Sunday, February 27, 2011

A LIttle Winter Break

What could be more fun than taking off a few days and flying to Sanibel Island with friends? I wouldn't know.  But whatever you choose, It would probably not be any more entertaining than my friends.

It could only have been better if the weather had been really cold at home like it has been most of the winter.  We left Ohio and LOTS of snow on a Thursday and Friday it was warm in OH.  It was nice the whole time we were away.  But on the day we returned,  there was ice and snow again., just in time for our arrival. We rode home from the airport with Phyllis, who was drenched in freezing rain when she went for her car.  We had treacherously icy roads all the way to Phyllis' house, where I spent the night since it was about 12:30 AM when we got there.  I didn't want Ron to drive up to get me at that time of night with icy roads.  

There are treacherous roads ahead for the United States.  Hold on and pray for deliverance. .

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clydesdales in Colorado

I like this layout because it depicts a special opportunity we had to see the Clydesdale horses, which we hadn't seen since we were around 10 years old.  These were the Budweiser Clydesdales in Colorado.   My parents had taken me when they visited in Akron and Ron went with his boy Scout troop to see them at the same time. Of course they were not the same horses.  We got to see several of them and were told there were several teams around the country.

Our grand baby, Caleb was with us, his dad holding him in his arms.  We were treated to quite a lesson and history  about the large hooved animals.  When the fellow stopped and asked if there were any questions, 12 month old Caleb said loudly, "What?"  Everyone turned to look at him and laugh.

It reminded me of the first word I ever heard my son, his father, say.  We were standing in a line at the register of the local grocery store.  I was holding him up over my shoulder like one would any baby, because that is what he was... and out of the silence came, "Hi."  The word seemed to come from his  mouth, but it couldn't have. He never had said anything before. e was a baby! But it was right by my ear. I turned around and there was no one there but a lady in line behind me.  A look of surprise and shock was on her face. I finally was able to utter, 'Did he say something?" She said, "Yes he did." I'll never forget it.  Of course right away he started imitating everything that was said.  I  kept notebooks for the first two years to document his verbal ability.  It still amazes me.

As well as I like this page, it also gives me trouble, because  the horse was standing up on a platform for show and the angel the picture was shot makes him look too short. I kept trying to figure that out, but I guess I'll just have to accept it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gramma and Caleb in Colorado

I think he has that family smile that started with my mom, What a wonderful way to remember a smile that  just opened your heart.  Boy do I love this little one.

We have a lot of what is new? This has been our wonderful white winter of '11. Reminds me of the 70's.  I've been thinking about building a snowman all day, but opted to sit at the computer and watch birds as they feed at the feeder and all around it where seed has fallen into the white carpet. It's cozy in here.  Maybe I'll get in some snow play tomorrow.

We were relieved to hear that Caleb's great aunt and uncle who teach school in Tripoli were able to get out of the country by ferry to Malta today. It has been a scary wait.

Hope you have a good weekend planned.  Enjoy your friends and family.   And God bless you all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Squinty in Pink

Back to my early childhood. Doubt if you've noticed, but as a child all pictures taken in the sun have me with  eyes squinted almost shut. I still have that bright light problem.  If you do, I finally found a way to have photos with open eyes.  I  have the photographer count to three before shooting, and click the shutter on the three, at which time, I open my eyes.  Is usually works. So now you might try that with your children. But really, I hope not many have eyes as light sensitive as mine.   I have one grandson who does and untypically, he has dark hair and eyes. It's generally  a trait of those with very fair complexions.

Naturally the first thing to try is to place the subjects so that the sun comes from the side, not directly into one's eyes. It is also good to take pictures early in the morning or later in the day  until the sun does down.

With the world in such turmoil right now, wouldn't it be great if all our citizens  could join together and defeat the enemies?  That won't happen though as long as the liberal progressives see us, conservatives, not terrorists, as the enemy.    The Tea Party has the Democrats reeling, but they are  trying hard to spring  back to their feet.  They are trying to divide the enemy...that is us, in every way they can while running around the end zone.  They attack us economically and then try to distract us with  social issues, like gay marriage, abortion, etc.

Support your local Tea Party.  We must  unite and suppress government rule that is killing business and therefore jobs.  What good are unions or anything else, without good jobs for the people?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Caleb Discovers the Mirror

Click the layouts to see the expressions on Caleb's face as he discovers that it is he himself in the mirror.
As the gramma, I love seeing his sweet smiles and pleasant personality.  I especially like the look on his
face in the last picture.  He seems very impressed with the reflection he sees.

