Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo Booth

I'm on my laptop now.  We have terrible weather here in Ohio, lots of snow and ice. Last night I not so gracefully, slipped on the ice as I got into the car and threw my back out.  It is in a location that I've not had a problem with before, several inched farther up my spine.  Wish our daughter, Kim,  were here.  She could walk on it and put it back into place.  At least she has before.  Now I'm at the mercy of God. boy His grace is sufficient and I trust Him to pull me through.

Since I'm not prepared to make layouts with this computer right now, I will add one from my childhood collection.  This was taken when I was three years old in a photo booth.  Remember those?  I know they still have a few, but they are not the same and especially not so plentiful, since now 'everyone' has a camera with him/her at all times...well it seems so anyway.  I always carry two, a pocket sized one and a cell phone.  Occasionally, when I get serious, I have three as I add the DSL.

This page seems to be in black and white on the computer.  I certainly hope it doesn't transmit as such, since it is actually in brown tones.

If you are inclined to do so, please pray for my back.

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