Friday, April 24, 2009

Gas Misers

Last week I drove Ron's car for the first time in quite a while. I love my car, but sometimes I like the challenge of driving his Prius. It is a game with us to beat each other's mileage. I have the lighter and more steady foot and am usually the winner.

Space Crunch

Simply didn't all fit in the weekender. I'm the last one in the car in the morning. I'm praying there is enough room left. It is a long trip by auto to FL. But it is going to be FUN!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


There is a magic school opening down the street from us. I've never run across one of those before. Think I may need to pay them a visit tomorrow.

Am leaving Saturday morning for Florida with some girlfriends. Have a big problem. Am trying to pack for one week in this bag. No, I'm not kidding. Anyone who knows me very well, is aware that I haven't traveled light in the past. But this time I really want to do that. Now there are complications. If I pack all string bikinis (LOL) it will turn cold and I'll freeze. However, much of anything else will not fit in there... if it fits me. I'm not a size 8. Haven't been since I was in eighth grade. Inherited this large back side. Think I'll manage to get it all in this weekender? I'm starting to doubt it myself.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Party

Finally back to the blog. I've been to a Ladies' Retreat this weekend that was over the top great. More about that later.

I promised more on tax day and here it is, another page out of my scrapbook. Two of my friends and I went to one of the hundreds of tea parties held in our nation on April 15th. Phyllis asked me to go weeks ago. I thought it wouldn't be possible, but at the very last minute things worked out and I made up some signs for us. They would have looked better with more time...but the message was clear...TOO MUCH TAX from our greedy, power hungry representatives in Washington!

I never thought I'd protest anything. But then I never thought OUR government could screw things up so quickly either. We the people have been quiet much too long. It is time we let our officials know they can't get away with running over our constitution. We have had ENOUGH!

I'll publish more pictures later. I took 258. Don't let anyone pull one over on you. This was not a small number of old white males protesting. All ages were well represented and I would say an equal number of males and females. Of course this was in the middle of the day when most people had to be at work.

If you have gotten the wrong impression about the demonstrations, stop watching CNN!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Pleasure

Would you believe grown ladies could get so excited about a podium? That's the way we are.
We love diamonds and chocolate; but we still get warm' fuzzies' over simple pleasures.

Our Ladies' Bible Class meets on Tuesday mornings and that is where we will be. We enjoy studying God's word! And we love being together.

Our old podium was make shift, small and presently held together with duct tape. Really.
Jane decided we needed a new one and Gail knew someone who would make it for us. We topped it off with a brass dedication plate. And we are simply delighted.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Place

Don't have time to make a layout today, but want to show you this one. I made it for a contest, but found out after I finished it the contest was last month. Oh well. I enjoyed it. Actually happiness would be "my laptop with me out back by the lake" if it were big enough and bright enough to see out there. And if it could hold all the info I have on my desktop. I just have to settle for sitting here by the window and glancing out over the lake once in a while. The gazebo is still a happy place to spend a few minutes. I'm not much into sitting and doing nothing very long.

Friday, April 10, 2009


For those of you who could not see the letters on the back of the car yesterday, double click on the picture and it will get large. You should be able to see the letters well.

Back to Fall

The triplets make a trip to the Pumpkin Farm each autumn. I went a couple of times with them. It is quite fun. It has become a tradition.
I didn't even realize I'd lost my phone Friday night until they called me from the restaurant to verify it was mine. Ron ran down to pick it up the next morning because I was going paper scrapping all day in the opposite direction. (Yes, I still do some of that. Have supplies and enjoy it sometimes.)

Tuesday I had made four other stops when I noticed my camera was gone and I would have gladly just died...since I hated to tell my hubby I had made the same mistake again already. Besides that I had pictures of my Ladies' Bible Class on it that I had just taken that morning.

I started praying that it was at Chick-Fil-A, because if I had lost it anywhere else, a pick pocket would have it. I pleaded with God to help me find it...and reminded him that I know He knew when I lost it that I needed help and that He could have protected me from that point.

Thank God for the peace that brought me and for helping me be rational while I looked.

And thank God for the honest man who found it and turned it in at the register.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crash 09

On the way home from dinner out with friends last night, we spotted this car as it passed us in traffic. With my urging we caught up and stopped behind him at the light. How good it is to have a camera in my purse.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Early Birds

Joan and I share many opinions and a pew at church. We generally beat most others to our seats. Yesterday, I decided we needed a picture . Aren't we cute in our matching colors?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Labrador Retrievers

We had dinner with friends Saturday night and had a chance to see their Labrador Retrievers "in person" for the first time. They have grown so much already. How much fun they are!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Casino Abstainers

Kim and I accompanied Ron to a casino in Louisiana, not far from Kim's home in Florida. Neither of us likes to lose a nickel, so we just whiled away the time until Ron was ready to head back home. There was nothing nearby, so we spent those hours in the hotel lobby. Both of us had plenty to keep us busy with magazines and a camera.

Catching Up with Chef Mason

We have thought for a long time that Mason could be a chef some day. He has always liked to cook, possibly because he just plain likes food. Here are cupcakes he made for Valentine's Day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Corrected Time Zone

I have to post again. Finally figured out how to put the correct time on my blogs. They have been off about 3 hours up till right now. Had me in the wrong time zone.

Well forget that. Instead of changing the time on my post, it waited three hours to post it.
I have no idea why all my posts go in as Pacific time when that is NOT where I am.

Scrapgirls' Digital Convention

You've heard me talking about the Scrapgirl's Digital Convention I attended at Salt Lake City, Utah in October last year. But I hadn't done any layouts from that event. That is hard to believe, isn't it?...especially since I took a 'brazilian' pictures.

For anyone who hasn't heard that it is. A 'blond' and her husband were listening to the news. It was announced that a Brazilian was killed parachuting in Colorado. The blond started crying uncontrollably. Her husband asked why she was so broken up about this accident. She answered, "That's a lot of people. How many is a Brazilian?"

Any way, perhaps I'll get time to make a few digital layouts from that trip in the near future.
It was a wonderful experience, and I'd like to go again this year. Don't know how the economy will hold out though. I do have free air miles...if they don't take those away. Continental is asking for more and more of them for the same number of miles.

As you know, I'm in catch up mode. Bringing up some things from the past year that I've wanted to 'crop' but just didn't get to them. Here is a page I started in the summer, but just couldn't get inspired. Yes, I have those days, pages. This layout still isn't pleasing to me, but it will have to do. I want to remember being at The Discovery Center with the triplets and feeling the softness of this little chinchilla. I might like to have a pet like him. I'll have to read up on it...not that my husband would let me. I can dream.