I've been told that when men look into the mirror, they like what they see, sometimes will flex their muscles, etc. and think they are good specimens.  However, it is different for women.  No matter how good looking they are, they will find the flaws.  Very interesting.

An interesting fact I learned today is that FDR himself said that collective bargaining had no place in public unions.  Instead of  trying to get a raise from a greedy rich man somewhere, they are working for the public, and are paid by the public, many of whom make much less than the union members and do not get the perks, like retirement packages...but have to pay for union workers. It reminds me of Robin Hood in reverse.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hard Times

Once we moved to Ohio, we adapted quickly, even though we were without wheels.  We lived just a few miles from the center of town and close to the bus line. Dad went to work on a bus.  We rode the bus to church, to shop, to the doctor...  everywhere.
I do remember a neighbor taking us to the grocery store once. I don't know if she always did or if my dad walked to a small store.  I think there was one about a mile from our house. 

We went without much because my dad was so cautious with money. He was determined to do it all himself without borrowing.  The $1,000 loan for the house is all that I know he ever borrowed. He didn't believe in owing money to anyone.  It served him well.  but even after he didn't have to be so careful, he still was because he had grown up with 6 brothers during the depression and he still had that fear of losing what he had. 

We always had good vacations though.  He said that is something no one can take away from you.

Today, if we are alert, we know that all things could be taken from us at any time the government gets out of control and it is getting closer and closer to being just that.  Thank God for the Tea Party, which is working against the total control our present government is aiming  for with its oppressive ways.

That brings me to this layout I did today after  I saw something similar online.

 It was on The Patriot Post, but I lost the exact address of today's issue.  Now I'll just give you my version and credit to them for coming up with the idea.  It plays on Obama's comment about adding lipstick to a pig.

It is time to stand up against the Libyan mad man. What has happened to our nation when the heinous Moammar Gaddhafi's private mercenary army, whose members are largely  from Africa and don't speak the language of Libya, fire upon civilian protesters and our president says practically nothing? In the Washington Post, Jackson Diehl wrote that Gaddhafi has "launched a shocking war against his own people, killing at least hundreds and probably thousands in attacks by warplanes and foreign mercenaries." 

Why is the  Libyan rebellion treated differently than was  Egypt's?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tire City

I just returned from a brief trip to Florida. I loved it there on Sanibel Island. Nature rules and it certainly is gorgeous and interesting. Haven't had time to make a layout, so I'm going back to my childhood album again for today's blog.

Do you remember pin curls?  Well I do. My mom had naturally curly hair and didn't know what in the world to do with mine, which was wavy, But to her it needed more.  She would painstakingly wind those little rings all over my head at times.  Here I am out in my aunt Arlie's front yard, for anyone to see who passed that day, with those tightly pinned curls. 

 Our new home, Akron, Ohio was called Tire City in those days before the unions drove the rubber industry south to find more reasonable laborers.   I was playing with a tire. I don't know whether it was old or new, but I do remember how dirty they were. At one time, I had a tire swing.  They made my hands black. 

I can't imagine the scrubbing that went on before my clothes were thrown into the washer.  I remember having a wringer type washer at home. Wish I had  a picture of it to put here.  If you are too young to have seen one, you would laugh at how primitive things were at that time.

When I look back at some of these times, I really understand how very old I am, regardless of how I feel.  So much has transpired since I entered this world.

Thank you God that I have lived to enjoy those times and all the progress we have made.  Help us to recuperate from the backward slide we are taking and once again become a nation of progress... progress that betters the world you gave us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grampa's Joy

 Have you ever seen a happier grand father? He and Caleb had a very special time together.
Even though I've been in my glory, thinking that Caleb looked like me...not that it is good to share my features, but it does make a gramma more proud. Can that be?), we were told that he looks like his grampa while we were in Colorado. 

But then, when John was young, people would tell us John looked like me when the two of us were out, yet at other times, they would be told  he looked like his dad when the two of them were together.  Unless that is just the way pleasant society acts, John looks like the both of us.  However, I don't see any resemblance  of either to the other. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monkey Business

Caleb  was very interested in the monkey.    Since it is a puppet, his mouth moved as 'he' talked. And grampa with his long fingers could make his arms and hands move as well.  Caleb was not a bit shy with that monkey and gave him a big kiss.  I'm not sure who enjoyed this monkey business more, Caleb or us.
Monday I may tell  you about the big, big, big, big monster cactus.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Measuring Up...

