the bottom picture, we didn't have a tripod handy, so we  tried to arrange us so that I could photoshop myself into the picture later. We took several pictures, but the one with me in it had our hands on our hips. If I had photoshopped me into the picture, my elbow would have presented a problem, so I ended up not being in the group picture. 

Like the sign says, life would be boring without us.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Friends Through Thick and Through Thin

Here is the whole clan. It is the Ohio contingency and Texas, minus one, who remained in Ohio after returning from Florida a few days before.  We missed her, but we have learned to carry on through hardships like that.  

We are girlfriends through thick and thin. Some of us, me being the worst example, have gained weight since last year, so I'm thicker  and of course one who has lost and is now thinner: Thick and  Thin.

We are girlfriends. We are happy, and that is all that matters. 

Well actually, there are many things  that matter to us...just ask us!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

White Sand

Well, so much for being in gear tonight.  Today was filled with manual labor, or more precisely, weeding. I way overdid it and drained my brain in the sun.

I have another layout from our recent trip to Florida ,where we got to visit the beach with the whitest of white sands.  This picture just doesn't show how very beautiful it was and is always.  But it does feature some of the 'girls' who were there.  Two were enjoying their umbrellas a little too much and missed this shot. 

In case you've missed it, ORU does NOT stand for Oral Roberts University here, but for Opinions R Us. With two divisions, the founding one in Ohio and the other in Texas, ORU chose Florida as a reunion convention site and a special celebration for Sali, our dear member and friend who this past year, lived bravely through chemo and radiation. We were extremely happy to celebrate  completion of treatment with her.

Although Sali was shading herself at the time this picture was taken, she was in the group picture that appeared on this blog yesterday.

I'm bowing out now before I collapse on my keyboard.  Good night and God bless you all.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Watercolor, Cerulean Park

It's been 10 days since I've posted.    It has been a very busy 10 days filled with  photo snapping opportunities. Eventually I'll post a few of them.  But tonight, I'm adding a group photo from the trip we 'girls' made to Watercolor, Florida earlier in May. 

I like to tie my layouts in with  comments about the times, but I'm brain dead tonight and will avoid writing something outlandish.   Maybe I'll be back in gear by tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dirt Magnet

I imagine you are expecting to see a picture of one of our young grandsons. But no. I'm here to tell you that my husband loves dirt as much as the next kid. And the problem with a sewer pipe gave him the chance to dig a hole. (I teased him about digging my grave since it looked about the right size.)

While he is digging and dragging dirt around everywhere, I am trying to clear it out of the house. As hard as I try, it seems it is never all gone. But then it isn't anywhere as bad as Washington D.C.  Wow. We might save our country if we were able to clear all the offices there of dirt.

Off the was the final show in the 14th season of American Idol tonight. I could hardly wait to see it, since we knew Clark Beckham. We've been watching and voting for him each week. It was a  bit disappointing to see him come in second.  But we do believe he will go on and do well.

Next season will be the last for the show. It has had a nice long run, but there are other similar shows now in the limelight. I will miss it, since it is practically all I watch, but I'm sure I'll like one of the other shows of its kind when this one is over.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

123 Look at Me

More often than not these days, I'm wearing out before I can accomplish all I want to get done and I just give it up and go to bed, granted it is still seldom before midnight. The thing is, I am not getting done in a days time all I want to do! I have to trim items from my list, or the list gets longer and longer day by day.

I was only able to do one page today and this is it. Oliver was at the park and climbed up on a turtle to ride. I love his pleasant look.  He seems pretty happy up there.

We already have a train wreck in Washington, DC; and now there has been one in Philadelphia. I pray for all those who are affected by this latest train wreck.  May God bless this country and may we try to serve Him in a way that produces good.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bed Head

This is our little Ava, sweet as can be.  I've never seen anyone so cute with a bed head.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easter Colors

This year, I acquired a new Easter kit with really pretty pastel colors. I was anxious to use it; but the pictures I got were all boys and they were boy colors as well.  I was disappointed that I couldn't use that collection, but so glad to get these pictures. I just sat down with love in mind. There is no continuity, but I am happy with each one, individually.

I doubt if anyone could describe my style, unless it would be with the word, RANDOM.  That is me. I choose what pictures  I want to use and just start to work without any plan at all, in most cases. I am as surprised as anyone else is with how it turns out. That is creativity for you.

Love these boys and enjoy seeing their little adventures.

I will be off line for a few days, but should be back to my random ways next week.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Just One Question

Ava just has one question for us, but it is a good one. Of course when you answer, remember to whom you are talking. She is our great granddaughter; so watch your step.

This has been a special week, and a very special day at our house. And on top of that, it has been a special day for our country. I truly believe that God has sent  us our Moses. He is just the man who can hold this country together, fix our economy and health system. He is a godly man who is a great achiever in many ways. His name is Ben Carson.  Dr. Ben Carson announced today that he is contending for the head of the Republican ticket...because it is the common sense party. If you can possibly get hold of his speech today, read it. He is an amazing man who is willing to step up to the bat, not as a politician, but as a problem solver, not for the glory...but to save our great country.

God bless America.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mario/ Apple

I'm not in the know about this. I did try to read up on it, but got lost. It seems there was some type of disagreement between Mario, the app and Apple, the Computer.  Somehow, Apple was making it hard on the little guy. Did they not want him on their iMachines? I really don't know. Even after reading. I'm not sure if it has been resolved.  However, I do know that whenever Mason goes to the Apple store, he makes a statement about the whole thing, by wearing Marion  pants.

I'm looking forward to seeing the triplets and their mom and dad soon. It's been way too long since we've been together.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Hair Cut

Oliver got his hair cut for the first time. It was good to have Caleb get one as well. He was a good role model for how Oliver should act. They both did well. The hairdresser/barber praised Caleb for being so good in her chair. I am proud of them both. And look how good they look with those new haircuts.

Please pray for the Supreme Court and it's decision on gay marriage. Pray that God will lead the decision and keep  our churches free from governmental control.

Friday, May 1, 2015

What Do I Do with My Time?

I missed posting last night because I was too tired. I almost did the same tonight, but decided I'd just do it quickly.

I got a new collection from Digital Scrapper today. In order to get a few extra pieces, I had to make a layout using the kit and post it on their site. This is the page I did using Grandma's Sewing Room and stacking a few of the papers, as instructed by Syndee Nuckles of, before framing the picture and adding a couple of elements. It was quickly done and I'm enjoying it.

Now, would someone explain to me why I couldn't just keep going once I finished  this layout. I was on the computer much of the day. I could have finished 8 layouts in the time I spent here at my desk.

Okay, I know where the time is going. I am repenting of that...wasting so very much time when I have lots and lots of pictures waiting  to be made into digital layouts.  I was reading FaceBook. I get carried away by everyone's posts. I hit Like Like Like over and over. I really do Like to do that! Then while I'm reading, I get notices that it is my turn to play a word on Words With Friends. So what is a woman to do?  Should I be social or antisocial and get my work done?  Well we both know what the mature person would do...