Caleb is not as tall as a Dalmatian.  Isn't he a cute little fellow?  He's my Buddy and we enjoyed seeing the Clydesdales together.  This was a clever display just outside the barn where the horses were kept.  I'm sure this will be  a great picture to show him once he is full grown.

As we were listening to the horseman tell us about the history of these big animals, he paused and Caleb, who doesn't really talk yet, said a loud, "What?"    Everyone laughed. His timing was great.   What memories we are making!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My First Glasses


When I was three, I got my first spectacles. Supposedly I had astigmatism. Our friends and even strangers  were very supportive and I wasn't at all conscious about wearing them. 

 I wore  glasses until I got to an age where I cared how I looked.   I quickly realized I didn't have any trouble seeing, so I quit.  I'm not sure when my parents realized I wasn't using them...I must have put them on at home.  Anyway, all was well and good until I went away to college and began having headaches all the time. I was sent to an opthamologist and found out that I lacked fusion.  My eyes did not work together to see one picture.  Hadn't bothered me before and I had as much reading to do in high school as I did then.  The doctor had me do some exercises to strengthen the muscles and it helped.  I never needed glasses again until recently.  I  buy packs of them at Sam's Club  for close up work.  

Never thought about being a pilot, but when the doctor told me my eyes would keep me from getting a pilot's license, I decided that is what I wanted to do.  lol  You know how that is, tell a child they can't do something and that is exactly what they want to do. Guess that explains my maturity level at the time.  Of course I never tried to fly until my husband got his license and let me 'steer' once.  It wasn't that much fun. And by that time I would have be petrified to land the plane. I wouldn't even take the class on emergency landing, but decided that if something happened to Ron while we were flying, I'd just have a heart attack and it would be all over.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Real Love

A mother's love is something that cannot be measured.  It is without bounds. It is endless.  Since I have not experienced being a father, I'll not speak for them.  But I can see in my sons eyes the joy he has when holding this little one close. He is a cherished baby.

It is so very hard to imagine, that our God who created us loves us so completely that He gave up his only son  to die for all of us sinners.  
That is real love.  It is the love He has for You.  Accept it. You'll never find someone who will out love our God, for God is love.

1 John 4:10

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

John 3:16  

 For God so loVed the world thAt he gave his one and onLy Son, that whoEver believes iN him shall noT perIsh but have eterNal lifE.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Still Valentines

Women need least I do. Years ago that is one thing we sought.  However, I suppose now it is so rare that females don't expect it.  Instead they champion their careers for that purpose.

 I have my degree and was a teacher, but when my husband began earning enough for me to stay at home, I was very happy to do so.  There was no fear that he would leave me floundering without an income.  It must be very sad to live like many couples do today, wondering if they will be married next year or back in the dating scene.

 Our constitution provides for our security, but as you know, the government has decided that it is not necessary to protect it's citizens from those who would cross our borders and cause havoc.  They would rather pour money down the drain than take care to keep us safe.

We will continue trying to get our leaders to straighten up, but  our true security is in God.  He does not protect us from all accidents or evil, but He gives us peace to handle each situation knowing that He has ultimate control and He wins in the end.

  Praise God for His love today at Valentine's Day and every day...every hour.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember Germany Link

Here is the link to the movie:

Remember Germany

I've gone back to my 'baby' pictures for this layout. That's the plan to vary things a bit. We'll get back to the cute grand children next.  One thing for sure is, I take plenty of pictures when I have a chance. 

But on to a more serious topic, one that involves all Americans..if not all the world... Islam extremists.  Take notice.  I did say extremists.  We don't want to insinuate that all those who worship Allah take an extreme jihad stance.  However, we must not ignore those who do.  Much like the Nazis aim to rule the world, is the goal of a branch of Islamists whose aim is to extinguish Israel, the United States and England for a start.  We are the infidels in their eyes and they truly believe that, having been taught from very early childhood to please their Allah, they must kill us.

Tonight we were very fortunate to see  Obsession the Movie.  It was very informative and I would recommend it to everyone.  You can check it out at 

It will do us no good to go about the days ahead with our eyes closed. Remember Germany.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Caleb

I suppose you would guess that with the few days we spent with Caleb came a slew of photos to be scrapbooked.  Day before yesterday you probably saw more  birthday pictures than you ever cared to see of someone else's grand baby.  But there is one more that I love and here it is.  Doesn't this tell you how he felt about the messy birthday cake?  He didn't mind the smeared up face one bit.  He seems pleased with it all.

It reminds me  of the mess the Dems have made of the economy and they just sit there, smile and tell us, against all reason, how very good it is.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Number 4

Our number 4 grand daughter is a number 10 in my opinion.  And this is where my opinions reigns!  This is her during winter break when she came back north for a little while.

It's been a bad snowy winter, so bad that when she returned to college in Alabama there was snow.  Al Gore has done a terrific job at reversing the weather pattern from burning hot (maybe 1 or two degrees higher) to freezing.  Not sure, but I think I might prefer the warmer.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let Him Eat Cake

Birthday cake is a right for a boy turning one.  And he thinks it is "Yum".   First Mommy put his birthday number 1 shirt on him, then his birthday crown. He didn't appreciate the crown much, but when she set a cupcake in front of him with a burning candle, it got his attention. His serious look became one of hunger when the fire was gone and the cake took center stage. He started with one finger.  Stuck it in the icing and then his mouth.  "Yum" and then more yum, yum, yum and soon he dove into it with his whole hand. That is the tradition.  Baby gets to enjoy his birthday cake without any inhibitions.  He sure looked happy.

Someday he will learn you can't have your cake and eat it too.  Although it seems many of us have still to learn.  We think we can spend, spend, spend and still have plenty.  Sorry to say it doesn't work that way.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Boy Shoes

Caleb graduated while we were with him this Big Boy Shoes.  He wasn't sure at first that was the way to go.  But he quickly warmed up to the idea, once he hit the floor to explore the Stride Rite shoe store.   I'm not sure  it was the nice stripes on the boxes, or if he just  liked the colorful words, but he quickly pointed out those words, stride rite. We won't  confuse him about the spelling.

 Unlike little girls, he was fine with the very first pair he tried.

You will need to click on the layout to see it all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sale at My Publisher

Don't have time to blog tonight.  This will explain it to you...I have a deadline...12:00 midnight.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Happy Caleb

We just returned home from Colorado where we got to celebrate Caleb's first birthday.  What fun we had.  Just a few days of bliss with this little happy fellow and life feels better.

We've lost a couple of hours today and if I'm not careful  I could stay up for another 3 hours, which would surely get me off to a bad start for tomorrow.  So I suppose I'll go to bed and have sweet dreams of our visit out west.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Birds

One of my favorite things about winter is sitting in a nice warm chair watching the birds flit around and feed off the seeds I haul home for them.

I like to keep track of all the species I see.  The day this was taken was the first time I'd seen a woodpecker perched on the feeder near the pond.  As a larger bird, he would not be coming closer to my window. These bigger birds avoid the smaller feeder near the window that I fill with the tiny little seeds.  I do enjoy the close up view of the little birds  as  they look into my one way window as if to stare at me.

Although I like to 'secretly spy' on these feathered beings, sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable when I see cameras at many of the intersections and other locations pointed at me.  I realize it can be for my protection in one way or another, but it just seems weird.  I always want to check my hair.

 Seriously, this is a good day to work on the computer.  I'll find out who won the game later.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our darling grand son had his first birthday on Feb 2.  Oh how I wish I lived in the same state with my grandchildren. We have them scattered over  five states.  It just isn't possible to see them all as much as we would like.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Walks

Today we took a long walk around town.It is something we don't do a lot.  I enjoyed it immensely.  It reminded me of when I was a kid.  Some of my earliest memories were made during long walks with  my mom and dad.
In the summer we always headed to the mountains of North Carolina and Western Tennessee, where we would walk all the trails.  I still enjoy that type of walk, but seldom do I get the opportunity, so when I do I am truly excited.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo Booth

I'm on my laptop now.  We have terrible weather here in Ohio, lots of snow and ice. Last night I not so gracefully, slipped on the ice as I got into the car and threw my back out.  It is in a location that I've not had a problem with before, several inched farther up my spine.  Wish our daughter, Kim,  were here.  She could walk on it and put it back into place.  At least she has before.  Now I'm at the mercy of God. boy His grace is sufficient and I trust Him to pull me through.

Since I'm not prepared to make layouts with this computer right now, I will add one from my childhood collection.  This was taken when I was three years old in a photo booth.  Remember those?  I know they still have a few, but they are not the same and especially not so plentiful, since now 'everyone' has a camera with him/her at all times...well it seems so anyway.  I always carry two, a pocket sized one and a cell phone.  Occasionally, when I get serious, I have three as I add the DSL.

This page seems to be in black and white on the computer.  I certainly hope it doesn't transmit as such, since it is actually in brown tones.

If you are inclined to do so, please pray for my back.